Dulux White Colour Chart: The Dulux White Colours

dulux white colour chart

Looking for the perfect white shade for your next home project? Here you’ll find the Dulux White Colour Chart  in one place so you can find, compare and pick your perfect white!

White paint colours are hugely popular in an interior, loved for their neutrality and versatility with other shades. Bright white aside, there is 100s of white shades on the market which can make choosing the perfect white shade for your interior somewhat of a conundrum.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate white into your hallway, bedroom, living room or beyond, join me as I explore the best Dulux white colours in their offering, I’ll be sharing the best ones for cold North facing rooms too to help counteract the coldness associated with the blue light in these rooms.

Dulux White Colour Chart – Let’s Meet The White Colours

Dulux Pure Brilliant White

It wouldn’t be an extensive Dulux white colour chart without mentioning the OG first – Pure Brilliant White. Brilliant white is loved purely for its simplicity, no-nonsense finish that seemingly goes with everything.

I am here to tell you that there are MUCH better shades than brilliant white, and whilst it may feel like the easiest and cheapest solution it is the worst colour for showing dirt, scuffs and marks over time.

It can work well in very Sunny south facing rooms, but a room will only reflect and bounce around the available natural light it has, so it doesn’t work in helping to make a North facing room feel lighter and brighter.

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Dulux pure brilliant white

Dulux Magic White

I’ve used Dulux magic white on numerous occasions and I love it! Why? It paints on pink but dries like Pure Brilliant White.

If you’re patching up areas or not sure what you’ve previously been painting, this is the paint for you. I’d say this is a great purely for touch ups if you have already used Pure Brilliant White throughout your interiors as it is more expensive than its traditional counterpart.

dulux magic white

Dulux White Mist

Dulux White Mist is considered a cool shade. This crisp and clean shade of white can be used to create a modern, sophisticated look in any room.

It works well with other cool toned colours such as blues, greens and greys, but works equally as well with bold, warmer shades. Avoid in cold, North facing rooms though.

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Dulux white mist

Rock Salt

Dulux Rock Salt is classed as an off-white colour, with grey undertones. Tonally, this shade has blue undertones which gives it that cool, grey hue.

This laidback colour will deliver an ultra relaxed and stylish finish, a versatile neutral that makes a great foundational colour in a living room, hallway or kitchen.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5267853-walls-ceilings-tester-paint-rock-salt-30-millilitres” id=”15792″ link_id=”5083″]
Dulux rock salt

Magnolia Dulux

The second most popular white shade after Pure Brilliant White, it’s magnolia!

Dulux Magnolia is a warm off-white colour with a slight yellow undertone. It’s a popular paint colour for interior walls and woodwork, and it can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a room.

Due to its yellow undertones it’s also a great choice for cold North facing rooms as it helps to counteract the coldness associated with blue light.

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Dulux magnolia

Moon Shimmer Dulux

Moon Shimmer is part of the Dulux range of their light + space paints. Colours that have light reflective particles which will help to make smaller spaces seem bigger.

This off-white has green undertones for a creamy touch of warmth in a space. I’ve not personally tried any paints from their light + space range so can’t comment on whether they do in fact help to make a small space feel bigger.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5268158-light-space-tester-paint-moon-shimmer30-ml-pack-of-1″ id=”15794″ link_id=”5085″]
Dulux moon shimmer

Fine Cream Dulux

Dulux Fine Cream is a classed as a pale yellow with distinctive yellow undertones.

This yellow based shade makes it a great choice for rooms with none, or minimal natural light as the yellow will counteract the natural blue light that makes a room feel cold. 

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-walls-and-ceilings-tester-paint-fine-cream-matt-30-ml” id=”15795″ link_id=”5086″]
Dulux fine cream

Frosted Dawn Dulux

Part of the Dulux Light + Space range of colours, it is a lumitec formulation which has light-reflective particles which are designed to make small spaces feel bigger.

This creamy white shade has yellow undertones so it’s perfect for most rooms in the home. Pair with neutral colours for added warmth, or introduce bold shades for a bold impact.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-light-and-space-tester-paint-frosted-dawn-30-ml” id=”15796″ link_id=”5087″]
Dulux frosted dawn

Absolute White Dulux

This Light + Space paint by Dulux is a gorgeously creamy, slightly off white shade which has light reflective particles which help to make smaller spaces seem bigger.

Perhaps one of my favourites in the Dulux white colour chart that brings more warmth than brilliant white, but it pairs so well with a myriad of colours in an interior.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5268164-light-space-tester-watercolour-paint-absolute-white-30-millliliters” id=”15797″ link_id=”5088″]
Dulux absolute white

The Best Dulux White Colours For North Facing Rooms

Jasmine White Dulux

Jasmine White Dulux is considered a warm white, neutral shade. It has undertones of yellow which can make it a great choice for a cool, North facing room. Generally speaking you should always opt for paints with yellow or pink undertones as they help to counteract the natural blue light that makes a room feel cold.

It’s a warm off-white that pairs really well with other yellow shades and earthy, neutral combinations such as earthy greens, browns and beiges.

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Dulux jasmine white

Dulux Orchid White

Dulux Orchid White is a beige, yellow off-white shade that has yellow undertones. This distinctive shade is perfect for a cold North facing room with minimal light as the creamy yellow based shade will counteract the natural blue light that is making the room feel cold.

Pair with a bold accent for some warmth, or keep things calm and well balanced with a soft shade such as sage green.

This paint shade is great for most rooms in the home and is perfect for helping to lighten a dark narrow hallway.

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Dulux orchid white

Natural Hessian

Natural Hessian is a warm neutral that could be classed as a beige, it has brown and caramel undertones and is a warmer shade than the very popular Egyptian Cotton by Dulux. 

Beige neutral shades are a great choice in cold North facing rooms. This shade has warm orange, yellow undertones so tonally pairing with like shades will really reinvigorate a North facing room. 

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5268083-easycare-washable-tough-tester-paint-natural-hessian-30-millilitres” id=”15763″ link_id=”5091″]
Dulux natural hessian

Almond White

Dulux Almond White is described as a creamy, off white colour. This versatile shade has warm, orange undertones which makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours. 

The colour can look completely different in different lights, it can look like a cream, beige and even peachy pink in certain lights. Yet it’s perfect for counteracting the effects of a cold, North facing room. 

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5267673-walls-ceilings-tester-paint-almond-white-30-millilitres” id=”15764″ link_id=”5092″]
Dulux Almond White

Ivory Lace

Dulux Ivory Lace is a warm white, with yellow undertones it can look like it has a gold sheen to it in some lights. This warm neutral shade means it’s perfect for use in all rooms in the home, and it’s much more forgiving than a standard bright white shade in a North facing room.

The natural undertones to Ivory Lace are yellows which means natural tonal fits are other yellow shades. 

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-walls-and-ceilings-tester-paint-ivory-lace-30-ml” id=”15765″ link_id=”5093″]
Dulux ivory lace

Natural Calico

Natural Calico is a beautifully versatile, warm cream shade that has subtle yellow undertones. This tranquil shade is a perfect choice for any neutral room. Pair with neutral, or more daring shades for an eclectic look.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5267846-walls-ceilings-tester-paint-natural-calico-30-millliliters” id=”15766″ link_id=”5094″]
Dulux natural calico

Summer Linen

Dulux Summer Linen is a versatile, warm cream shade which has yellow undertones to it. A modern finish that can look cream, and yellow, depending on the light in the room.

This shade is a great choice for cool rooms, or those with no natural light as the yellow helps to counteract the darkness by warming up the room.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-walls-and-ceilings-tester-paint-summer-linen-30-ml” id=”15767″ link_id=”5095″]
Dulux summer linen


Dulux Timeless is a warm, creamy white shade that is a versatile, and dynamic white for every room in a home. It has yellow undertones which make it an ideal colour for North facing rooms as the yellow helps to counteract the coldness of blue light.

It’s also a much more forgiving white colour than a standard Dulux Bright White shade which will pick up every blemish, fingerprint and scratch.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5267859-walls-ceilings-tester-paint-timeless-30-millliliters” id=”15768″ link_id=”5096″]
Dulux timeless

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton from Dulux is described as a warm neutral and is an incredibly versatile colour to work with. Its warm undertones makes it a perfect neutral that works with a multitude of colours. The colour can look completely different in different lights, it has been classed as a greige, sage green, mushroom and beige colour.

Egyptian Cotton is one of the most popular off-white/beige shades in the Dulux range because it is so highly versatile in an interior.

[lasso ref=”amzn-dulux-5267824-walls-ceilings-tester-paint-egyptian-cotton-30-millilitres” id=”15754″ link_id=”5097″]
Dulux Egyptian Cotton

You will naturally be drawn to one colour during this time, but choosing a white is perhaps one of the most difficult as they only vary ever so slightly by undertone.

I would recommend whittling it down to three of your favourites and purchasing a tester of each. Paint a swatch of each in your chosen room and sit with them for a while so you can see how each of the shades looks at different times during the day.

Which Dulux white shades are you drawn to from the Dulux White Colour Chart?

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