11 Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room Ideas

Dulux Egyptian cotton living room ideas

Egyptian Cotton from Dulux is described as a warm neutral and is an incredibly versatile colour to work with.

Its warm undertones makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours. The colour can look completely different in different lights, it has been classed as a greige, sage green, mushroom and beige colour.

A slightly off white such as Egyptian Cotton is a great choice for a living room. It’s much more forgiving than a bright white, and it will bring some warmth to the space too.

Not too sure how to style the colour in your living room? Here’s 11 Dulux Egyptian Cotton living room ideas to utilise in your home.

What Farrow and Ball Colour Is Similar To Dulux Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is a great match for Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone, they have that same warm neutral, elegant look and it is a great dupe.

Other similar shades that slightly differ in tone include Elephant’s Breath, Ammonite and Cornflower White.

I always recommend purchasing a tester pot before committing as paint can look incredibly different due to the light the room receives.

Always paint the tester onto at A4 sheet of paper and tape to your wall and move around the space so you can see how it feels in the space during different times of the day.

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11 Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room Ideas

1.Egyptian Cotton Panelling

One of my favourite ways to use an accent colour in a living room is to use it on a half panelling feature on one focal wall.

This simplistic panelling teamed with Egyptian Cotton adds a beautifully Farmhouse, rustic feel to a living room.

You can then offset the remainder of the wall in an off white or bright white paint for a clean, crisp contrast. This method of half panelling, half painted gives the illusion of a higher ceiling too as it draws your eye level up the length of the wall.

Keep things neutral with jute, cream rugs and neutral accessories, or add warm additions of colour or introduce black accents for a modern look.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room

Image Credit: @thebeagleandthenewbuild

2. Contrast With Bright White

I just love Egyptian Cotton and it looks great as a colour all across the walls in a living space. To create a beautiful contrast, ground it with bright white skirting boards and ceiling. It creates a crisp, clean profile that looks amazing.

I love how this home has built in niches which are also painted internally in a bright white shade for a colour popping, focal point as you enter the living room.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 1

Image Credit: @zedeehome

3. Painted Focal Points

These painted focal points like as shown behind these shelves adds a thoughtful touch point to a living room. It adds a bit of visual interest and definition to beautifully styled shelves whilst defining the space too.

Shelves can otherwise look like they are floating on a plain backdrop, and I really love how the Egyptian Cotton shade has grounded this space.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 2

Image Credit: @stylingourabode

4. Two Tone Wall

Why not create a two tone focal wall? A common way to do this is split the wall in half, but I actually like how they have used Egyptian Cotton on 2/3 of the wall and then finished with black for a really defining, modern contrast. Use Pitch Black by Dulux for a similar look.

You’ll need to use a level to get the perfect straight line here. When painting on the second colour, brush white on before the secondary colour as this creates a much crisper line.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 12:06 am GMT
Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 3

Image Credit: @homewithlivv

5. Focal Wall

I LOVE this type of panelling floor to ceiling on one focal wall. This is a traditional style of panelling and is great for a rustic interior. It contrasts so well against a bright white or off white in a living room.

Pair with greys, darker pops of colour and black as an accent colour to create a modern twist on this traditional look.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 4

Image Credit: @sliver_birch_home

6. Picture Rail

For a more traditional feel, a picture rail or dado rail can add a defining look to a room, whilst it can also help to elevate the length of a room, as the colour above the picture rail draws the eye up.

Egyptian Cotton has been used here as the main block colour, with bright white drawing the eye up to the ceiling.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 5

Image Credit: @athomewithholli

7. Keep It Simple With Prints

Egyptian Cotton is one of my favourite neutral colours for a living room and using it on its own without anything that fancy can still give your home a lovely neutral, and modern feel.

The addition of a couple, or a trio of art prints on a focal wall like this is all you need to break up the monotony of the walls.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 6

Image Credit: @no.sixty.eight

8. Two Tone Panelling

I’ve been seeing bit more of this two tone panelling across Instagram, but it’s still not a huge trend. I do like the quirkiness of it though.

With this type of panelling, use Egyptian Cotton on the walls and paint the mouldings in your secondary choice of colour.

Bright white has been used here for a clean, crisp contrast. That’s not to say you couldn’t use black though for a darker, modern contrast.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room 7

Image Credit: @homeonrudyardway

9. Traditional Floor To Ceiling Panelling

Egyptian Cotton can bring a really timeless feel to a living room, and I just love the versatility of this colour.

Paired with traditional wainscoting wall panelling, you can see how this paint shade works beautifully in a traditional styled interior, or period property.

Introduce a few well placed black accents to the living room, it will bring some much needed definition, and it will tie the space together.

north facing living room colours
Image credit: ourgosfordhome_157

10. Create Zoned Spaces

You don’t have to use Egyptian Cotton across all your walls to benefit from the beautiful warmth of this shade.

Use it to create a fun zoned space like this, it will create a focal feature as you step into the living room, and it contrasts beautifully with a bright white.

Egyptian Cotton living room
Image credit: _homebybex

11. Country Style Half Wall Egyptian Cotton Panelling

Shaker wall panelling is a hugely popular choice in living rooms, it brings instant depth and character so it’s great for new build properties too.

Paint the panelling in Egyptian Cotton for beautiful warmth and top with a lighter white for a crisp contrast that draws the eye up.

Egyptian Cotton works really well with Earthy neutrals, especially bold greens like this in an interior for a rustic feel.

Egyptian Cotton living room
Image credit: allabout_thehome

What Colour Carpet Goes With Egyptian Cotton Walls

To help you find the best colour matches and colour carpet colour for your living room, use the undertones of the colour as a guide and think about what other colours you might want to introduce with your furniture and decor accessories to create a good flow in your interiors.

Beige is a fail safe colour carpet that goes with Egyptian cotton walls, where Egyptian Cotton is also a similar neutral it won’t clash, but you will need to bring colour in through your decor accessories and furnitures to avoid the room feeling flat.

If you’re going for a modern look, adding in a few defining accents of black will really create a striking look whilst adding depth to the room.

But you can be a bit more adventurous by introducing a bit more colour such as with black, grey and earthy green carpets.

A pre-word about grey carpets… You will forever be ruled by your grey carpet as grey is an incredibly difficult colour to work with when it takes up a huge expanse of your room. This will make you lean towards a white, cream or grey scheme which can feel overly cold.

Grey carpet is a popular choice with Egyptian Cotton walls, but from an interior design perspective, it’s not the best one, and it will limit you with colour choices in the future.

Egyptian Cotton bedroom
Image credit: no.sixty.eight

What Colour Curtains Go With Egyptian Cotton Walls?

Egyptian Cotton is a warm neutral so a whole range of curtains will complement it. Earthy neutrals such as olive green, sage green and beige are perfect for a warm, neutral feel. But you could pair your walls with something more bold and defining in the space such as navy blue, grey or black for a touch of modernity.

Opt for white voile curtains behind the curtains for extra privacy, and for a floaty, feminine feel.

Egyptian Cotton is a fabulous neutral colour from Dulux that is highly versatile and well suited to a wide range of decor schemes.

I personally love this shade for a living room, it’s neutral, warm and works with so many different colours that it can work it both traditional and modern interiors. Which of these Dulux Egyptian Cotton living room ideas is your favourite?

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