Dulux Orange Paint Colours: Orange Colour Chart

Dulux orange paint

Looking for the perfect shade of orange for your next home project? Here you’ll find the best Dulux orange paint colours in one place, allowing you to discover, compare, and select your ideal orange hue!

Orange-based paints are perfect for transitional spaces in a home, and even for relaxing rooms where you need a spicy colour to envelop the space. The appropriate shades of orange can infuse an interior scheme with vibrancy, warmth, and a delightful touch of sunshine.

Whether you wish to introduce orange into your hallway, bedroom, living room, or any other space, accompany me as I delve into the entire range of Dulux orange paint colours on offer.

Dulux Orange Paint Colours

Soft Coral

If you want to introduce tones of orange in a light and bright way, Soft Coral is the perfect choice.

The lightest Dulux orange paint in their collection, and part of their light and space range which features light reflecting particles. This technology within the paint can help to make small rooms feel and look bigger than they are.

With the warm orange undertones, this shade is perfect for counteracting the coldness associated with North facing rooms.

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dulux soft coral

Soft Peach

If you like peachy tones, Soft Peach will deliver a burst of subtle sunshine and peach tones to bring warmth and style to an interior.

Pair with other orange tones such as terracotta to really layer the space. Add some black accents throughout for a touch of modernity.

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dulux soft peach

Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush is an energetic colour with differing orange undertones which delivers a peachy, orange hue. This warm shade is versatile for use in a home, perfect for transitional hallways and adding a feature wall to rooms like the bedroom.

Always purchase a tester before committing, I’d recommend painting a swatch in the chosen room and seeing how it looks in the light at different times during the day.

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dulux apricot crush

Tuscan Terracotta

I couldn’t love a Dulux orange paint more if I tried. Terracotta tones are wholly popular throughout interiors right now.

Tuscan Terracotta delivers such a rich and enveloping shade, it’s a slightly more pared back shade than some spicy terracotta colours can be and it would make a beautiful colour choice in a bedroom or cinema room.

tuscan terracotta

Copper Blush

If you’re looking for a terracotta/orange paint that is more pared back with browner tones, Copper Blush is a perfect choice.

This on-trend shade is rich and sumptuous, pairing beautifully with other layered tones of terracotta, sage green, darker greens and black accents to define the space.

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dulux copper blush

Tangerine Twist

Tangerine Twist is defined as a true orange colour, if you want to deliver instant wow factor to your interior this is it!

This striking orange colour is best reserved for transitional spaces where you pass through them, such as the hallway. Pair with highly complementary colours such as navy blue for heightened visual interest.

dulux tangerine twist

Coral Flair

Coral Flair delivers a redder finish than the other Dulux orange paint colours. With orange and white undertones, this red shade delivers impact and striking presence to a space.

Pair with hues such as sage green and baby blue to cool the shade down, and balance the colours.

dulux coral flair

Orange Fizz

If you want something even brighter than Tangerine Twist, Orange Fizz is the ultimate in orange when it comes to the range of Dulux orange paint colours.

This true to life orange shade delivers instant wow factor. Use as an accent colour or feature wall in a transitional space, pairing it with the right colours is key to avoid it going wrong in the space.

dulux orange fizz

Collective Coral

Distinctive and versatile, Collective Coral has a range of orange and white undertones for a warm and rich red shade that borders on a shade like coral.

This warm and refreshing shade is perfect for transitional spaces, and used as a feature wall accent in rooms such as a bedroom, hallway or cinema room.

dulux collective coral

Rocket Fire

Rocket fire is one of the fieriest Dulux orange paint colours. This spicy terracotta/red/orange shade has red undertones, bringing warmth and instant visual impact with the colour.

I’d lean towards only using this in subtle doses and in transitional spaces as a colour such as this is not restful on the eye if you’re being consumed by the colour in a room such as a living room or bedroom.

dulux rocket fire

Moroccan Flame

Another true orange colour, Moroccan Flame is a fiery burst of sunshine in a space. This warm and rich shade will bring instant impact to a space.

Pair with highly complementary shades such as navy blue for big impact that works together. Introduce navy blue with furnishings and textiles for a layered, sumptuous feel in a space.

dulux moroccan flame

Brick Red

If you’re looking to deliver an orange shade on your exterior, Brick Red Weathershield is one of their only Dulux orange paint colours designed for exterior use.

With a ‘brick red’ appearance this shade can look red, orange and brown depending on the light you look at it in.

It delivers a lasting impression and would look great painted onto a front door, first impressions count!

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dulux brick red

Which of these Dulux orange paint colours is your favourite? If you need any help deciding or pairing suitable colours with your chosen shade, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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