19 Pink and Grey Bedroom Ideas For Adults

pink and grey bedroom

Pink and grey are a timeless colour combination in any room of the home, looking to use these colours in your bedroom? I think you’ll love these 19 pink and grey bedroom ideas for adults!

From bright and bold accents to combining patterns and textures, I’m going to show you how to incorporate pink and grey to create a sophisticated, elegant and soft theme in your bedroom.

Read on for 19 beautiful pink and grey bedroom ideas for adults that are sure to help you create a stylish, ultra relaxed and tranquil haven.

19 Pink and Grey Bedroom Ideas For Adults

1. Grey Walls With Pink Accents

Grey is a versatile neutral colour in an interior, and is a great shade to use on all of your bedroom walls. You can then introduce beautiful pink accents through pieces like a headboard, bedding, pillows and even voile curtains.

Be it blush pink or fuchsia pink, these colours can make either a subtle or statement pop in your bedroom. Pink and grey bedroom ideas can be as subtle, or as loud as you want.

pink and grey bedroom ideas for adults

2. Layer Pink & Grey

Perhaps you don’t want to use pink or grey on the walls. If you’re in rented property, or just want to stick to neutral walls you can create gorgeous layering and depth in your bedroom by using a combination of pink and grey textiles.

I love the mixture of texture used here on the bedding with waffle and muslin textures, incorporating varying shades of grey and pink. The result is a really mature and elegant mix of using these colours in an interior, and it’s super easy to replicate.

pink and grey bedroom

3. Half Way Paneling

Panelling in a bedroom is a great way to break up the monotony of block colours, whilst it can add depth and character to new build properties.

With half wall paneling like shown below, you could choose to paint the panelling in pink or grey, and then the above section in the opposite colour.

Alternatively, add pink to the panelling with bright white above, this will draw the eye up as you enter the room. You could then introduce grey accessories, furniture like a bed frame and textiles throughout the bedroom for a soft, cosy colour palette.

Pink & Grey Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit: @Home_by_haylie

4. Pink Walls

Why not make pink the dominant colour in the room? It brings a feminine touch to a space, especially if you use a blush pink or dusky pink shade.

Introduce grey textures and textiles to add some definition, without it making the space overbearing. A white ceiling and skirting boards will keep the room feeling light and neutral, whilst a white ceiling will give the illusion of higher ceilings too.

pink and grey bedroom

5. Dark Grey Panelling

Pink isn’t just a feminine colour that’s best left reserved for children’s bedrooms. A deep charcoal grey panelled wall creates understated elegance and definition to the room.

Then it’s just a case of adding a few well placed pink items that contrast beautifully, whilst adding warmth to the colour scheme.

These dusky pink cushions and bedding add a beautiful dimension to this colour scheme whilst the different textures add warmth and soften the dark charcoal backdrop. Pink and grey bedroom ideas for adults can be luxurious and elegant!

pink and grey bedroom

6. Pink Headboard

If you’re looking to create a really neutral colour scheme with just a few pops of colour, a simple bright white paint pairs beautifully with a stand out, pink headboard or bed frame.

I love the additional texture the fabric and the pleats of the headboard brings to what is otherwise a neutral backdrop.

pink and grey bedroom

7. Combine Grey Wallpaper With Pink Accessories

Grey wallpaper is a great way to deliver a focal point in a bedroom. It adds instant depth and intrigue to a space. Pair with pink accessories and soft pink textiles like curtains and throws to soften the look.

If you are using grey wallpaper on a feature bed wall, you may want to paint the rest of the walls in a white, grey or pink for added contrast. Introduce some playful lights like this for added visual interest.

pink and grey bedroom

8. Pair With A Monochrome Scheme

Pairing pink and grey in a bedroom with a monochrome colour palette is a timeless, fun combination that adds definition and softness to a room.

It has been beautifully executed here with a simple black wall decal feature and defining cast iron bed frame. You can then layer with minimal pink and grey accessories to get those warm pops of colour in the space.

pink and grey bedroom

9. Pink Bedding

Keep things simple with a classic grey wall and gorgeous pink bedding. These colours look mature in this type of setting.

Team with a pink bedding set which has texture to it, this keeps things visually more interesting and adds more warmth to the room than a classic block coloured set of bedding.

pink and grey bedroom

10. Pink Wallpaper Mural

Introduce pink in the most charming way with a stunning wallpaper mural. This would create a mature, sophisticated feature wall in an adult’s bedroom, whilst it combines with other soft, muted colours.

Introduce grey throws for a soft and small introduction of the colour. If you add a wall mural like this, adding natural materials like rattan gives a further nod to the outside world whilst creating an ultra relaxed, yet stylish space.

11. Block Stripes

Modern block stripes add beautiful formality and structure to a space. This pink bold stripe cushion makes a statement without being overbearing, and it pairs beautifully with a softer pink backdrop on the headboard and grey wallpapered feature wall.

Small decorative additions like this are one of the best ways to get that desired impact of pink that looks stylish, not childish.

12. Pink Lighting

Introduce pink and add a charming ambience to your bedroom with pink lighting. This beautiful pendant light features etched stars for a whimsical look.

Appreciate the beauty of the pink as natural light reflects, disperses and retracts against it, and the soft ambience as the lights come on in the evening.

13. Combine Different Shades of Pink

Perhaps you want to go all in with pink, not a problem! One of the most delicious ways to drape pink throughout a pink and grey bedroom is layering different shades of pink for added effect.

Layer bolder pops of pink all the way through to pale pink for a cohesive, yet playful decor scheme. Grey pairs so wonderfully with pink that you can still introduce it in small doses through cushions and throws if desired.

14. Pink & Grey Wall Art

Add a beautiful gallery wall to your pink and grey bedroom to instantly elevate your walls. Introduce a mixture of prints with a defining frame to ground the room.

Black frames are great if you’re trying to deliver a modern decor scheme, but brass is a perfect complementary match for pink and grey shades.

15. Introduce Black or Navy Blue

Every colour scheme needs a defining shade or accent to ground the room, and introducing black or navy blue to a grey and pink colour scheme makes for a decadent and sophisticated combination.

I love how the feature wall ties together with the cushions on the bed, with pink and grey thoughtfully introduced with the bedding and furniture.

16. Combine Different Shades of Grey

If you want grey to be the dominant colour in your room, layering different shades of grey breaks up the monotony of this colour, it will instil more warmth in the room and make it feel cosy.

Combine dark charcoals, mid greys and pale grey for a cohesive and interesting space. Add some small pops of pink for more warmth.

17. Go Bold

When we think of a classic grey and pink pairing it’s normally a muted grey with a dusty pink combination, but dare to go bold!

For a maximalist interior, a bold fuchsia pop of pink colour on a wall will make a true statement. The same colour is doubled up on the bed spread, with the addition of a pale grey bed frame. I adore this look! If you want to captivate attention when you step into the room, do think outside of the box when combing grey and pink in a bedroom.

18. Grey Patterned Blinds

Position pink as the dominant colour and introduce grey in a subtle way with a gorgeous patterned blind. It’s simple and effective yet it allows you to introduce a bit of neutrality into the room. The same could be applied with a pair of curtains or voiles.

19. Vibrant Greenery

Grey and pink will always be that perfect millennial combination of shades for me, and one of the best ways to offset these colours in a bedroom is with some vibrant greenery.

A touch of greenery be it with real house plants or artificial ones adds depth and character to pockets in your room.

Add trailing plants for added visual interest on a shelf, or a tall floor plant against panelling for a super contrast.

Which pink and grey bedroom ideas for adults is your favourite?

Before You Go…

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