Dulux Purple Colour Chart: Best Dulux Purple Paint Colours

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Looking for the perfect purple shade for your next home project? Here you’ll find the best Dulux Purple Paint colours in one place so you can find, compare and pick your perfect purple!

Purple paint colours are a hugely popular choice in an interior, they can bring a calming and restorative feel to an interior, but can equally bring a sultry and sumptuous feel to a room.

There is a huge scope for how purple can feel in your interior from lilac, very pale purple shades all the way through to defining moody purple shades.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate purple into your hallway, bedroom, living room or beyond, join me as I explore all of the Dulux purple paint colours in their offering.

The Best Dulux Purple Paint Colours

Light Dulux Purple Paint Colours

Cotton Breeze

Cotton breeze is the lightest purple shade in the range and one of my favourites for its versatility.

It’s part of the light and space range by Dulux, this type of paint contains light reflecting particles which can help small rooms look bigger than they are.

This pared back purple shade is a perfect addition to a restorative colour scheme in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Pair with balancing shades such as sage green, pastel yellow and add in some definition with black for a grounded space.

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Dulux cotton breeze

Violet White

Violet is doing things in interiors right now and it’s become a much loved colour in interior schemes.

This beautiful violet shade is muted and pared back, yet brings a lovely warmth with its presence.

Violet pairs beautifully in an interior with other pastel, light shades such as sage green, pale yellow and even darker tones of green.

Alternatively, use white as the main colour in the space, introducing violet white as a feature wall.

Dulux violet white

Scent Bottle

Scent Bottle is part of Dulux’s colour palette of purple paints, despite its more grey appearance. This muted shade is beautiful for pairing with another purple shade in its range.

It actually has terracotta and red undertones, and this colour pairs well with bold statement making shades, purples and other neutrals in their range.

Dulux scent bottle

Gentle Lavender

With a range of gorgeous purple undertones, gentle lavender is a a darker lilac shade than violet white, bringing a touch of added colour and warmth to a space.

I adore this colour for a fresh, inviting presence. Again, this brings a restorative and calming colour to an interior, it looks great as a feature wall in a bedroom.

Layer with differing shades of purple on the bedding, or introduce another accent colour for further depth in your scheme.

Dulux gentle lavender

Violet Morning

Violet morning is defined as a muted, lilac shade, but it has definite tones of grey too. This Dulux purple paint is a great choice if you want to introduce some purple tones, but not something that is too overpowering in the space.

This muted shade is perfect for most rooms in the home.

Dulux violet morning

Romantic Reverie

This violet shade has pink undertones for a muted, yet warm shade of violet. Because of its light demeanour it works in cohesion with neutral shades such as grey in an interior scheme.

To bring out the colour in romantic reverie, pair with a bold contrasting colour such as pale yellow.

Dulux romantic reverie

Sugared Lilac

This eye catching lilac shade has blue and purple undertones for a bright and playful colour.

This beautiful shade is incredibly versatile, pairing well with neutral shades such as grey and beige, and with tonal colours such as blue and darker shades of purple for some added definition in your interior scheme.

Dulux sugared lilac

Lavender Quartz

Dulux Lavender Quartz is described as a soft and soothing light purple colour, it’s slightly darker than a pale, lilac colour. It’s perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and beyond that could benefit from a calming and restorative shade.

This neutral lavender shade pairs beautifully with other neutral shades and defining colours such as black for a touch of modernity.

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Dulux lavender quartz

Lilac Fancy

Lilac Fancy is another Dulux purple paint that can look like both a muted purple shade and grey, depending on the light you’re looking at the colour in.

It can be a great alternative to a flat shade of grey because of the purple undertones, it brings a touch more interest and depth to an interior too.

Dulux lilac fancy

Dusted Fondant

Dulux Dusted Fondant belongs to the pink family, it’s a soft and warm neutral shade with pink undertones that can be described as a mid lilac shade. This lovable shade pairs well with neutral and bold colours for a warm, inviting feel.

The colour can look different in different lights, so always buy a tester pot first and paint a swatch in your chosen room to see how the colour looks at different times during the day.

Check Prices For Dulux Dusted Fondant.

Dulux dusted fondant

Violet Storm

Slightly darker than Lilac Fancy, Violet Storm has purple undertones yet can look like a grey shade in different lights.

Bringing a touch more warmth and depth to a scheme, this shade of purple works perfectly with both neutral, purples and bold statement making shades like mustard yellow and olive green.

Dulux violet storm

Dark Dulux Purple Paint Colours

Pressed Thistle

Moving onto the more defining Dulux purple paint shades, Pressed Thistle is a defining purple shade with blue and purple undertones, yet it can give hints of grey in certain lights.

This colour can be used for bold feature walls, or layered in a scheme where other lighter shades of purple have been used to give the space some added definition.

Dulux pressed thistle

Amethyst Starling

Very similar in tone to Pressed Thistle but a touch darker, Amethyst Starling also has both dark blue and lilac undertones which makes this a defining purple shade.

It can be a welcome choice in an interior in place of using black as a defining accent.

Dulux amethyst starling

Heather Climb

This bold, purple shade has a mixture of purple undertones for a pared back aubergine purple colour.

A defining, statement making shade that would look great in a room such as a cinema room or bedroom for a really sultry yet sumptuous look. Pair with other purple shades through textiles for a really cosy, layered feel.

Dulux heather climb

Purple Pout

Purple Pout would be described as a true purple shade. This distinctive yet versatile shade will leave a lasting impact on an interior.

Using a shade like this in an interior can easily go wrong if not used correctly, so think about what other colours you will introduce to the scheme.

This is a very bold shade, so use it as an accent colour or on a feature wall. You might choose to pair with lighter shades of purple, or differing shades through textiles and furnishings for a layered scheme.

Opt for a neutral foundation on the walls such as an off-white to avoid the room feeling overbearing.

Dulux purple pout

Mulberry Burst

Mulberry is absolutely in for interiors right now, and I just love the autumnal, rich presence this shade delivers.

With purple undertones, this defining shade would look gorgeous in the right setting, think cosy cinema room or sultry bedroom.

It gives such a rich, sumptuous look and combined with the right colours it can deliver a refined and elegant look in a space.

Dulux mulberry burst

Royal Berry

Royal Berry has pink undertones and it really does deliver a berry, rich, sumptuous feel to an interior. Use as an accent colour or on a feature wall for rich presence in the space.

Combine with differing shades of purple for a sumptuous, cosy feel, or combine with other moody shades sparingly such as navy blue or mustard yellow for a bold contrast.

Dulux royal berry

Deep Aubergine

The last, and deepest Dulux purple paint from their collection.

Deep Aubergine is one of my favourites for delivering a sumptuous, rich feel to an interior.

This decadent shade is perfect when used in the right doses to not overpower a space, it pairs beautifully with wooden tones, neutrals and other bold shades for high contrast.

Dulux deep aubergine

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