Interior Design Trends 2023 Forecast: The Hottest Incoming Trends

The definitive forecast of interior design trends 2023 as determined by users changing search habits over the last year.

There have been many emerging trend shifts over the last year, with a reconnaissance of old styles, and certain colour trends that have far outstayed their welcome… I’m looking at you grey.

In this article, we delve into the interior trends 2023, with definitive data taken from Google and Pinterest that gives us a window into the new and emerging interior trends that will take our interiors by storm in 2023.

*Data has been acquired from Google keyword planner and Pinterest Predicts.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Sage Green – A Nod Towards Softer, More Tranquil Shades

Grey and white have been dominant colours in interiors over the last few years, but there’s now an inherent switch and need for tranquil, relaxing shades in an interior.

With many working from home, and those seeking to create a relaxing space to escape the world from, this translates into the increase of incorporating colours like Sage Green into an interior.

sage green interior

Proof Is In The Pudding

‘Sage Green Kitchen’ has seen a 50% YoY (year on year) change from November 2021 to November 2022 with a 52% increase YoY search of ‘Sage Green Bedroom’.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this invigorating shade into an interior is with a fresh lick of paint, Heritage Sage Green Dulux paint, Cromarty by Farrow & Ball or Lick: Green 02 are beautiful sage green shades that you can try in your interior.

If you already have a neutral inspired interior, incorporate this likeable shade with gorgeous texture including throws, cushions and bedding. As we head into Spring, this colour will be everywhere, pair with rattan and natural wooden furniture for a relaxed, yet ultra stylish interior.

sage green shiplap paneling

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals has always been a forbidden in an interior. Thoughtlessly mismatching polished chrome and brass throughout an interior was most certainly not an acceptable thing. But we’re throwing wind to that now as it’s one of the top interior design trends 2023.

Mixing metals is in, and in a big way. There are certain instances where metals should match, for example a bathroom suites taps, shower head or bath taps, but interweaving a combination of two different metals in a home gives greater visual interest and depth to a space.

The key is to use one dominant finish and intersperse with an additional, complementary finish. There are some combinations that work better than others, including a polished brass and unlaquered brass finish, polished chrome and brass, and chrome and black nickel to name just a few. A beautiful way to weave some vintage charm into an interior is by using a combination of different brass finishes, be it on interior hardware finishes, photo frames or taps.

mixing metals in interior

Mixing Metals Searches Are Up

‘Mixing metals in bathroom’ has seen a 75% YoY (year on year) change from November 2021 to November 2022 with a 40% increase YoY search of ‘Mixing metals in kitchen’.

According to Soho Lighting, “Mixing metals is going above and beyond for your home interiors. Inspirationally different!”. The Soho Lighting Company have an incredible ‘Fusion’ collection. A range of stylish, screwless switch and sockets in a blend of metals, colours and finishes to enhance your finish mix throughout your interior. These sockets & switches already feature well put together finishes, and of course, why choose one favourite finish when you can have both?

Historic Home – Embracing Vintage Elements

We’re going back to our roots with this Gen-Z led trend which is already making waves on Pinterest. User searches for ‘eclectic interior design vintage’ are up by 850% with ‘mixing modern and antique furniture’ up by 530%.

This tends to embrace home decor trends with a rustic, or antique twist. The mixing of antique pieces within a modern interior creates a bespoke, and lovable home.

Through re-imagined pieces of furniture, rummaged antique finds to furniture that’s been passed down through the families, a historic home is a cool one, and mass-produced pieces of furniture aren’t needed to appreciate this beautiful design aesthetic.

During my personal Victorian terrace home makeover I opted for a modern rustic interior design look. I love the combination of new pieces combined with antique, re-worked special pieces. It adds a rustic edge to a home without feeling dated. It’s an affordable way to refresh an interior too. Facebook marketplace is one of the best places for a bargain antique find, and don’t be afraid to haggle!

vintage furniture

Micro Cement Walls

The years of white or ‘beige’ and bland walls are over. There is a need for warmer neutrals and texture that add something to a room.

Limewash walls, plaster style walls have been slowly growing in popularity. But I predict micro cement walls becoming a big thing in 2023, we can already see from Google searches that this interior trend is becoming hotly coveted.

micro cement walls

Micro cement walls > plain walls

‘Micro cement wall’ has seen a 49% YoY (year on year) change from November 2021 to November 2022 with a 200% increase in the last 3 months from September-November 2022 of ‘Micro cement cost’.

So, what is micro cement? Micro cement is a decorative coating composed of cement, aggregate, resins and pigments. It can be laid on top of damaged walls, and existing tiles without removal, or plastering. 

This makes it such a versatile wall covering for most bathrooms and other rooms in the home, and it’s available in a range of colours to suit your scheme. It also has an extraordinary resistance to environmental humidity so it really is perfect for use in a bathroom.

However, it’s not known as being the easiest material to clean in an interior, so you do need to be mindful about placement. If you want to deliver a stunning, textured yet minimal look to an interior, micro cement is a favourable option.


Whilst neutrals are still in the spotlight, so are earthy neutrals, and terracotta is making a comeback big time. This gorgeous, earthy burnt orange shade is the perfect way to weave a rustic shade through your interior. Medi-villa vibes pending.

From subtle, well placed terracotta items like vases and bowls, you can make bolder moves with this colour with floor tiles, kitchen countertops for a vintage, rustic feel, walls and with furniture.

terracotta vases

Terracotta Loving

‘Terracotta interior’ has seen a 25% YoY (year on year) change from November 2021 to November 2022.

But, it’s not just a terracotta isolation. There’s also a whopping 400% increase in searches for ‘sage green and terracotta living room’, that’s certainly two 2023 trends talking to us! ‘Terracotta and grey living room’ is a close contender, and many homeowners are already actively seeking out new, and creative ways to feature this colour in an interior.

The proof is in the pudding, terracotta can look sensational with green. It brings warmth, earthy goodness, and it looks delicious in a kitchen setting like this… This really is one of my favourite interior design trends 2023.

Curvature Is In

This perfectly rounded interior design trend is perfect for all interiors. Curves add instant character to a space, with those sleek lines that are perfectly formed, and create a gorgeous aesthetic. A basic room can be lifted by anything that simply has a curve. 

Curves can be introduced in the most subtle of ways with minimal interior expenditure. A curved mirror will add a delicious softness above a fireplace, with curved photo frames adding softness in the most charming of places.

If you’re looking to remodel things… a curved kitchen island is a beautiful way to say yes to this trend. They add character and visual interest to the space whilst the shape helps to soften the overall look of the room.

curved windows


Curve was the word in Pinterest predicts 2022 with a 140% increase in searches for ‘curved bar design’ with a 50% YoY change from November 2021 to November 2022 on Google for ‘curved interior wall’.

Curves offer a beautiful option in minimalist interior decor schemes, they’re sleek and beautiful yet can be incorporated into most other schemes from modern to traditional interiors.

Sustainable Interiors

Homes that make a nod to the outside world and products that are also sustainably made is at the forefront of consumers purchasing decisions.

Sustainable interiors are ones that are traceable, they celebrate craftsmanship and quality. More homes than ever in 2023 will embrace sustainability in interiors, a conscious nod that will help us and the world around us.

reclaimed wood beams

Sustainable Is The Word

‘Sustainable interior design materials’ has seen a 175% increase in the last 3 months (Sep-Nov 2022) with a 300% increase in searches for ‘sustainable materials for interiors’ in the same 3 month period.

So, how can we be more thoughtful with our interior considerations? Sustainable interior design materials can be found from the inner fabrication to the furniture we sit on. When we talk about materials some sensible options are bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork and glass.


Barkitecture tipped the Pinterest Predicts report in 2022, but it’s going to continue make interior headlines into 2023.

Barkitecture is animal first, architecture. People will redesign their homes, or build their new homes based on the needs and wants of their pets. Their furry friends will be at the forefront of every design choice, from luxury dog rooms to catified homes. It’s about building your home for the needs that meet your pet today, and as they grow. Forget child proofing your home, it’s about animal proofing your home.


Paw-some Interior Design

‘Barkitecture’ has seen a 67% YoY (year on year) change from November 2021 to November 2022 with a 320% increase in the same period for ‘luxury dog beds for large dogs’.

You’re probably thinking, ok, but what more can I do than just plonk a cosy dog bed in a room for our furry one?  From luxury dog beds to converted under the stairs storage, Barkitecture is redefining how we design our homes, and WHO we design them for. Accommodating your home to your growing families needs includes those pooches!



Funghi is in. According to Pinterest Predicts 2023 mush-rooms are already trending, with a 77% increase in searches for ‘DIY Mushroom Decor’ and a 35% increase in ‘Vintage Mushroom Decor’.

This form of maximalist self expression is only set to increase next year, largely led by the Gen-Z population. Mush-rooms add a whimsical, charming touch to the right interior. From mushroom hanging shelves to adorable shaped shroom foot stools, this fun aesthetic won’t suit everyone’s interior design needs, but for a maximalist interior it will bring a magical flourish to a room.

2023 is set to be an exciting, and rich year for our interiors. From tranquil shades such as sage green, to terracotta, rusty orange shades to bring warmth and rustic goodness.

There’s a desire for sustainable, and vintage sourcing to make an interior bespoke, and personal to you, whilst it wouldn’t be a new year of trends without some wildcard options. Shrooms in interiors? They’ll be one of the hottest Christmas decorations next year, you heard it here first!

Which interior design trends 2023 would you love to feature in your home?

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