15 Stunning Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas to Try Now

purple and grey bedroom

A purple and grey bedroom? I know what you’re thinking. Really? Purple has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and it’s actually set to be one of the biggest on-trend colour combinations with colours such as grey and yellow.

Purple may seem just as daring as adding black or charcoal grey to a bedroom, but it’s how it’s utilised in the space, and the shades that are used which will create that make or break look in an interior.

If you’re looking to refresh your room with this unsuspecting interior colour, these 15 stunning purple and grey bedroom ideas are definitely ones you are going to want to try NOW in your home.

15 Stunning Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas

1.A Mature Approach With Aubergine Purple

I’m here to show you that a purple and grey bedroom can bring a completely different dynamic to your interiors without it feeling like a child’s bedroom. Point in fact.

We might imagine purple as some bright, gaudy, unworkable colour, but this is what shades are for. Aubergine purple is perhaps one of the most mature approaches to purple and it brings such an understated and elegant feel in this bedding set against the shiplap backdrop.

What’s not to love about this colour combo?

aubergine purple bedding
Image credit: The Secret Linen Store

2. Subtly Introduce Purple As An Accent Colour

One of the best ways to introduce purple into a bedroom is by introducing it subtly and in a few well placed areas.

An effective way to do this is by introducing purple with beautiful canvas prints. It will help to elevate otherwise flat and boring walls, and those purples undertones in a canvas are subtle, yet highly effective in a purple and grey bedroom colour scheme.

Create a gallery wall or opt for just one singular large scale canvas print for an eye-catching focal point in the room.

purple and grey bedroom

3. Layer With Blinds & Cushions

Layering purple with texture is a luxurious and decadent way to introduce purple into a grey colour scheme. Opt for deep aubergine tones for a mature look.

Think blinds, curtains, cushions and throws – be mindful about texture and different materials too to create that layered, visually interesting space.

purple and grey bedroom

4. Panelling Wallpaper

A great way to add depth and instant character to a room is with panelling, but there’s a quicker way to cheat the results.

This panelling style wallpaper looks like the real deal, but is in fact wallpaper. The beauty of this is that you can swap and change it quite easily without causing damage to the walls.

purple wall panelling
Image credit: Mineheart

5. Layering With Purple

Layer differing shades of purple for a visually interesting and warm space. This bedroom setting sees a combination Benjamin Moore Dark Lilac 2070 30 and Lavender Mist 2070 60 paint in use.

It contrasts beautifully with the pale grey fireplace surround, creating a contrasting focal feature as you step into the bedroom. 

purple bedroom
Image credit: Benjamin Moore Paint

6. Lilac and Grey Wallpaper

Lilac is another hot way to use purple in a bedroom setting, and this Lilac and grey wallpaper perfectly fuses these two colours for an understated, and subtle colour introduction to a bedroom.

Opt for a feature wall on the bed wall with wallpaper, or go for a half wall paneling, half wallpaper look for strong visual impact.

purple and grey wallpaper
Image credit: Beautiful Walls

7. A Pop of Purple With A Headboard

You don’t have to dramatically use purple in a bedroom to get that sense of warmth and character from the colour.

A simple way to introduce purple is with a headboard or bed frame, the result is effective yet simple against this dark grey panelling on the wall.

grey wall panelling bedroom

8. Charcoal Grey and Deep Purple

Keep things a little bit moodier by going for a charcoal grey and deep purple, aubergine colour combination.

Deep purple bedding is one of the best ways to really get that sense of luxury and decadence, whilst it looks ultra cosy too!

purple and grey bedroom
Image credit: @lifes_decor

9. Positioning Grey As An Accent Colour

Why not use purple as the dominant colour in the room and position grey as an accent colour.

A few wall placed items of grey is all you need, this could include curtains, cushions, bedding, throws and any decor accessories on display. Layer with differing shades of grey for a more visually exciting look.

purple and grey bedroom
Image credit: @daivataitz_interior_designer

10. Lilac and Grey

Okay, lilac and grey may be my favourite purple and grey bedroom idea yet, and it’s the most on-trend.

Lilac and pastel grey is one of the most restorative and easy on the eye combinations, it’s soft, calming and fuses together perfectly.

Use these differing tones on the walls, bed frames and bedding for strong visual impact.

lilac and pastel grey bedroom
Image credit: @manchester_warehouse

11. Light Grey Stonewash Walls

A rustic way to enjoy grey is opting for light grey stonewash walls, this provides a simple yet minimalistic backdrop to introduce some colour.

These mauve bed sheets are the perfect addition as the ruffled pillow cases bring a gorgeous texture with them.

purple and grey bedroom
Image credit: @dreamcatcher_pg

12. Pastel Grey Bed and Lilac Hues

It’s all about that lilac and grey colour combo again, I mean, what’s not to love? Use a pastel grey bed frame, and incorporate lilac as much, or as little as you want if you want to position it as the main dominant colour in the room.

lilac and grey bedroom
Image credit: @posterton

13. Pop of Purple Florals

Still not feeling brave enough to style purple in your bedroom? Start slowly with a simple pop of purple florals against a grey backdrop.

Testing the colour in the space and living with it for a while is a great way to start getting used to the pairing.

It may seem small, but a simple purple pop like this is sometimes all you need to create that stand out contrast.

grey bedroom with purple flowers
Image credit: @bonjour_cafe_creme

14. Grey Brick Style Feature Wall

If panelling, wallpaper and standard paint feel too uninspiring, opt for a grey brick style feature wall.

This brings a hugely defining and grounding aspect to the bedroom, and it looks great again purple bedding, throws and cushions for a stylised, warm contrast.

purple and grey bedroom
Image credit: @habitthomestore

15. Purple Accent Pieces

Less is more when it comes to purple.

To enjoy this colour in your bedroom it could be as simple as introducing a singular purple piece of furniture for a stand out look that’s effective, warm and contrasts beautifully with grey as the dominant colour in the room.

grey bedroom with purple chair
Image credit: @buzzworthy_interiors

How Do You Use Purple In A Bedroom?

Purple can be effectively used in a bedroom as both the dominant colour, and used solely as an accent colour in a few well placed areas to bring warmth and depth to a colour scheme. The key is to using the right purple shades in a bedroom for an on-trend look. Think lilac purple and pastel grey, or aubergine purple with charcoal grey – pairing the right tones will create that mature, stylish, yet ultra relaxed space.

Have I changed your opinion of a purple and grey bedroom? There are some really elegant and highly refined ways to use purple in a bedroom, and you can certainly expect to see a lot more of lilac and aubergine in interiors over the coming years. Which look is your favourite?

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