The Best North Facing Living Room Colours

North facing living room colours
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Trying to find the best North facing living room colours to counteract that cold darkness in your room? The solution is simple when you know what undertones to look for in a paint.

A North facing living room can always feel cold, and seemingly it feels like any paint you use doesn’t have any effect.

Now, North facing spaces receive very little natural light, and when they do, the light that comes in is blue, and cold.

Working with the right colours to help counteract the blue light associated with these rooms is the best way to tackle these notoriously difficult spaces.

What Colour Is Best For A North Facing Living Room?

North facing living rooms are often dark, and the natural light that does come in is cold light so we want to try and combat the cold and warm up it with the right type of colours. 

When choosing whites, look for paints with red and yellow based undertones, creamy and beige neutrals to counteract the natural blue light that is making the room feel cold. Avoid any whites which have a green or grey base as they will make the room feel even colder.

Soft pastels like pinks and yellows can also help to bring a pop of colour and warmth to the space.

Always avoid using a bright white on the walls as it will make the room feel flat, since there’s not enough light to bounce off it to begin with.

However, you can also choose to lean into the darkness too, and opt for mid-dark tones of green and blue to create a cocooning, inviting feel. Although, these colours won’t create a bright, light aesthetic in your living room.

North facing living room colours

What Paint Brightens North Facing Rooms?

If you are purely looking to brighten a North facing room, lean into choosing off-whites with yellow or pink/red undertones only, it will keep the aesthetic neutral whilst bringing warmth into the equation, combatting the blue light that is associated with cold, North facing rooms.

The Best North Facing Living Room Colours

Now we know what type of undertones to look for in off-whites, and colours beyond this, let’s delve into some of the best North facing living room colours for your space.

Egyptian Cotton by Dulux

Egyptian Cotton from Dulux is an enduringly popular shade, loved for its warm, neutral aesthetic.

This is one of the best North facing living room colours as it has gentle yellow undertones, without giving an overly yellowy disposition.

It is described as a warm neutral and is an incredibly versatile colour to work with. Its warm undertones makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours.

The colour can look completely different in different lights, it has been classed as a greige, sage green, mushroom and beige colour.

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Egyptian Cotton Dulux

Joa’s White by Farrow and Ball

Joa’s White is part of Farrow and Ball’s Warm Neutrals collection of colours. It is described as a warm and inviting white with a red base, giving it a soft and elegant appearance. 

It works well in both traditional and contemporary spaces, adding a sense of calm and sophistication to any room.

Pair with other pinks and reds to create a cohesive, soft contrast. Do introduce some well placed black accents around the room to define, and tie the space together.

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Joa's white farrow and ball

Timeless by Dulux

Dulux Timeless is a warm, creamy white shade that is a versatile, and dynamic white for every room in a home. It has yellow undertones which make it an ideal colour for North facing rooms as the yellow helps to counteract the coldness of blue light.

It’s also a much more forgiving white colour than a standard Dulux Bright White shade which will pick up every blemish, fingerprint and scratch.

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Timeless Dulux

Rolling Fog – Light by Little Greene

Rolling Fog in Light has a slight yellow undertone, it can be a great choice if you want an off-white which doesn’t have too much of a sunny disposition.

This colour pairs well with Blush and Tuscan Red for a really warm, co-ordinated look in a North facing room. Don’t forget to introduce a few black accents for a touch of modernity, and to tie to the space together.

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rolling fog little greene

New White by Farrow and Ball

This delicate off-white shade is part of Farrow and Balls collection of traditional neutrals. It is a versatile off-white with a subtle hint of warmth which comes from its yellow undertones. 

It is a popular choice for those seeking a soft, neutral tone in a North facing room that works well in a variety of interior spaces.

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new white farrow and ball

Natural Calico

Natural Calico is a beautifully versatile, warm cream shade that has subtle yellow undertones, perfect for counteracting blue light associated with a North facing room.

This tranquil shade is a perfect choice for a North facing living room. Pair with neutral, or more daring shades for an eclectic look.

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natural calico dulux

Jonquil by Edward Bulmer

If strong yellow based paints aren’t to your liking, pink and red based colours are a great way to introduce some warmth and counteract that blue light in a North facing living room.

I am a huge fan on Jonquil by Edward Bulmer, a highly versatile shade which is great for creating a warm and inviting living space.

The shade is classed as a yellow pink which can also be called ‘plaster pink’, it has a soft hue that hovers between pink and yellow/beige, so do get a tester post before committing to this shade.

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jonquil Edward Bulmer
Image credit: Edward Bulmer

Almond White by Dulux

Dulux Almond White is described as a creamy, off white colour. This versatile shade has warm, orange undertones which makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours. 

The colour can look completely different in different lights, it can look like a cream, beige and even peachy pink in certain lights. Yet it’s perfect for counteracting the effects of a cold, North facing room.

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almond white dulux

Blush Pink by Dulux

Pink undertones and soft tones of pink are also among some of the best Dulux colours for North facing rooms. 

Dulux Blush Pink has red and orange undertones, this makes it a warm, dusty pink shade that is a soft, subtle way to introduce pink to an interior. This is a versatile neutral shade that could be paired with other neutral colours, or with bolder pops of pink, red or orange to make a true statement in a room.

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blush pink dulux

Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball

Setting Plaster is one of my favourite Farrow and Ball North facing room suggestions.

It’s a beautiful and subtle pink paint colour, with a touch of beige and a hint of grey which gives it a soft and sophisticated appearance.

It gets its name from the traditional material used in plastering walls, and it delivers a delicate and feminine touch to an interior without it being overpowering.

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setting plaster farrow and ball

Masquerade by Little Greene

With its delicate, powder-like hue, Masquerade offers an alluring, natural undertone which is perfect for pretty much every room in the home.

This dusty shade looks incredible in both traditional and modern interior schemes. Introduce some well placed black accents to define the room and bring a touch of modernity.

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masquerade little greene

Which of these North facing living room colours are you most drawn to?

Remember, you can also choose to lean into the darker side with your paint choices, but they won’t deliver a light and bright aesthetic.

If you need any further advice, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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