Sage Green Living Room Ideas for a Cosy & Chic Space

sage green living room ideas
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Sage green living room ideas that will restore a sense of balance, and wellness to your interiors…

This hotly anticipated colour is piqued to be one of the hottest interiors trends in 2023, and there’s a lot to love about this ultra laid back, yet stylish colour.

This colour allows you to still keep a neutral interior, whilst introducing this relaxing shade adds warmth and depth to the space.

Here are some of the best sage green living room ideas that will allow you to enjoy this calming colour in your space, from a fresh lick of paint to some new cushion covers!

Sage Green Living Room Ideas

Sage Green Feature Wall Wallpaper

Add instant visual interest to your living room by introducing a sage green feature wall. I love these mural wallpapers as they tend to be much easier to apply than traditional wallpaper which requires notorious matching up.

With a feature wall like this, you could then continue to use sage green as an accent colour with decorative accessories, cushions and throws.

Wallsauce and Photowall are great options for feature wall wallpaper.

sage green wallpaper
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Sage Green Wall Art

Keep it subtle and introduce sage green as an accent in artwork. It’s a subliminal way to incorporate this serene colour into your living scheme.

A cost effective way to get on-trend with this colour, and it lets you sit with the colour in your living room without having to commit to full scale sage green walls.

sage green living room ideas
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Sage Green Curtains

What a colour scheme! I particularly love the mixing of sage green and deeper olive green shades in this living room.

Introducing sage green through textiles such as curtains helps to layer the space, it creates depth and keeps things visually interesting.

sage green curtains
Image credit: Tory Murphy

Sage Green Walls & Wooden Tones

Sage green is the perfect companion for wooden tones and it’s one of my favourite sage green living room ideas.

It gives a further nod to the natural world inside and it brings added warmth with the furniture and decor accessories.

As well as wooden tones, think of adding other natural materials for layer and character such as rattan and sea grass.

sage green living room ideas
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Create Boundary With An Area Rug

Adding an area rug to a living room will create boundary and stop the appearance that furniture and objects within it are floating. It’s one of the fail safe ways to nail a living room.

A sage green area rug will divert the attention to the floor, bring colour and texture to the living room. Tie in with some other well placed sage green accessories for a cohesive flow in the room.

sage green living room ideas
Image credit: Rug Society

Sage Green Half Painted Walls

Be creative with colour and use a combination of two shades on a wall for an effective two tonal look.

Sage green pairs well with a range of colours, but using it on the bottom half and blending into a white or cream shade will lift the room and keep things feeling bright.

As white is on the upper half, it will instantly draw the eye up as you enter the room, giving the illusion of higher ceilings.

sage green living room ideas
Image credit: Benjamin Moore

Layering With Green

It’s all about layering in an interior to really get that feeling of comfort and relaxation that a living room demands, and this includes doing so with colour, pattern and texture.

Add a combination of green shades from sage green through to olive green for depth and range for an interesting space.

sage green living room ideas
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Sage Green Panelling

There are so many different wall panelling ideas that will suit every decor style, and this traditional wainscoting style of panelling has a much more traditional feel, it looks elegant and sophisticated in a sage green finish.

This style of panelling suits traditional and period style properties.

sage green living room ideas
Image credit: English Blinds

Sage Green & Dusty Pink

Looking for the perfect, muted pairing for sage green? It’s got to be dusty pink.

This calm, natural colour combination is perfect for a living room. Use them as 2 accent colours in the room, with another neutral as the main, dominant colour on the walls.

sage green living room ideas
Image credit: ILIV

Sage Green & Terracotta

It’s the spiciest mix yet of colours, and sage green and terracotta is the new grey and blush pink – we love it!

It can be a very bold colour to introduce to an otherwise neutral interior, so a good place to start is by introducing it with other colours for a subtle mix, yet you know it’s clearly there.

This living room combines an eclectic mix of terracotta, pink tones, sage green and black accents. It’s a bold mix, but it works.

grey and terracotta living room 5

Before You Go…

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