13 Pink Hallway Ideas To Fall In Love With

pink hallway
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A pink hallway is certainly one of the less travelled colour schemes when it comes to a hallway, but there’s something so endearing and inviting about this sweet colour.

Forget your perceptions about barbie pink, pink can be a mature and refined addition to a hallway, available in a huge range of hues to help set the right tone.

Tempted to dabble with pink or wondering how good pink can really look in a hallway? These 13 pink hallway ideas will make you rethink everything you know about pink, out with the bright white and in with the pink, let’s go…

Is Pink A Good Colour For A Hallway?

Yes! In the right doses, pink brings a quality of warmth and visual interest to a hallway to leave a warm, inviting impression. Just be mindful about the hues of pink you choose, lighter hues will always deliver a more relaxed feel, whilst hot pink can be seen as an unrestful shade. Team with the right colours to help balance the warm tones of pink – don’t forget black accents to bring a touch of definition to the colour scheme.

13 Pink Hallway Ideas To Fall In Love With

1.Hot Pink Half Wall Panelling For Interest

Bring visual interest to the hallway party by incorporating some hot pink half wall panelling. Half wall panelling is an effective woodwork trick in creating depth and character on a blank wall.

Add an ascending gallery wall above it for a fun, playful and totally unique take in your hallway.

Paint the panelling in whatever chosen pink hue you want.

pink hallway
Image credit: @my_colourfulsquares

2. Candy Coloured Pastel Combination

Name a sweeter colour combo… A light sage green and baby pink work beautifully together, in this instance the pink acts as a darker, more defining shade to give structure to the hallway look.

Introduce pastel coloured accessories to the styling for a continuation of the look.

pink hallway
Image credit: @zoes_colourful_interiors

3. Pink, Playful Wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to create a barbiecore look or you’re just a lover of pink, adding some pink, playful wallpaper above a half panelling look will deliver serious interest and character to the hallway.

This geometric, hot pink type of wallpaper is sure to deliver a lasting impression as you step through the front door, it will also help to draw the eye up as it has such a striking contrast against the paint.

pink hallway

4. Pink Stair Runner For A Lasting Impression

You can be intentional with your use of pink in a hallway so it draws the eyes in at the right places. Inject a pop of pink on a stair runner, if your stairs face the front door, it will instantly draw your eyes in with visual interest.

Pair with other pastel colours throughout the hallway to balance and set a soothing tone.

pink hallway
Image credit: @loudarchitects

5. Set The Tone With A Pink Front Door

Set the tone for what is to come inside the house with a stand out, pink front door. It’s a beautiful alternative to navy blue, black and white and it softens the tone for anyone entering.

Surprisingly, pink works well with both soft, and more defining colours so it doesn’t have to depict your interior colour scheme too.

pink hallway
Image credit: @pinkhouseliving

6. Dusty Pink Painted Stairs For A Relaxed Feel

Forget the hot pinks of the pink world, pink can be refined, elegant and relaxing.

A soft dusty pink like this can bring a totally different feel to an interior. This muted soft tone is easy to work with and you can create an ultra relaxing, yet stylish feel with it.

Pair with wooden tones and rattan decor accessories to soften the space, a perfect look for modern, Scandic and boho interior design schemes.

pink hallway
Image credit: @stijlinge

7. Pair Pink With Black & White

Black and white is a perfect pairing with pink because it can help to define and balance out the warm tones of the pink.

If you’re using pink on your walls, a classic black and white floor tile will ground the hallway and create instant visual interest. It helps to add a touch of modernity to the hallway too.

pink hallway
Image credit: @claire.a.ramshaw

8. Pink Feature Wall

If you have a long hallway, add a pink feature wall at the end. It will draw the eye in as you step through the front door, giving the illusion of a bigger space, whilst the pink doesn’t overpower the space.

Introduce neutral tones such as off-whites and creams on the other walls to retain that balance of warmth and lightness in the hallway.

pink hallway
Image credit: @eva_lykkeliv

9. Ascend The Stairs With Pink

Use a dado rail in your hallway to help create that perfect divide between two colours. When placed throughout the hallway and up the stairs, it draws the eye up and creates a visually interesting experience as you climb the stairs.

Introduce a gallery wall above for further visual interest, add a mix of frames for an eclectic feel.

pink hallway
Image credit: my_colourfulsquares

10. Soft Pink Tones

Pink can bring a soft and restful feeling to an interior in the right hue.

These soft tones of pink pair beautifully with the purple decor accents, it’s a slightly warmer colour than black, and it sets the tone perfectly.

pink hallway
Image credit: @georgeandedi

11. Bring A Rustic Feel To Your Hallway With Pink

Light, salmon pink tones are the perfect gateway to creating a rustic interior space. Introduce a chunky wooden console table, rattan accessories and real houseplants for a laidback yet ultra stylish look.

The pink brings a lovely warmth to the hallway, with the wooden tones helping to balance it in the space.

pink hallway
Image credit: happy_jolie_maison

12. Paint A Pink Stair Runner For A No-nonsense Look

Stair runners can be expensive, so keep costs low by opting for a painted stair runner instead. In this pink colour it brings the same amount of visual impact and at a huge fraction of the cost.

Pair with another pink accent in the space such as on a radiator cover as it will help to pull the hallway together.

pink hallway
Image credit: megbrackpool

13. Mix Pink & Blue On A Bannister For A Focal Feature

There is not one more iconic combination like pink and black. To create a real focal feature in your hallway, use the stairs.

The stairs have been painted pink for a warm and fun pop of colour, yet the black bannister and black and white stair runner deliver such a grounding, defining look that is elegant and well polished. It pairs beautifully with the white walls and baby blue woodwork.

Which of these pink hallway ideas is your favourite?

pink hallway
Image credit: pinkhouseliving

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