Terracotta Paint Colours: The Ultimate Spicy Shades For Your Interior

terracotta paint
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Looking to deliver a spicy and exuberant shade in your interiors? Terracotta paint could be just the type of colour you’re looking for...

The terracotta colour is one of the most on-trend shades for 2023, and such a wonderful pairing for cooler shades such as sage green and grey.

The beauty of terracotta is that you can go in as spicy, or muted as you like. Terracotta paint colours range from the reddest shades through to a pale, almost peachy terracotta shade so it really can work in any type of setting.

From dark to light hues, these are the ultimate spicy terracotta paint shades for your interior, suitable for hallways through to kitchens and bathrooms.

The Ultimate Terracotta Paint Colours From Light To Dark

Lighter Terracotta Paint Colours

There is such a huge range of lighter terracotta paint colours on the market. These tend to range from very light, peachy pastel shades through to more exuberant shades with orange undertones.

Light terracotta shades are a great choice for a neutral interior, of if you love the look of terracotta, but don’t like very pigmented orange and red undertones.

Here are some of our top picks…

Persipan – Coat

If terracotta is a shade you’re willing to try in your interior but find the orange hues of it a bit daunting, opting for a pale, pastel shade of terracotta is a great place to start.

Persipan is one of my favourite lighter terracotta paint colours.

It’s classed as a ‘saturated plastery pink’ shade which is rich and textured, the perfect cross between a pink and terracotta shade.

terracotta paint

Faded Terracotta No. CC8

A soft, terracotta orange which brings a beautiful softness and warmth to an interior. This pastel shade is one of my favourites, and a fun way to bring in touches of terracotta to your home.

This Farrow & Ball shade was inspired by the singular colour of terracotta pots and tiles baked to a pale hue by the Californian sun.

terracotta paint

Sunbaked Terracotta – Dulux

This soft, warming orange shade by Dulux is a neutral and versatile shade that’s easy to work into an interior. To utilise terracotta in your home effectively, layer with differing terracotta shades to achieve texture, and depth in your room.

terracotta paint

Tusacan Terracotta – Dulux

This rusty orange shade is the perfect blend between an orange and brown shade. A muted terracotta shade that will bring a touch of mediterranean sun to your interior.

Use in a hallway, living room, bedroom or bathroom for some inviting warmth.

terracotta paint

Red Earth No. 64 – Farrow & Ball

With a slightly redder tinge, Red Earth by Farrow & Ball is a great terracotta choice if you want to avoid a shade with orange undertones. The terracotta colour takes inspiration from the very soil beneath our feet.

A shade that’s best used in small spaces or as a feature wall in a bedroom or living room as it’s a colour that really packs a punch!

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terracotta paint

Terracotta Matt Emulsion Paint – Dunelm

This earthy, terracotta paint from Dunelm features orange and red undertones for a mid to dark terracotta shade.

A beautifully rustic shade, it naturally pairs well with other earthy shades, and neutrals in an interior such and sage green, brown, grey and cream.

terracotta paint

Brick – Edward Bulmer

The soft red of the shade Brick by Edward Bulmer is inspired by firing clay that is used to make bricks, and seeing them mellow with age.

Like most shades, you can appreciate differing tones from the shade during different points of the day, and with both natural and artificial light.

terracotta paint

Red Paint – Lick

Red is an energetic, bubbly shade from Lick, and a gorgeous terracotta paint shade to introduce to your home.

Use on a singular wall for a bold statement, or create a really maximalist interior by going all in across the walls.

Don’t forget to layer with other shades of terracotta through textiles and furniture for a cohesive, and well textured space.

terracotta paint

Etruscan Red – Craig & Rose

Etruscan Red is a soft, organic terracotta shade with the heat of the baked earth. The result is a lightweight colour that brings a lot of depth and character to a space.

This earthy shade can be warmed up with more terracotta shades for a layered look, or paired with natural materials and neutral shades for a more pared back look.

terracotta paint

Darker Terracotta Paint Colours

Or perhaps you’ve skipped straight down to the darker terracotta paint shades if you’re after something a little bit bolder, and will make more of a statement in your interior.

These darker shades vary in intensity and the level of their undertones, with some more orangery, and other shades that have a very rouge intensity to them.

Here are some of our top picks…

Alizarin Matt Emulsion – Graham & Brown

The beauty of terracotta paint is that there are so many differing shades, and at the other end of the spectrum we have this Graham & Brown paint shade.

Tipped as the colour of 2023, Graham & Brown have “named it after the pigment derived from the Rubia plant species historically used as dye throughout the world”.

This rich red shade will add serious drama to an interior, a warm shade that looks exquisite with differing tones of terracotta introduced through decor accessories and furniture.

terracotta paint

Terracotta Army – Dulux

Terracotta Army is a rich red and brown shade that adds a spicy layer of colour to an interior.

This distinctive red shade is perfect for creating a statement in an interior, use in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms or any small pockets of space that demand a pop of warm colour.

terracotta paint

Riad Terracotta – Annie Sloane

Inspired by the red, terracotta tones in Morocco, with rich orange pigments, this terracotta paint shade will deliver a warm, and memorable finish to an interior.

Create a statement bathroom, feature wall in a bedroom or add a half wall painted design in a hallway for strong visual impact.

terracotta paint

Tuscan Red – Little Greene

Tuscan Red by Little Greene is handcrafted in the UK, an intense and deep terracotta red, inspired by the colour of oxide of iron. This is a pigment which has been used to colour paint and cosmetics for centuries.

It delivers a highly pigmented and rich look that can be used for both interior and exterior paint projects.

terracotta paint

Terracotta N405 – Tikkurila

This tactile terracotta paint shade brings energy and warmth to any space it graces.

This reddy, orange hue is inviting and bold, pairing well with other statement shades, or with neutral hues such as sage green, grey and cream.

terracotta paint

Ebba’s Rust – Ca’Pietra

The last shade to hit our best terracotta paint colours list is Ebba’s Rust. This statement shade is described as a rich orange, with some heavy red undertones.

It delivers a rich and regal shade to an interior. Paint small pockets for a captivating look, or go all in on a feature wall or living room for a bold statement.

terracotta paint

Still can’t decide which terracotta paint shade is your favourite? I’d always recommend whittling it down to a maximum of 3 and grab a tester pot of each.

You should then position a swatch next to each other in the respective room, and give it time to appreciate each shade in natural light, artificial light and as the role of the room changes throughout the day.

Letting yourself sit with the colours for a while will give you a good indication of which terracotta paint to select.

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