13 of The Best Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas

small caravan interior design ideas

Are you one pay check away from investing in a caravan and hitting the open road? Or, perhaps you already have a small caravan that’s in dire need of a makeover?

Well, these 13 small caravan interior design ideas will make every trip a homely, welcoming and stylish stay that you don’t want to return from...

13 Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas

1.Glowy, Soft Hues

From dark and dreary to something whimsical, and beautiful. This is one of my favourite small caravan interior design ideas.

It incorporates warm, glowy hues such as light pinks, terracotta and brown shades, with floaty fabric on the cafe style curtains for added privacy, and texture.

Beautifully tied together with a defining olive green cushion and brass hardware details for a warm and super inviting feel.

Opting for bespoke cushions in the dining area allows you to breathe personality into the small space, being thoughtful with the colours used, whilst creating a really homely, and warm space.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @Vintage_Van_Studio

2. Nautical, Coastal Influences

Lots of people love a caravan for the freedom it gives them, and that may include lots of trips to the coast and beaches.

Therefore, you might want to use a nod to the environment in your caravan interior, so it makes sense that a nautical inspired colour scheme is one of the most popular small caravan interior design ideas.

Using white as the main colour will keep the space fresh and airy, a really important design choice in a small space!

Introduce differing shades of blue for a coastal, relaxing ambience and use natural materials such as wooden furniture, decor accessories and rattan baskets for a continuation of this style.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @ourlovelyfamilylife_alt

3. Navy Blue With Brass Hardware

When your caravan looks better than your house…

Seriously, this caravan interior has nailed a bijoux space, using navy blue as the accent colour in this white caravan. The plaid cushions add a playful touch against the grey cushions for an eye catching, two tonal look, it keeps the space interesting!

The dining area features a custom made, tiled table with brass hardware details on the tiles, tableware and ceiling light for a really cohesive feel.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @clark.rubber

4. Bold & Cohesive Color Palette

Yep, this is seriously a caravan…

With a bold, yet cohesive colour scheme, the owner has absolutely nailed the brief of designing a gorgeous caravan interior.

The lino floor instantly draws the eye as you enter the caravan, it’s playful, colourful and helps to set the colour tones.

The art of layering different textured cushions and patterned seat cushion continues to elevate that interest in the seating area.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @emmajanepalin

5. Pastel Hues

Soft, candy coloured hues are a great addition to a small caravan. They keep the area light and airy, without it being flat white throughout.

A mint green shade like this is calming, tranquil and lends itself to a natural, modern interior.

Add rattan ceiling lights to soften the space, and defining black accents on bunk ladders and interior hardware for a grounding look in the space.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @marlowthemajestic

6. Modern Rustic Interior

Create a transitional style in your small caravan by combining touches of modern and rustic design for an ultra relaxed, yet stylish caravan interior.

Introduce neutral hues such as white or cream on the internal walls, and cream blinds for texture. You can keep decor accessories fairly neutral, but don’t forget to introduce some black accents for that touch of modernity.

Some great ways to introduce natural materials includes rattan lights, baskets, rattan trays and wooden pieces of furniture.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @hilaryandflo_interiors

7. Sleek, Monochrome Interior

Now, that’s a chic kitchen! Adding a monochrome kitchen to this small caravan suddenly creates a liveable, and incredibly beautiful home from home.

It features all of the main mod cons you could need whilst on a trip, with some beautiful styled decor accessories for a natural contrast.

Add wooden chopping boards to the side and thoughtfully placed utensils for a stylish look. They might need to be stored away for transit though!

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @canavanning

8. Embracing Natural Materials

The best small caravan interior design ideas centre on being able to utilise small spaces in the best way possible.

We all know what small caravan bathrooms conjure up for us. Being able to do your different business in the same spot, in usually a plain white unit that walks straight out into your dining space…

If you can elevate anything in your small caravan, make it the bathroom! It will bridge that gap between it feeling like camping and staying at a hotel.

By embracing natural materials, this caravan renovation has been able to maximise a dead, corner space with an offset of wood, and a small, stylish basin for a rustic, modern bathroom.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @willi_der_wohnwagen

9. Shiplap Floor To Ceiling

For that farmhouse, rustic feel, layering the walls and floors with shiplap is a great way to elevate and make the space in a small caravan suddenly feel bigger.

Shiplap is a great wall covering solution as it protects the walls, provides a little bit of insulation and it instantly adds character and depth without having to do much else to the interior.

Paint the ceiling in a different shade to instantly draw the eye up, delivering visual interest and giving the illusion of higher ceilings.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @vanya_wilkinson_interiors

10. Boho Style

Bohemian style in a caravan really plays into the freedom and flexibility that comes with having a small caravan. This style is really adaptable to most caravan spaces.

It focuses on a neutral colour scheme, working in accents of green through foliage and natural browns with materials such as seagrass and rattan. This is a really achievable interior look and one that ages well.

If you do anything with your caravan interior design, start with the cushions in the dining area, this is a great place to start and sets the tone for the rest of your interior design scheme in the caravan.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @caravanleoni

11. Earthy, Defining Colours

Instead of bold hues, really go for those earthy, defining colours. Terracotta is one of the hottest colours of the moment, and it brings such a spicy, warming aesthetic to a small interior.

Pair with browns, greens and black for a grounding accent in the space. Play around with a few accessories in the space before committing to larger interior design changes with items such as foliage, pampas grass and vases.

Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas
Image Credit: @campingwerk_chiemgau

12. Soft, Touches of Pink

Soft touches of pink brings a really soft and warming feel to this all white caravan interior. I do think a boho theme really lends itself to a cosy caravan interior.

Introduce pink through cosy bedding for texture and warmth, and small decor accessories to tie the caravan together. Introduce a fake or real potted plant for an addition of extra colour. Caravan interiors can be feminine, soft and inviting too.

small caravan interior
Image credit: flo_the_caravan

13. Floaty Fabrics

If that feeling of hitting the open roads and heading for the beach is a feeling you want to bottle up, bring the outside in and enjoy the gentle blow of the sea air with floaty linen fabrics as curtains.

This soft fabric brings a feminine and floaty feel to an interior.

Play on that boho style with a dream catcher, festoon lighting and cosy, white bedding with a throw or two for some added colour.

small caravan interior 1
Image credit: fritzithecaravan

Where Do I Start Designing A Small Caravan Interior?

There are some seriously cool and ultra stylish small caravan interior design ideas that can absolutely transform a tired, dreary caravan into a place that feels just as good as home.

Tackling a project like this can feel daunting, so do it in stages! First you should decide on what design theme you want to go for, if you need any helps with deciphering what styles you like I’d recommend downloading my FREE interior design styles guide.

Once you have decided on the overall interior design theme, I would start with a larger area such as the dining area and work your way out from the seat cushions.

Use the colour or the tones within the pattern you choose on the cushions to drive the rest of the colour scheme.

There’s something for everyone with these caravan decor ideas. Any questions? Drop a comment below and I’d love to help with any small caravan interior design questions you have.

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  1. Help, I have a 1960ā€™s caravan. The walls and cabinets are now painted white. Cupboard doors a soft beige with one small accented yellow door. I have some original ā€˜70ā€™s furnishing fabric in green and yellow. The plan was to use that for cushions or something. Iā€™m not sure what to do with the seating/dining area or a small piece of wall that needs some texture to hide the rough finish on the original panel. Can you suggest anything?

    • Hi Jane, thanks for your comment! I’d love to help, if you don’t mind it would be amazing if you could send a photo across to hello@sleek-chic.co.uk it will allow me to visualise the space better and provide some recommendations. Just from what you have said though, I would probably hang something light here to cover the wall such as a lightweight wall tapestry or art hanging piece as it won’t fall off during transit.

  2. Istarted with an old1930s horse bob trailor striped it to the metal frame work the interior floor space is4 ftW by 8f l. I am making it into a girl camper fold up single bed along one of the 8ftwalls . Double dors at the back that will both open when parked the ramp will serve as a patio. Fronr will be a 3ft square shower and porta potty.


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