20 Trendy Bedroom Ideas To Enhance Your Sleep Sanctuary

trendy bedroom ideas

Looking for some new trendy bedroom ideas that will bring a restorative balance to your room and sleep routine? We’re dishing the latest trends that your home, and quality of sleep will thank you for.

Interior design trends are constantly evolving, but we have seen a real continual shift this year towards a more muted colour palette, and shades that take inspiration from the outside world and beyond.

From sage green to spicy terracotta and lilac, these shades are restful, balanced and they can create a modern, and sophisticated sleep sanctuary.

Be prepared, these 20 trendy bedroom ideas will leave you wanting to don a paintbrush and grab a set of new bed linen and throws – there’s a lot of inspiration coming your way…

20 Trendy Bedroom Ideas To Enhance Your Sleep Sanctuary

1.A Soft Nod To The Natural World

Sage green is reigning supreme throughout interiors, and it’s one of the best colours for creating a relaxing bedroom.

Its soft hues create a restorative feeling, and it balances well with darker shades such as wooden tones, and playful pops of bright colour.

This bedroom creates a soft nod to the natural world, with a grounding wooden bed frame, sage green walls and a welcome accent colour of yellow for a playful and bold touch to this calming space.

sage green bedroom
Image credit: Industville

2. Playful Patterns

Patterns were designed to be played with, but be mindful of proportions!

When mixing patterns choose one larger scale print, such as on the cushions and a smaller scale print on wallpaper so it contrasts well, use a similar colour across the patterns for a cohesive pull across the room.

We can’t get away from sage green, it just pairs so well with such a huge range of colours. Blush or dusty pink creates a pared back and relaxing feel in a bedroom.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: French Bedroom

3. Mix Lilac & Green

Not a fan of purple? You will be after seeing this…

Lilac has become another sweet spot in bedrooms this year, a perfect shade to combine with the likes of sage green and muted yellow in a bedroom.

If you like a minimal interior, opt for white walls for a fresh space, and introduce colour on considered bed linen for a warm accent that makes the room feel cosier.

sage green and lilac bedroom
Image credit: moduleo

4. Layer With Green

If you’re looking to incorporate a colour such as green sage into a bedroom, it’s all about layer to create that sumptuous texture and depth that you desire from a perfectly executed bedroom.

Layering with differing shades of colour keeps the space interesting too, too much of one block colour can have the opposite effect and make the room feel flat.

Mix sage green with olive tones, forest green and use natural foliage for an accent colour. Use it in a few well placed areas from the walls to the curtains and bedding.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: Furniture And Choice

5. Make A Bold Statement With Stripes

One of my absolute favourite trendy bedroom ideas from the list, and not a touch of sage green in sight!

Those plaster look walls continue to rise in popularity for their ultra stylish yet laidback look. Combine with rattan light shades to soften the look, and make a bold statement with some stripes.

This stunning bed linen speaks to me! Such a simple bedroom look, but totally effective, you only need one bold piece that draws from the main colour of the room for a stand out space.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: Quick-step

6. A Moment For Terracotta

We tend to use very bold colours for transitional rooms only, but there’s a moment for terracotta in our bedrooms too.

This spicy shade is restful and invigorating in equal measure, delivering an ultra rich and sumptuous feel to a bedroom.

The colour almost cocoons you with its depth, dress with bold accessories and a few accent colours to keep the palette interesting.

terracotta bedroom
Image credit: Furniture And Choice

7. Add Some Texture

The beauty of using sage green in a bedroom is that it can be used in traditional to modern and Scandic style schemes, you can interpret it with design in so many ways.

Soften the sage green backdrop with some gorgeous Boucle texture on a bed frame, it instantly makes the space feel cosier and warm.

Don’t forget a few well placed decor accessories and black accents for a touch of modernity.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: Mint House Interiors

8. Wild Wallpaper

Wallpaper never really went away, but we are definitely seeing a resurgence in it throughout homes, I personally feel like it will be the trend to overtake panelling as feature walls in bedrooms within the next year.

Some fun and playful wallpaper on a bed wall will instantly become the focal point of the room and elevate a bedroom. Keep it to one wall to avoid overpowering a room though, and offset with a gorgeous bed frame.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: Divine Savages

9. A Sumptuous Colour Palette

Decadent colour and sumptuous layering is what every bedroom should encapsulate. It’s the one place where you should feel relaxed, cosy and enveloped by the colours in the room.

This Moroccan inspired space beautifully teams terracotta and green with different textures for more depth and warmth, I love it!

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: Dunelm

10. Heritage Yellow & Terracotta

Heritage yellow is another colour on the rise throughout interiors, this almost aged, burnt yellow delivers a vintage inspired and slightly aged look.

It can bring a darker presence to a bedroom so lift with spicy terracotta sparingly for warmth and depth in the space.

terracotta bedroom
Image credit: Berry Alloc

11. Freshen Up With Teal & Yellow

There isn’t anything as feel good as a teal and yellow combination in a bedroom. This fresh look pairs beautifully on bed linen or beyond.

Keep your walls light and bright if you have a South facing room with lots of light, and these accent colours will add a bold and playful feel in the room.

Add brass hardware throughout from light fittings to your sockets & switches for added warmth.

teal and yellow bedroom
Image credit: The Burrow Escape

12. A Focal Bed Frame

I mean, what is not to love about this expertly executed bedroom? I am a huge fan of high arch, statement bed frames that deliver a focal point and a thing of beauty to a bedroom.

If you’re looking to create a similar look and not sure how to pull the room together, use the colours in the bed frame to use throughout the room, this will keep the space feeling cohesive.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: ILIV

13. A Classic Grey & White Space

The timeless grey and white combination remains popular throughout homes and Instagram accounts. Will it go out of fashion anytime soon? Probably. But, if it’s a colour combination you absolutely love, go with it, and this type of timeless style will stand the test of time.

Keep things traditional with chunky half wall paneling and crisp bed linen for an ultra cosy yet elegant bedroom space.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: @my.millennium.maison

14. Fluted Panelling

Wood panelling is pretty much everywhere, and it always will be in certain extents throughout a bedroom. It adds timeless character and well, it’s been around since the 13th century.

If you’re looking for a more modern touch, fluted panelling is a contemporary and sleek way to line a bedroom wall.

Offset this elegant look with a black accent to define the space and think of minimal styling for a really clean, minimal space.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: @matthew.mccormick

15. An Abundance of Colour & Texture

Sometimes, more is more in a bedroom, and this look is abundant of colour and texture, yet perfectly done.

This bedroom takes inspiration from the focal bed frame, featuring the colours throughout on the walls, lamp shades, bed linen and cushions.

The result is a warm, abundant space that would make the perfect sleep sanctuary.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: @oakleymooreinteriordesign

16. Go Wild For Mink

Mink is a much lesser travelled colour in an interior, yet it’s by far one of the most underestimated shades for a colour scheme.

This muted shade can bring a wonderful richness to a room, whilst delivering a grounding aspect to the space. Introduce neutral accessories and white bed linen for a crisp, clean contrast.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: @athomewithfran

17. Country Classic

Cottage in the country or not, we can all recreate this gorgeous bedroom style in our home. Some classic square panelling instantly delivers that classic, country style look, painted in sage green for a nod to the natural world.

Mix with wooden tones, brown hues, green and white for a really collective and well balanced colour scheme.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: @cottagerenovationcwmrhys

18. Rustic Beams

As far as trendy bedroom ideas go, I mean, what do I say about this one?

A cross between a Studio McGee styled home, and Farmhouse style properties, these wooden beams totally lift the room, instantly drawing the eye up as you enter the space, and delivering that grounding aspect in the room.

Mix with black accents, and thoughtful layers for a relaxing retreat.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: @halfway_wholeistic

19. An Ode To Sage Green

Of course, I couldn’t round up this list of trendy bedroom ideas without another ode to sage green, the colour of the moment.

I love this thoughtful and delicate layering of sage green with playful touches of lilac for a serene and well balanced colour scheme.

If you are using sage green in your bedroom, just remember to layer and add differing tones to keep the space warm and visually interesting.

trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: ILIV

20. Embrace Minimalist Beds

We are seeing a rising trend in minimalist bed frames that promote simplicity and functionality without compromising on style. They blend seamlessly with different design elements in the room, and their understated design leaves room for highlighting other statement pieces.

These frames lean towards a neutral colour palette – think whites, blacks, and browns – and often incorporate natural materials like wood and metal. The idea is to maintain a clean, clutter-free look while still delivering comfort and style.

A perfect example of minimalist design is a platform bed frame, which presents a sleek, low profile without the need for a box spring. It can easily adapt to your changing design preferences as it complements almost any aesthetic, from rustic to modern.

Additionally, some minimalist beds include built-in storage solutions, making them a smart choice for those who strive for an uncluttered space.

Trendy bedroom ideas
Image credit: Pepper SQ

So let’s round things up, sage green, terracotta, layers and patterns are very much at the forefront of these trendy bedroom ideas, and pared back colour schemes are the ultimate choice in helping to achieve that restorative sleep sanctuary that may make those midweek getups even harder.

I promise, the trade off will be worth it! Which of these trendy bedroom ideas is your favourite?

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