The Best East Facing Room Paint Colours That Bring Balance

East facing room paint

The orientation of your room greatly impacts how colours are perceived in a space, and choosing the right East facing room paint colours will allow you to create a cosy, yet workable living space.

Natural light, or the lack of light that enters a room can alter how paint looks in a room.

Ever heard yourself say ‘let me look at that in the light’?

Well, it’s all to do with how we perceive colours in natural light, and this is why understanding the orientation of your room, and testing paint beforehand is so important.

So, if you’re tackling an East facing room for your next paint project, I’m going to share everything you need to know about East facing rooms, how light works in these rooms, and the best paint colours that will bring balance to the space.

What Colour Should I Paint An East Facing Room?

East facing rooms are not too dissimilar to West facing spaces, albeit they receive the natural light at the start of the day, instead of the evening.

These spaces receive natural light early in the morning as the sun rises, yet into the afternoon and evening they lose this light and it can result in the room feeling cold, and dark.

East facing rooms require a bit more careful consideration because the light they receive changes so greatly from the morning into the evening.

So, what should you paint an East facing room to be adaptable to the light changes it experiences throughout the day?

Firstly, you need to consider when you most often use the space as this should lead your decision on what type of paint it requires.

For example, if the East facing room is mainly used in the morning, you might want to opt for cooler tones to balance the intensity of the sun, use tones such as blues, greens, purple and even grey.

If the room is used mostly in the evening, you need to engage with some warmer shades to balance the coolness, and that of the little light the room receives.

Opt for yellow and pink or red based colours to introduce warmth, and an inviting feel into the room.

East facing room paint
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The Best East Facing Room Paint Colours That Bring Balance

So, now you know what considerations you need to make for East facing room paint colours, based on how you use your room, I’ve compiled some of the best Dulux paints with warm and cool tones for your East facing space in your home.

Warm East Facing Room Paint Colours

Egyptian Cotton

The most enduringly popular off-white from Dulux that really is perfect for most rooms in the home, no matter the orientation.

Egyptian Cotton from Dulux is described as a warm neutral and is an incredibly versatile colour to work with. 

Its warm undertones makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours, it will bring warmth to the cooler space in the afternoon, and evening.

The colour can look completely different in different lights, it has been classed as a greige, sage green, mushroom and beige colour.

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Egyptian Cotton

Blush Pink

Dulux Blush Pink has red and orange undertones, this makes it a warm, dusty pink shade that is a soft, subtle way to introduce pink to an interior.

Plus, it’s perfect for counteracting the coldness associated with an East facing room in the afternoon and evening.

This is a versatile neutral shade that could be paired with other neutral colours, or with bolder pops of pink, red or orange to make a true statement in a room.

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Blush pink

Magnolia Dulux

Dulux Magnolia is a warm off-white colour with a slight yellow undertone. It’s a popular paint colour for interior walls and woodwork, and it can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a room. 

Due to its yellow undertones it’s also a great choice for cold North facing rooms and also East facing rooms as it helps to counteract the coldness associated with blue light.

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Dulux Orchid White

Dulux Orchid White is a beige, yellow off-white shade that has yellow undertones.

This distinctive shade is perfect for a cold room in the evening with minimal light, as the creamy yellow based shade will counteract the natural blue light that is making the room feel cold.

Pair with a bold accent for some warmth, or keep things calm and well balanced with a soft shade such as sage green.

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Orchid white

Natural Hessian

Natural Hessian is a warm neutral that could be classed as a beige, it has brown and caramel undertones and is a warmer shade than the very popular Egyptian Cotton by Dulux. 

Beige neutral shades with brown undertones are great for adding warmth to East facing rooms.

This shade has warm orange, yellow undertones so tonally pairing with like shades will really reinvigorate an East facing room in the evening.

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natural hessian

Summer Linen

Dulux Summer Linen is a versatile, warm cream shade which has yellow undertones to it. A modern finish that can look cream, and yellow, depending on the light in the room.

This shade is a great choice for cool rooms, or those with no natural light as the yellow helps to counteract the darkness by warming up the room.

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summer linen

Cool East Facing Room Paint Colours

Misty Sky

A blue that’s perfect for every room, this light shade of cyan has blue and teal undertones. The result is a soft, pared black blue shade which can almost feel green in some lights.

Always buy a tester post first and paint a swatch in your chosen room, this will give you a chance to see how it looks and feels during the light at different times of the day.

misty sky

Mineral Mist

If you’re looking to add a dynamic finish to your interiors, Mineral Mist is a calm, muted choice that’s great for adding a cool finish to a sunny room.

Mineral Mist is a pastel blue, versatile shade that delivers a relaxing, tranquil edge to any room. Perfect for use in most room from hallways and living rooms, to a boys nursery room.

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mineral mist

Mint Macaroon

If you want to lean into the cooler hues of a colour, Mint Macaroon from Dulux is one of my favourites! 

This on trend mint/pastel green shade is warm but with undeniably cool tones so it works well in balancing the intensity of the early morning sun in an East facing space.

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mint macaroon

Nordic Spa

Dulux Nordic Spa is a paint colour that belongs to the blue-green family. It is a serene and calming shade that is reminiscent of a spa-like atmosphere. Unsurprisingly it has green undertones for a muted and sophisticated look.

This is one of the palest Dulux green paint shades as it could be described as a pale sage green, apple or even a light mint pastel shade. 

Nordic Spa is versatile for most rooms in the home, it’s a restful shade so works in living rooms and bedrooms too.

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nordic spa

Willow Tree

Willow tree is a beautifully soft pastel green which could also be classed as sage green.

This serene colour will bring a sense of calm to any room, and beautifully balance that early morning light that streams into your East facing room.

This is one of my favourite Dulux green paints, it’s a fabulous colour for pretty much every room of the home. It can be used to create a stand out feature wall, be used as a section in zoning a room, or you could go all in with the colour across the room.

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willow tree

Lavender Quartz

Dulux Lavender Quartz is described as a soft and soothing light purple colour, it’s slightly darker than a pale, lilac colour. It’s perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and beyond that could benefit from a calming and restorative shade. 

The colour may vary slightly depending on the lighting and the surface on which it is applied so always purchase a tester pot first and paint a swatch in your chosen room so you can see how it feels and looks in the room during different times of the day.

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lavender quartz

Before You Go…

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