The Best Autumn Colour Schemes For Bedrooms

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Seasonally dressing your interiors is one of my favourite ways to rejuvenate and keep your home looking on trend.

I’m a huge lover of summer, where interiors can be light and airy, but there’s just something about the cosiness, and warmth of colours that you can embrace when Autumn rolls around.

Where the darker evenings draw in, it doesn’t mean your interiors need to be left out in the dark too. Autumn is synonymous with warm, bold colours and it’s one of the best ways to bring some of that energy into your home, whilst combatting the feelings that can be associated with darker, and colder days.

Let’s get your bedroom ready for Autumn with this guide on the best Autumn colour schemes for your bedroom. 

The Best Autumn Colours Schemes For Bedrooms

Dark Blue

A gorgeous dark, cobalt blue is considered a regal colour, and highly sophisticated for an interior. Whilst blue can be considered a cold colour, in the right setting it can bring warmth and depth into the room.

Pair with dark blue textiles such as cushions, or a thoughtful placement of a mixture of throws including a dark blue one. Blue stripes are always a good idea too!

A blue Divan bed is one way to incorporate this colour if you want it for a more long lasting colour in your decor scheme.

Needless to say, a divan bed is perfect for rooms where space is a premium too as a divan bed typically has drawers underneath the base of the bed which provides ample storage for towels, linen, and everything in between. 

navy blue bed

Mustard Yellow

I get it, it’s not for everyone. But mustard yellow is a core part of the Autumm colour spectrum. It’s a great colour choice for minimal looking spaces, and contrasts well with defining colours in a space such as black accents.

I’d tend to suggest using this colour sparingly throughout a bedroom, think bedroom textiles such as cushions and throws, or introduce an accent chair in this colour for a pop of warm colour.

Mustard yellow is also a match made in heaven for navy blue, neutrals and even blush pink if you want to create a warmer, more feminine feel in your bedroom.

mustard yellow bed


If mustard yellow isn’t to your liking, the best royal alternative is gold. I love gold as an Autumn colour as it’s warm, cheerful and leads perfectly into use during the winter/Christmas period too. It’s one of the most versatile colours that looks great throughout the seasons.

Gold Beds are a great way to incorporate the colour, whilst it doesn’t encroach into the space. If you have brass interior hardware, and a white minimal decor scheme is your go to, then gold really is a great complementary colour.

gold bed frame


For something with a little more depth, burgundy is one of my favourite deep Autumnal colours that suits most home decor schemes.

If you’re not a fan of dark colours such as black but still want to embrace an autumnal set of colours in your home, burgundy is a great warm up to this.

I’d opt for burgundy accent cushions set against earthier neutrals and a burgundy throw on the bed. Update your art prints with a splash of rouge to tie the colours together.

But, if you really fancy a total revival of your bedroom, create a burgundy feature wall to create a strong focal point in the room.

burgundy bedroom feature wall


Burgundy, navy blue and mustard are probably the initial colours I instantly think of when it comes to Autumn as they’re cheerful, not too dark and they add depth to a space. But, let’s not discount black.

I personally love black in an interior (never thought I’d say that), it adds a wonderful accent colour to a room, and can help step things up as you head into Autumn. The key is to use it sparingly, literally as an accent, on interior hardware, pieces of furniture and decor accessories.

You’ll want to tie this with another autumnal colour, whilst black will define the space another colour such as mustard or burgundy which will create the warmth that an Autumn bedroom colour scheme needs!

black bed

Creating an autumnal bedroom scheme makes stepping into that slightly darker, and colder season a little bit easier for us all to endure.

Adding warmth and depth to your space and switching up your current setup doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Furniture, cushion covers and decor accessories will help you to achieve the perfect Autumnal look. If you are looking to refresh your bed this Autumn and have taken some inspiration from this blog, then Bedstar offer next day delivery 7 Days a week – that perfect finishing piece of furniture isn’t a distant 12 weeks away! They have an extensive range of fabrics and colours too so you can find something to suit your chosen decor style and colour scheme.

Don’t forget about those scented candles and floral arrangements for that relaxing sanctuary feel as the nights start to draw in. What are your favourite autumnal colours for interiors?

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