The Best Dulux Bedroom Colours 2024

Dulux bedroom colours 2023

Bedroom makeover pending? A fresh lick of paint can totally change the dynamic and feel of a space, and these Dulux Bedroom Colours for 2024 are the perfect mix of shades that will pack a punch, give you a restful feel and keep your home on-trend, yet ultra relaxed.

Whether you want to bring a restorative and restful feel to your room with a delicate sage green, or a pop of something a little bit more fiery, let’s explore some of the best Dulux bedroom colours for 2024 and what colours to pair with them for a cohesive, and well styled bedroom interior.

The Best Dulux Bedroom Colours 2023

Wild Wonder and Violet Dream

Wild Wonder was the Dulux colour of 2023, described as a glowing tone, inspired by the natural world. This rich and smooth shade feels like a fine contender for sage green which continues to run rampant in our interiors.

I love the softness that Wild Wonder brings to a bedroom, it feels hugely restorative and relaxing. Introducing a golden tone like this into a bedroom can feel quite daunting if you’re upgrading from bright white walls. The key is paring with another muted, pared back shade that provides a gorgous colour combination.

Pale yellow and lilac is going to be one of the hottest colour combinations over the coming years, and the combination of Violet Dream with Wild Wonder just exudes softness, yet ultra relaxed whilst being stylish and on trend too.

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dulux wild wonder bedroom

Mouse Tail

Sage green remains one of the most popular interior colours right now, loved for the restorative balance it can bring to an interior.

For a sage green that has a little bit more depth to it, Mouse Tail delivers a characterful, rich shade that is perfect for creating a restful bedroom space.

Use Mouse Tail all across your walls and layer with other earthy shades, or add something a little bolder like a deep purple for a mature take on this colour.

dulux wild wonder bedroom

Spun Mohair

A bright white or a magnolia can make a bedroom feel lifeless, it’s a great opportunity to introduce a little bit of colour. If bold, statement making colour isn’t your thing, you can still bring an abundance of warm with a neutral shade.

Spun Mohair is a warm neutral with yellow-green undertones, so naturally it pairs really well with the likes of Wild Wonder if you want to do some colour blocking.

This off-white, warm neutral works with such a range of colours in a bedroom space, create a natural, earthy feel by combining with greens, browns and cream, or add a bold accent such as navy blue or black for a defining accent in the bedroom.

Dulux Bedroom Colours 1

Colour Blocking With Wild Wonder & Silver Lichen

Colour blocking with Dulux bedroom colours is a great way to add character and depth, whilst allowing you to introduce additional colour in a cohesive way.

Using Wild Wonder on the bottom half and Silver Lichen, a gorgeous sage green shade on top draws the eye up as you enter the room, and it brings a touch of definition whilst still adding an overall softness to the room.

Check Prices For Dulux Wild Wonder.

dulux wild wonder bedroom

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton is one of the most popular Dulux neutral shades. It has warm, yellow undertones which means that it pairs well with other tonal combinations.  Tt has been classed as a greige, sage green, mushroom and beige colour, it can look different in different lights so always purchase a tester pot and do a swatch before committing.

Layer Egyptian Cotton with earthy shades such as sage green, olive green and brown, or add in some statement making shades such as a terracotta throw and cushions for a fun pop of colour that doesn’t overtake the room.

Looking to add more depth to the room? Add some chunky, country style panelling for instant period character.

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dulux Egyptian cotton bedroom
Image credit: _homebyhayley

Dusted Fondant

Lilac is becoming the new ‘pink’, maybe. It brings a restorative and calming feel to an interior and it’s perfect for combining with neutrals and other statement shades such as yellow.

Dulux Dusted Fondant belongs to the pink family, it’s a soft and warm neutral shade with pink undertones that can be described as a mid lilac shade. This lovable shade pairs well with neutral and bold colours for a warm, inviting feel.

Pairing with a yellow or perhaps a sage green in a bedroom creates a soft, relaxing and restful ambience. Focus on natural materials such as rattan and wood for a nod to the natural world.

But, don’t be afraid to introduce a black accent for a modern, defining feel in the room.

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dulux dusted fondant bedroom
Image credit: Becsplace_

Blush Pink

Dulux Blush Pink is one of my favourite pink shades in their colour charts as it’s neutral and versatile. Dulux Blush Pink has red and orange undertones, this makes it a warm, dusty pink shade that is a soft, subtle way to introduce pink to a bedroom.

This is a versatile neutral shade that could be paired with other neutral colours, or with bolder pops of pink, red or orange to make a true statement in a room.

Introduce some colour blocking with a green as a secondary colour, don’t forget a few well placed black accents for some modern definition.

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dulux blush pink bedroom
Image credit: our_coull_family

Chic Shadow

Chic Shadow Dulux enters as a mid-grey shade, offering a little bit of warmth to your bedroom, that can equally be elevated with bold statement colours, or paired tonally with other complementary colours.

A baseline grey colour is a great alternative to bright white, it’s much more forgiving and works well in a bedroom when paired with warmer accent colours.

Grey shades are great for Dulux Bedroom colours, but be mindful about what additional colours you pair with it to avoid the bedroom feeling cold.

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dulux chic shadow bedroom
Image credit: alison.p_17myhome

Mineral Mist

Mineral Mist is a pastel blue, versatile shade that delivers a relaxing, tranquil edge to any room.  It’s not just for little ones nurseries, Mineral Mist can deliver a soft and exquisite finish for a coastal inspired bedroom.

Mineral Mist is just the most beautiful, pale pastel blue shade, so tonally it works with really well with other blue shades. Pair with brass hardware details for a warm pop of colour, and with earthy colours for a natural, coastal feel.

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dulux mineral mist
Image credit: our_newbuildhome

Heart Wood

This plum based shade is perfect for a multitude of home decor schemes, bringing warmth and depth to a bedroom for a really sumptuous, rich feel. It’s actually one of my favourite Dulux bedroom colours!

Heart Wood has undertones of pink and a subtle hint of red, the result is a shade that looks like plum, but in certain lights it can have a dusky pink feel to it.

If I was to use Heart Wood in a bedroom I would layer with differing shades of plum and pink with a brass accent for a super cosy, relaxing yet sumptuous bedroom with stone visual impact. Think about layering with different types of material too for a rich and cosy feeling.

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dulux heart wood bedroom

Overtly Olive

Olive green is a hugely popular colour throughout interiors, it’s a beautiful neutral, it’s perfect for modern interiors and it works flawlessly with other neutral shades, whilst it introduces warmth and depth to the space.

Overtly Olive is a calming colour, a great way to bring the natural world in. This versatile colour works well with other neutral shades including off-whites and creams. But you can introduce some bolder accents such as navy blue and brassy tones for a warm, visual exciting space.

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Overtly olive

From neutral to bold statement making shades, these are some of the hottest bedroom colours for 2024 which will allow you a restful night sleep, whilst still having an on-trend bedroom to boot! Which Dulux bedroom colours are your favourite?

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  1. Hi. I’m decorating/dressing a coastal cottage. I’ve chosen polished pebble throughout. Any ideas on accent colours for accessories/rugs etc. I’m thinking green/blue shades for not a cold feel.

    • Good morning Lisa, thanks for your comment! Your coastal cottage sounds gorgeous – I’d be inclined to go for some blues to play on that nautical/coastal feel – have a look at blue oriental style rugs, they bring a lovely vintage feel with them but very on-trend. Use some touches of sage green too for that laid, back relaxed feel. Soft tones of blue and green work really well together on textiles such as cushions and throws. Also add some touches of brass/or gold for a touch of coastal warmth. Best wishes, Nicole.


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