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dulux green paints

Looking for the perfect green shade for your next home project? Here you’ll find the Dulux Green Paints Colour Chart in one place so you can find, compare and pick your perfect green!

Whether you’re looking to bring a defining, earthy or ultra relaxed feeling into your home, green is perhaps one of the most restorative colours for an interior and it delivers the perfect nod to the natural world outside.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect sage green for your living room, or a defining shade for a hallway, bedroom or beyond, join me as I explore all of the Dulux Green Paints in their offering.

Dulux Green Paints

Nordic Spa

Dulux Nordic Spa is a paint colour that belongs to the blue-green family. It is a serene and calming shade that is reminiscent of a spa-like atmosphere. Unsurprisingly it has green undertones for a muted and sophisticated look.

This is one of the palest Dulux green paint shades as it could be described as a pale sage green, apple or even a light mint pastel shade.

Nordic Spa is versatile for most rooms in the home, it’s a restful shade so works in living rooms and bedrooms too.

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Dulux nordic spa


Dulux Wellbeing is a versatile and distinctive shade of green, a beautiful depiction of a light sage green which is perfect for any room in the home.

This type of sage green shade provides a welcoming and inviting shade, it pairs well with both neutral shades and bolder colours such as navy blue and black when used as accent colours within the colour scheme.

Dulux wellbeing

Spring Meadow

This light green shade is the perfect fusion of an olive green and sage green, the result is a muted, pared back green shade that looks sensational in an interior.

If you’re creating an earthy and really natural inspired scheme, this green Dulux shade is a perfect choice. Work it in with other earthy colours such as creams, browns, and natural wood finishes.

Dulux spring meadow

Willow Tree

Willow tree is a beautifully soft pastel green which could also be classed as sage green. This serene colour will bring a sense of calm to any room.

This is one of my favourite Dulux green paints, it’s a fabulous colour for pretty much every room of the home. It can be used to create a stand out feature wall, be used as a section in zoning a room, or you could go all in with the colour across the room.

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Dulux willow tree

Antique Map

If you like the thought of green in an interior but want something a little bit more refined and pared back, Antique Map is a great middle ground.

It has golden, yellow undertones which creates this almost greige, green shade. The colour can look different depending on the light that it’s in so always buy a tester pot first. Apply a swatch to your chosen room and see how the colour feels and looks at different times during the day.

Dulux antique map

Jurassic Stone

A cross between sage green and olive green, this well balanced shade is a perfect way to bring the outside world in, and a restorative colour that is perfect for living rooms, hallways and beyond.

Dulux Jurassic Stone is a mid-range green shade which airs between an olive green and sage green colour. This versatile neutral has warm yellow undertones and is perfect for use in most rooms in the home. Equally, it pairs well with both neutral and bold colours.

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Dulux jurassic stone

Mossy Stone

Mossy Stone has yellow undertones, creating a mid range, olive green, pared back earthy shade of green. It’s not too dissimilar to Jurassic Stone but has more depth and green to its overall tone.

This shade pairs well with other earthy neutrals in an interior, use on walls or add to doors, architraves and skirting for a defining look in your home.

Dulux mossy stone

Valley Rock

This Dulux green paint shade is described as a greige – a muted shade of green with a touch of grey. This makes it a highly versatile neutral that does carry a touch of warmth with it.

A beautifully soft shade that delivers a calm and restorative effect on a room. Use in a hallway, living room, kitchen or bedroom for a really muted colour scheme.

Dulux valley rock

Graceful Green

This beautiful shade of green boasts a muted, lighter tone with cool undertones, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a more modern touch of colour that isn’t too overpowering.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or refreshing your bathroom, Graceful Green is a popular choice that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for any space in your home, helping you create a cohesive and peaceful atmosphere.

Dulux graceful green

Crushed Aloe

Crushed Aloe is an ultra relaxed, yet stylish shade of green. It brings a fresh and organic feel to any space and it pairs beautifully with natural wood tones, making it a great choice for living areas and bedrooms.

This green paint is the perfect option for those who prefer a more muted look, with a paler tone than the ever-popular Dulux Overtly Olive (more on that one later down…).

Dulux crushed aloe

Green Ivy

With vivid green and yellow undertones, Green Ivy is a mid-range green with depth and character. A pared back olive green shade that pairs beautifully with other neutral tones, or with more statement colours such as yellow or black.

Dulux green ivy

Putting Green

This medium-light shade of green is a gorgeous khaki shade that brings a touch more vivacity with it than some of the other mid-green Dulux green paints in their range.

This stand out shade is perfect for creating zones, going all in, or adding a fun bit of colour with some half wall painting. It pairs naturally with neutrals and other statement colours for a playful look.

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Dulux putting green

Overtly Olive

Overtly Olive by Dulux is one of my favourite olive shades, it has a really creamy texture to it and just the most perfected muted shade.

This green paint is a beautiful, muted olive shade which has warm, yellow undertones. This versatile colour works well with other neutral shades including off-whites and creams.

This calming colour is a great way to bring the natural world in, and versatile enough for kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and pretty much any room that will take it.

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overtly olive dulux

Sophisticated Sage

What’s not to love about Sophisticated Sage? This earthy, olive derived paint shade is light yet brings depth and character to a space.

Pair with a black accent for a touch of modernity, or use Sophisticated Sage on a feature wall for a stand out look in a room.

Dulux sophisticated sage

Bamboo Stem

Bamboo Stem is a fresh, natural and fun Dulux shade which is derived from green undertones. A mid-range green which is a cross between khaki and olive green.

Introduce to a living room or a home office for a mature and stylish feel. This colour gives a nod to the natural world, so be sure to pair with plenty of house plants and wooden tones for an ultra relaxed feel.

bamboo stem dulux

Fresh Sage

Fresh Sage by Dulux truly delivers on its name. It’s a fresh, abundant and playful shade of green that adds a gorgeous touch of colour and a super fresh feel.

The shade is reminiscent of fresh sage and eucalyptus, a great colour for a statement feature wall, or as an accent colour on skirtings, doors and architraves.

Dulux fresh sage

Green Glade

A gorgeous moss green shade that could also be described as a khaki or light olive green colour. This defining shade is sure to make the right defining accent in an interior.

It’s a mid-green shade so use in transitional areas for impact that you’re not resting and relaxing in. If you choose to use in a living room or home office, using it on a feature wall will stop the room from feeling oppressive.

Dulux green glade

Pixie Green

Looking for a stand out green? This is as luminescent as it gets with Dulux and if you’re looking to make a statement, Pixie Green is a perfect choice.

This bold green with touches of luminosity makes for a great feature wall, half wall painting feature or use for zoning certain sections of a wall.

Dulux pixie green

Enchanted Eden

Enchanted Eden is a beautiful and versatile shade of green. Characterised as a light, olive green, this fun and playful colour just feels like the Mediterranean.

Pair with light colours such as cream and white for a fresh and crisp contrast, or introduce other earthy shades for a natural feel in your space.

Dulux enchanted eden

Emerald Glade

One of the only Dulux green paints with an emerald colouring, Emerald Glade is a distinctive and warming green that exudes a richness and sophistication.

Use as a stand out feature wall or all in across walls. Pair with other rich colours such as gold and navy blue for a really sumptuous and rich feel.

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Dulux emerald glade

Forest Shade

Forest Shade gives an inherent nod to the natural world, a depiction of pine forests and the fresh feeling that comes with it.

This dark green shade is the perfect addition to a neutral or earthy colour scheme. Use it as a defining accent in the room as a feature wall or on doors, skirting boards and architraves.

Dulux forest shade

Olive Grove

Rich and bold, Olive Grove has a stunning hue which is a deep, saturated green with a subtle viney undertone, reminiscent of a lush olive grove.

Olive Grove is the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement in their space. Its bold hue adds a touch of drama and sophistication, making it a popular choice for dining rooms and hallways.

Dulux olive grove


This punchy green shade by Dulux is a mid-dark green, bringing warmth and a touch of modernity to a space.

This statement making shade is perfect for feature walls or used in small sections so as not to overpower the room.

Dulux Buckingham

Highland Green

A vibrant dark green hue that is perfect for those who want to add a touch of liveliness to their home.

While Highland Green is a bold colour, it’s best used in small amounts to create an accent or focal point. Its rich hue stands out beautifully against warm, ivory tones like Dulux Whisper White, making it a popular choice for feature walls or decor accents.

Highland green


Heathland is one of the darkest Dulux green paints in the range, it has inky, black undertones yet gives a dark green overall tone.

This shade is perfect for adding a defining tone to a room and a great choice if you’re not a fan of black in an interior, but still want to introduce a grounding accent to the space.

Dulux heathland

There is plenty of inspiration among these 25 Dulux Green Paints. Feeling even more confused? Try to whittle down your choices to at least 3, I would then purchase a tester pot of each and line up a swatch side by side in the chosen room. 

The idea is to give you time to sit with the colours, and see how they look at different times during the day, and in both natural and artificial light.

You will naturally be drawn to one colour during this time, and if not, why not try incorporating a mix of them all in some way? Which Dulux green paints are you drawn to?

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