11 Half Painted Walls Hallway Ideas For A Stunning Impact

half painted walls hallway
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If you’re looking to add some extra depth and character to your hallway, these half painted walls hallway ideas are proof that simple, affordable updates can also deliver a lasting impression as you step through the front door.

Your hallway is that one transitional space where you can incorporate a design that will leave an impact, whilst bringing warmth and depth into the equation. It’s a look that can successfully be used in traditional to new build properties.

From pairing the right colours to how to achieve that perfectly pristine divide between the colours, get ready to feel inspired with these half painted walls hallway ideas...

What Does A Half-painted Wall Do To A Room?

A half painted wall is quite purely a trick to help deliver greater visual interest and colour in a room, whilst the positioning of colours can also help to make a room feel larger than it actually is.

For example, pairing a darker colour with a bright white or neutral on the upper half, it instantly draws the eye up as you enter the room, making the room feel larger.

Tips For Achieving The Perfect Half Painted Wall

My best tip for achieving that perfect half painted wall with pristine lines is by lining the wall with decorators tape, ensure it’s stuck down properly to avoid any bleeding, then before you paint on the chosen colour, always paint a line of whatever the background colour is first onto the divide, then go in with the actual colour.

So if the background colour is white, apply white first and then the chosen colour over the top of the white as the white will bleed through, rather than the other colour which in turn creates a barrier which gives you sharper lines and no noticeable bleeding through the tape to ensure the best quality finish.

Trust me, it works wonders!

11 Half Painted Walls Hallway Ideas

1.Add Drama with Forest Green and Floral Wallpaper

Half painted walls in the traditional sense are exactly that, a colour on the bottom and a different colour on the upper. But pairing with wallpaper on the upper half can deliver even more depth and character in the space.

When choosing an appropriate print for the wallpaper, always select one that features a small part of the painted colour in the wallpaper.

This will create an intentional look and a cohesive space that will direct you through the hallway. If you start picking completely different colours, it’s just going to clash and fight for attention.

half painted walls hallway
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2. Rustic Finish With Terracotta

When choosing your half painted wall colours, you should be somewhat considerate about the colours you select to ensure they work harmoniously together. But, remember you can choose to go a little bit bolder should you wish in a hallway as you can get away with it in a transitional space.

If you want to bring a rustic and earthy feel to your entryway, embrace a fiery terracotta colour. This on-trend colour brings depth and vivacity to a hallway, pair with a colour on the upper such as a white, pale grey or cream which will cool down the terracotta and create a balanced look.

Introduce some black accents around the hallway for some definition and a touch of modernity.

half painted walls hallway

3. Create A Timeless Colour Combination With Grey & White

A grey and white hallway will always be one of those classic, timeless colour combinations that suits a wide range of interior schemes.

Both pale grey hues and charcoal grey tones work well to ground the space, lift with a bright white or off-white to draw the eye up.

I’ll always advocate for black in an interior, but added black accents in a few well placed areas just delivers that much needed definition to the overall space.

half painted walls hallway
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4. A Crisp White Contrast

Bright white and taupe? What a beautiful combo for a hallway!

Using half wall paneling can be another way to create pristine half painted walls. It can be easier to achieve that crisp look with some lower half wall paneling.

A beautiful bright lower half with a taupe upper, creates beautiful visual interest and draws your eye up in the space.

If you do have a heavy traffic household with children and pets though, a bright white shade isn’t the best as it will show every mark, scuff and dirt it comes into contact with.

half painted walls hallway
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5. Add A Perfect Colour Divide With A Dado Rail

If you don’t want to go for a full half wall panelling look, a dado rail is just one of the best ways to separate and create a half wall colour divide.

Dado rails are affordable and easy to install in a hallway with no more nails for a quick option, or you can pin it. It’s an effective way to deliver character to a hallway, stairs and landing space.

A bold blue with crisp white lower half delivers such a statement making impact, follow through the colour on the woodwork for a cohesive flow throughout.

half painted walls hallway
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6. Coastal Inspired Influence With Soft Blue Tones

Isn’t there just something so relaxing about this hallway?

Relaxing, soft blue tones are in. They bring such a restorative and carefree flow to a hallway, perfect for creating a coastal inspired feel in a space.

Pair with rattan accessories and natural materials in the space for a continuation for that ultra relaxed yet stylish hallway.

half painted walls hallway
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7. Ground The Space With A Defining Colour

It’s possible to add a moody colour to a hallway and it still feel warm and inviting, and a half painted wall is a great way to do this.

Add a defining black or navy blue, I love railings by Farrow and Ball. It brings such a grounding, statement look, yet paired with a white upper and it brings a beautifully crisp aesthetic that draws the eye in and adds endearment to the space.

half painted walls hallway
Image credit: @theinteriordesignassistantuk

8. Elevate With Baby Blue

Just another example of how a cool coastal combination of white and baby blue can elevate a hallway.

Thos soft tones of blue are super inviting and relaxing, exactly what you want when you step through the front door.

I love the addition of black accents and brass hardware details for a touch of warmth and modernity.

half painted walls hallway
Image credit: @bloominteriordesign_australia

9. A Feminine Touch With Dusty Pink

Name a more iconic duo than dusty pink and white. This millennial combo is a match made in heavy for monochromatic tones which ground and define the space.

The half painted wall looks beautiful as it moves around to a full dusty pink setup under the stairs, it just provides the perfect place to add something cosy to sit on.

half painted walls hallway
Image credit: @mosaic.factory

10. Black & White Hallway For Maximum Impact

A black and white hallway is one of the most popular colour schemes as it delivers an instant statement and the colours flawlessly work together, it’s one of the easiest colour schemes to pull off.

Use black on the lower half of the painted walls to ground the space, the white will then help to lift the room and make it feel lighter and airier.

half painted walls hallway
Image credit: @hiltontownhouse

11. A Thing For Sage Green

Leaving you with one of my favourite designs of them all, a marriage of a beautiful colour and wallpaper for a taste of verticality in the hallway.

This beautiful half painted look has the addition of a dado rail in a different shade of green. This can bring a bit of definition, and a great way to separate the two types of surfaces.

Which of these half painted walls hallway ideas is your favourite?

half painted walls hallway 9
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  1. Can I put panel dark grey wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall and a light terracotta paint on the top half of the wall.
    In my hallway.

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment. Yes – this would work well, just make sure the skirting boards are matched in a similar colour to the grey wallpaper as else it will just look like a band of colour in between (it will also elongate the wall painting in a similar tone), light terracotta works perfectly with grey. Thanks, Nicole x

  2. Hi Nicola i gave this a go in my hallway which may i add is a high traffic area i painted the bottom Studio Greenand the top half Stirabout tht spindles in Railings and Doors in Wooded Dell i intend to finish of after Christmas.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I want to do this in my basement where we have concrete half walls on all of the exterior walls. I like the idea of the room looking taller by doing dark on the bottom and light on the top. My only concern is the couch we already purchased is a dark brown corduroy. Will that look bad against a dark bottom half wall?

    • As long as you use a darker or lighter colour than that of the sofa then it will definitely work as you add depth and variation of colour, just don’t use anything that is the same tone. Then with a white above, use the same over the ceiling as well. Nicole x


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