The Best West Facing Room Colours

West facing room colours

Choosing the best West facing room colours will allow you to maximise the most out of your rooms space throughout the day, whilst it still feels cosy and inviting during the natural light changes.

West facing rooms can be tricky to tackle because typically the light in west facing rooms is cooler in the morning, a bit like a North facing room can be like, whilst they’re brighter in the afternoon which can mimic a South facing room.

Because there’s different types of light to consider during the day, you can choose to lean into warmer and cooler shades, and it’s definitely not as limiting as a cold North facing room.

What Is The Best Colour For A West Facing Room?

There’s no perfect colour for a West facing room because of the natural light changes the position of the room experiences during the day.

You can choose to lean into warmer colours with red or pink undertones which will feel warm in the later afternoon light.

Or opt for slightly cooler shades such as off-whites, soft pastels which will feel cool in the morning, but balance the intensity of the warmer light in the afternoon.

However, how you choose to use your room and how its role changes throughout the day should also be considered, if you mainly use it for the morning, you might choose to stick with a warmer colour so you can appreciate the cosiness and warmth in the space.

West facing room colours
Image credit: Farrow and Ball, living room painted in Setting Plaster

Which White Paint For West Facing Room?

Don’t opt for a standard bright white in a West facing room as it will feel flat during the cooler light the room experiences in the morning, and the colour will feel too bright during the intensity of the afternoon light.

Instead, opt for a white with grey-green undertones, it will look cool in the morning but balance the warmer light that the room receives later in the day.

So, which West facing room colours are the best? Now, we know what types of colours we can use to maximise the light in a West facing room, let’s get stuck in!

West facing room colours

The Best West Facing Room Colours

Egyptian Cotton by Dulux

Egyptian Cotton from Dulux is described as a warm neutral and is an incredibly versatile colour to work with.

Its warm undertones makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours, and it doesn’t matter the orientation of a room as it delivers a warm, off-white finish that can look greige, beige and even yellow, depending at what light you’re looking at it in.

Even more so with a West facing room, I’d always encourage getting a tester first so you can paint a swatch in the room and see how it looks in the cooler light in the morning, and warmer light in the afternoon/evening.

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Egyptian Cotton dulux

Goose Down by Dulux

Dulux Goose Down is considered a cool neutral, light grey. However, it does have blue undertones which can make it appear as both grey, and pale blue in certain lights.

Whilst it will look cool in a West facing space in the morning, by the afternoon the soft hues will help to balance the intensity of that warm afternoon sun.

If you use the room mainly in the evening, this can be a great colour to lean into.

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goose down dulux

Polished Pebble by Dulux

Polished Pebble is a grey, cool neutral shade. This is a highly versatile shade for a multitude of projects, it’s a light grey which means its complementary to a wide range of other colours. 

It’s worth introducing and layering other colours through furnishings and decor accessories to avoid the room feeling cold, especially if you plan to use your West facing room a lot during the morning.

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Polished pebble

Slipper Satin by Farrow and Ball

One of the most popular off-white shades, Slipper Satin is part of F&B’s range of traditional neutrals which have grey-grey tones, but without those cool blue undertones.

This makes it a perfect shade for a West facing room as it’s a warm neutral that won’t make the space feel cold during those mornings with cold light.

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slipper satin farrow and ball

Nutmeg White by Dulux

Nutmeg White is a warm, cream neutral which features soft undertones of grey and brown to warm the shade up. A light shade that will add warmth, but isn’t clinical in a space.

Because it has a mix of cool and warm undertones, it makes it a perfect colour for West facing rooms, bringing a lovely touch of warmth to the space throughout the day.

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nutmeg white dulux

Shaded White by Farrow and Ball

Farrow & Ball’s “Shaded White” is a warm, pale neutral colour that is often described as a soft off-white or light grey.

It has a subtle warmth to it and can work well as a versatile backdrop, allowing other colours and elements to stand out.

Whilst it does carry a gentle greyness, it doesn’t have cool tones so it’s a great colour for a changeable West facing room.

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shaded white farrow and ball

Mint Macaroon by Dulux

If you want to lean into the cooler hues of a colour, Mint Macaroon from Dulux is one of my favourites!

This on trend mint/pastel green shade is warm but with undeniably cool tones so it works well in balancing the intensity of the warm afternoon sun,

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mint macaroon dulux

Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball

Opting for pink and red based colours is a perfect way to lean into a West facing room, creating a warm and ambient feeling throughout the day.

Setting Plaster is a hugely popular F&B shade, a unique colour which falls within the realm of pink or peach tones, it’s a soft and dusty shade that evokes a sense of warmth and cosiness in a room.

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setting plaster farrow and ball

Pink Parchment by Dulux

Pink Parchment is one of the newest Dulux shades in their range, and wow, what a colour! This subdued pink has pink and brown undertones which gives it a really cocooning, warm feel.

Add to a West facing room for warmth all day long.

pink parchment dulux

Middleton Pink by Farrow and Ball

Finally, something a little bit more feminine, Middleton Pink is a soft and delicate pink paint colour. It’s a pale and understated shade of pink with a subtle warmth to it.

It can create a gentle and soothing atmosphere in a West facing room and pairs really well with other neutrals or more bold shades in an interior.

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Middleton pink farrow and ball

These are just a few of the best West facing room colours, but remember you can choose to lean into colder or warmer hues which should be chosen based on how YOU use your room.

Any questions about other shades you might like to use in a West facing room? Please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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