17 Lilac Living Room Ideas: Lavender Dreaming

lilac living room
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Sweet and chic, this candy coloured alternative of purple is hitting interiors hard, and we can’t get enough of these lilac living room ideas.

Purple is one of those colours that can easily go wrong an interior, yet used correctly and it can totally transform an interior scheme.

From lilac and baby yellow colour combinations, to lilac gingham and scallop detail, escape to a world of lavender dreaming with these stunning 17 lilac living room ideas.

18 Lilac Living Room Ideas

1. Candy Coloured Striped Wallpaper

If you want to embrace the lilac design trend with open arms then I couldn’t think of a better touch than candy coloured, lilac striped wallpaper.

Not only does it elevate the room with the stripes, but it brings a really soft, pastel aesthetic to a space.

Pair with other pastel colours for a sweet look, or layer with differing shades of deeper purples and plums for texture, and a mature touch on this sweet colour scheme.

lilac striped wallpaper living room
Image credit: Bobbi Beck

2. Lilac Walls With Contrasting White

Keep things simple by refreshing your living room with a lick of lilac paint. Its calm disposition makes it a perfect choice for use in a living room.

Pair with a bright white ceiling to help draw the eye up as you enter the room, giving the illusion of a larger space.

Feeling brave? Opt for a lilac carpet underfoot too…

lilac living room and carpet
Image credit: Carpetright

3. A Touch of Lilac

Not feeling brave enough to embrace the lilac trend fully? Adding a gentle lilac accent to the room can help you enjoy the calm qualities of this soft colour without it overpowering the room.

Opt for a lilac TV unit, sofa or pouffe for a statement piece in the room – don’t forget to add a couple of other well placed lilac items in the room for a cohesive feel.

lilac tv unit
Image credit: Rose & Grey

4. The Sweetest Combination: Lilac & Yellow

Artwork is a flawless way to introduce colour to a living room, so why not do it with one of the coolest colour combinations right now – lilac and yellow.

This seemingly sweet pairing of colours brings a soft and feminine aesthetic to a space, combined perfectly with this Desenio print.

lilac and yellow art print
Image credit: Desenio

5. Lilac Gingham Accent

Lilac + gingham. Say no more.

There is something ultra cool yet relaxed about gingham and it’s not just reserved for those picnic blankets this summer…

Gingham is hitting interiors hard, and a few well placed accents are all you need to enjoy this pairing.

6. A Monochrome Space With A Purple Accent

A monochrome interior can be a great base to work from to introduce colour, and you don’t need to upgrade your paint or wallpaper to try out this purple accent.

Introduce a lilac sofa, pouffe, chaise lounge or coffee table for a real pop of playful colour.

lilac and grey living room
Image credit: @toworkorplay

7. Lilac Textiles

When it comes to creating a cosy and inviting lilac living room, it is ALL about creating layers and using texture.

This is one of the simplest ways to incorporate lilac, it’s fuss free yet effective. Introduce lilac throws and cushions in differing shades for contrast and visual interest.

white and lilac living room
Image credit: @butiksofie

8. Lilac & Sage Green

Stop the press. You thought lilac and yellow was a good combination, but have you met sage green and lilac?

Perhaps, my favourite lilac living room idea of the bunch. This colour combination balances beautifully, it’s cool, calm and collected and delivers an earthy feel with a touch of femininity.

lilac and green living room
Image credit: @ottiu

9. Lilac Blooms

Appreciate the colour lilac but not enough to paint your living room in it?

Take it back to basics and add a pop of colour with some lavender coloured blooms. Use a reeded glass vase like this to add some further texture to the room.

lilac flowers living room
Image credit: @skandynawska_weranda

10. Lilac Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper murals are one of the best, and easiest ways to instantly elevate your walls. Opt for a lilac wallpaper mural on one wall for serious impact.

Add some defining black accents to the room for a grounding look in the space.

lilac wallpaper mural living room
Image credit: @rebelwalls

11. Lilac Half Wall Panelling

Half wall panelling is a perfect way to add instant depth and character to a home.

Adding lilac above a neutral shade like this creates a visually exciting space, add other playful colours around the room on prints and decor accessories for a warm and inviting look.

lilac half wall panelling
Image credit: @frau.kieselstein

12. Lilac Area Rug

It’s the living room 101 rule. Don’t ever miss out on the area rug!

Living rooms demand an area rug to set a boundary and to avoid the feeling like your furniture is floating. Always make sure it’s slightly bigger than your furniture as a rug too small is a worse cardinal sin than not having one. They’re a great way to inject a bit of colour to the space.

lilac area rug living room
Image credit: @thomase.nl

13. Lilac Layering

Always layer with colour. Pairing the exact same lilac shades will make a sofa, or living room feel flat and well, boring.

Play with differing shades of lilac and purple on textiles such as cushions and throws for a really warm and visually exciting look.

lilac cushions living room
Image credit: @carloughandco

14. Lilac Gingham Chair

You thought the lilac gingham cushions were nice. Meet the lilac gingham chair. This entire look screams laid back, ultra cool and a tiny bit coastal to me with those playful lilac tones.

This accent chair becomes the star of the show, and for good reason too.

lilac gingham chair
Image credit: @lilacdesignstudiomn

15. Lilac & Burnt Mustard

Another timeless pairing for lilac, yet a very mature update on a lilac and yellow combination.

This burnt mustard shade absolutely pops against the lilac, it’s warm, cosy and inviting. I love it.

lilac and mustard living room
Image credit: @sofacompanyofficial

16. Lilac on Lilac

Layer differing shades of lilac for a playful and visually exciting look as you enter the room. I love the addition of these monochrome prints in boxy purple frames, it’s such a fun and playful element for the right lasting impression.

Introduce some greenery for a touch of the natural world, it helps to add some further definition to the room too.

lilac living room
Image credit: @izaizavala

17. Lilac & Grey Living Room

Finally, one of the most popular but not yet touched on lilac living room ideas is a lilac and grey living room.

A grey living room can be notoroiusly cold without dressing with the right colours. Touches of lilac and darker hues of purple add both definition and warmth to a grey living room.

Focus on a few well placed lilac accents to really benefit from this lavender inspired colour. Which lilac living room idea is your favourite?

lilac and grey living room
Image credit: @flouspa

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