What Colours Go With Natural Hessian Dulux?

What Colours Go With Natural Hessian

Looking for a warm neutral to paint your home in like Natural Hessian? These complementary colours work in harmony with it, helping you to create a stylish, yet ultra relaxed home.

Choosing the right shade of neutral paint for your interiors is somewhat of a minefield. There is 100’s of white, off white and neutral shades out there, but the worst part? They’re all completely different! Where do you even start?

Bright white is what it says on the tin, bright white.

But it’s often not a great choice for interiors throughout as they show every scuff, mark and stain. 

Not so forgiving in busy households with children and pets! You then have a huge range of whites and off whites on the market that carry different undertones. Natural Hessian by Dulux being one of them.

What Colour Is Natural Hessian Dulux?

Natural Hessian is a warm neutral that could be classed as a beige, it has brown and caramel undertones and is a warmer shade than the very popular Egyptian Cotton by Dulux.

Beige neutral shades are a great choice in cold North facing rooms as they counteract natural blue light that makes a room feel cold.

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Natural Hessian vs Egyptian Cotton

Natural Hessian and Egyptian Cotton are two of the most popular off-white colours by Dulux.

Egyptian Cotton is a more muted neutral shade than Natural Hessian which has stronger yellow undertones. They’re both beautiful warm neutrals for an interior, yet on paper look quite different.

Colours always look different in different rooms and houses, so if you’re interested in the two, buy a tester of each so you can compare how they both look and feel in your interior during different times of the day.

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natural hessian vs Egyptian Cotton

What Colours Go With Natural Hessian?

Tonal Combinations

The best place to start is tonal combinations, these are colours suggested by Dulux that work well with the undertones of Natural Hessian.

Sunbaked Terracotta and Healing Spice draw on the yellow and brown undertones that Natural Hessian has.

Sunbaked Terracotta is an absolutely favourite colour of mine in interiors currently, don’t just stop at the paint colour, try and work in vintage vases and terracotta pops for that sunny link between the colours.

What Colours Go With Natural Hessian

Neutral Combinations

To keep things neutral throughout, these shades of brown are perfect complementary colours for Natural Hessian, Warm Truffle and Burnished Brass.

Burnished Brass is quite a chocolatey rich brown that could be used as a colour on architraves, doors or skirting to ground and add visual interest to the room.

You could then layer with furnishings and art to bring more warmth into the room.

What Colours Go With Natural Hessian

Designer’s Choice Combinations

For something a little more daring, Dulux always have a designer’s set of combinations for their colours. Interestingly, this always throws everything out there that there is about rules of only using paint shades with the same undertones.

Both Steel Parade and Lost Lake are well, blue. But when you see them as a trio together you can see how well they would work for a nautical, or coastal inspired interior.

What Colours Go With Natural Hessian

Natural Hessian & Black

If you’re looking to achieve a modern decor style in your home, then you’re going to want to bring in black accents to ground the space.

Black is a more versatile colour than we think, so it works perfectly with a shade such as Natural Hessian. Use black furniture and black interior hardware, small black details is all you need to achieve this look. 

Natural Hessian & Terracotta

We already known terracotta is a great complementary colour for Natural Hessian, and I love it! Terracotta is a huge colour trend in interiors currently.

You can keep things subtle with creeping a few terracotta touches in with vases and pots, if you’re renovating a bathroom you might want to look at terracotta tiles, or bringing this earthy colour in through towels and linen.

Natural Hessian & Brown

Brown is a great tonal combination for Natural Hessian, it creates a really warm aesthetic whilst darker brown shades lift those brown undertones of Natural Hessian.

You could go in with painted brown walls or keep the combination a little bit more subtle by using it in decor accessories and home textiles.

Natural Hessian & Olive Green

One of my favourite earthy neutrals to pair with a beige is a pop of olive green.

With Natural Hessian walls I would weave olive green into your interiors in small doses for warmth and depth. 

Think patterned olive green cushions for a bit of texture, olive green linen curtains and thoughtful decor accessories.

Natural Hessian & Natural Wood

For a modern aesthetic you’re going to want to incorporate natural wood furniture for a nod to the outside world.

Natural wood works beautifully with a shade like Natural Hessian because of its subtle brown undertones.

You don’t need to go all out, but in a living room you could opt for a wooden coffee table as the signature piece and look for accent chairs that have subtle wooden legs or even a small decorative object such as a tray.

Just like black, we just want to use it as an accent colour.

What Colour Carpet Goes With Natural Hessian Walls?

Natural Hessian is a warm neutral and is highly versatile so it goes with a range of different coloured carpets.

Beige is one of the best choices because it delivers a neutral, modern finish that also works well with a range of accent colours from neutrals, to earthy shades and bold colours.

Natural hessian walls also work with grey carpets, black and earthy shades such as olive green. However, in terms of versatility, opt for a cream or grey carpet.

From my perspective as a designer, I always tend to avoid grey because it takes up a huge expense in a room and can make an interior feel cold.

Dulux natural hessian carpet
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If you’re looking for a warm neutral that’s not a clinical bright white, Natural Hessian is a great choice. Its brown undertones make it a warm beige, whilst it’s the perfect neutral for a modern style interior.

I can’t stress the importance of sampling paints on your walls with your finished lighting where possible as one colour can look completely different in one home to another.

There’s no denying that Natural Hessian is a neutral through and through, but you can experiment with bolder colours such as blue if you’re wanting to create a certain home decor scheme that accommodates it.

Before You Go…

If you’re still trying to find that perfect neutral from Dulux it’s worth having a look at the popular shade, Egyptian Cotton.

It’s highly versatile and works with a multitude of colours, I think you’ll enjoy reading the below post which shows it in different living room settings to help visualise how it might work in your own home.

11 Dulux Egyptian Cotton Living Room Ideas

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