What Colours Go With Dulux Whisper White?

Dulux whisper white

If you’re looking for the perfect off-white that’s warming and neutral yet doesn’t carry a heavy yellow undertone, Dulux Whisper White is a perfect choice for your interior needs.

With literally 100s of different white shades to choose from it can be incredibly time consuming and confusing knowing what to choose.

Opting for a bright white shade is not a good choice if you have a busy household or North facing room, it will show every mark and scuff in the light, and it will make a North facing room feel colder as it can only bounce around the available light.

Choosing an off-white with subtle pink undertones is a popular starting point as they stop a room feeling flat, great for North facing rooms and they bring warmth into the equation too.

So, if this sounds like the perfect Dulux colour you’ve been looking for, join me as I explore Dulux Whisper White and what colours go well with this popular off-white paint colour.

What Colour Is Dulux Whisper White?

Dulux Whisper White is a warm and lush white colour that can help create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. It’s often described as the most perfect ivory shade and can complement a variety of colour schemes.

Whisper White has subtle pink undertones that add a touch of warmth to the overall appearance, this makes it a perfect choice in North facing rooms that suffer from cold light.

Paint colours can look different in different lights, so always purchase a tester pot of the paint first to see how it looks and feels in the room during different times of the day, a swatch on a piece of paper sellotaped to the wall is an easy and hassle free way of doing this.

What Colours Go With Dulux Whisper White?

Dulux always recommend a couple of their own shades that would create a perfect colour scheme. They recommend pairing with a blush pink shade such as Mornington Half, a soft and well balanced sage green such as Spanish Olive and a more defining shade – Deep Rift.

I personally love this combination of colours for a really soft, stylish yet ultra laid back look.

If you’re not interested in using other paint colours in the room with Dulux Whisper White, use them to layer through cushions, throws, curtains and decorative accessories for added warmth, depth and definition in the room.

Dulux whisper white paint combinations

Tonal Combinations

It’s always best to take lead from the paint colours undertones to see what shades work best with the colour for a cohesive feel in your interior.

Dulux Whisper White has subtle pink undertones so it pairs really well with other dusty pink shades such as that of Mornington Half which is a beautiful rose, dusty pink shade.

Create some real texture and warmth by layering with differing shades of pinks through cushions, throws and decor accessories. Don’t be afraid to throw in a touch of hot pink on a small item for a maximalist feel.

Pink Dulux shades

Whisper White & Black

Black isn’t a colour that should be shied away from in interiors. Black accents against a stand out colour like Whisper White can look phenomenal, and super styled. 

Think about subtle accents such as door handles, styling accessories, side tables and door hooks. These subtle accents tie the room together for a cohesive feel, yet Whisper White keeps the room feeling warm and modern.

Whisper White & Sage Green

Sage green is one of the hottest colours in interiors right now, and a perfect balancing shade for Whisper White. Sage Green brings a tranquil, soft edge to a room, with Whisper White bringing a neutral and calming feel with it too.

Pair sage green with differing depths of green for a layered, cosy and inviting feel. In a living room incorporate sage green with cushions, throws, curtains and in wall art. Alternatively, use sage green as a dominant colour in the room with a half painted wall like this. This living room uses Dulux shade Powdered Gum on the walls.

Dulux whisper white living room

Whisper White & Terracotta

Looking for a really on-trend and spicy colour combination with Whisper White? A touch of terracotta can bring a whole new level to your interiors, this burnt shade contrasts beautifully against the modest white paint.

You only need a few integral pieces using this colour to benefit from its vivacity. Think light fittings, decor accessories, wall art, cushions and throws for instant cosiness and warmth.

whisper white bedroom

Whisper White & Baby Blue

The beauty of a neutral shade such as Whisper White is that you can virtually team it with most colours and it look sensational.

The key is to use the other colour either as an accent and in a few wall placed items or as the dominant colour in the scheme.

Make like this fabulous baby blue kitchen which creates a crisp and clean contrast against the Whisper White walls, utter perfection.

whisper white kitchen

Whisper White & Grey

Neutral combinations are a great choice for Whisper White and a popular colour scheme. Grey offers a more defining contrast against the white.

Layer with differing shades of grey from pale grey through to a grounding charcoal grey to bring intense depth and definition to the room.

Grey can be a more subtle, yet defining accent colour than a black. A popular choice for minimalist and Scandic style interiors.

Choose to paint the ceiling in Whisper White against a defining grey colour, it will instantly draw the eye up as you enter the room, giving the illusion that the ceilings are higher than they are.

whisper white bedroom ceiling

Whisper White & Purple

Purple in an interior can easily go wrong if it’s not used correctly, but in subtle and well used placement, purple can transform a room into a cosy, inviting and relaxing space. Plus, lilac in interiors is seeing a huge resurgence right now.

You may choose to introduce a third colour into the mix with Dulux Whisper White and purple like a pale yellow or grey for a layered, and warm space.

Before You Go…

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