15 Front Porch Ideas UK That Leave A Lasting Impression

front porch ideas uk
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These front porch ideas UK may just be the gentle persuasion you need to add a porch extension to your home…

I often talk and share tips about maximising space in dark, narrow hallways, whilst decor and styling tricks help, adding on a porch extension is an effective way to maximise space in your home.

Plus, planning permission isn’t required for a single storey extension like this.

A lot of hallways in the UK literally have no room from the front door to the stairs, so if you’re looking to add a front porch extension to your property this year, these 15 front porch ideas UK will leave a lasting impression, and you don’t need to consider relocating to gain the extra space in your hallway!

15 Front Porch Ideas UK That Leave A Lasting Impression

1. Inside, Outside Porch For Added Light & Storage

Most people choose to add a front porch extension to make a hallway feel lighter, but pick the wrong type of porch and it will create the opposite effect.

If you fit a small porch extension with no windows or a small roof light, it will end up making the hallway feel even smaller. So, choosing the right porch type that will make your hallway feel bigger and lighter, is really important.

An inside, outside porch like this is a great all rounder. It creates additional storage outside of the internal hallway, whilst the windows keep the area light and inviting before you step inside. It also creates a nice separation between outside and inside, especially important during the winter where muddy boots and wet coats are concerned.

I love the addition of the oak structure which brings a real rustic character to this property.

front porch ideas uk
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2. Create An Outside Shelter & Visually Enticing Entryway

Front porches don’t need to be enclosed, an outside shelter like this can create a visually enticing entryway and a sign of what is to come in-store.

It provides the perfect place to remove muddy boots in a sheltered way during the winter, and because it’s sheltered it’s the perfect area to maximise your efforts for decorating during seasonal holidays too.

front porch ideas uk
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3. Add Gravitas With A Column Structure

I’ve followed Claire Totman for a while and I absolutely adore her designs. This front column elevation is a traditional take on a porch, and the column structure brings instant gravitas to the property.

The sheltered portion is perfect for adding a gorgeous outdoor pendant light for an inviting first impression.

I love the structure columns bring to a property, and whilst it doesn’t create additional space inside, light still flows through without inhibiting light.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @claire.totman.designs

4. Build An Enclosed Porch For Added Storage

Of course, a porch extension is mainly a popular choice for creating additional storage inside a house, and adding to your existing hallway space.

If your extension is going onto an old, period property, it’s worth choosing materials and similar roof tiles to that of the actual house for a sense of authenticity and so it looks like the extension flows, and has always been part of the main house.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @paul_at_keeperscottage

5. Add A Porch In A Contrasting Colour

Utilise your porch as an opportunity to introduce a contrasting colour to that of the rest of the property, it will create a striking contrast that will draw the eye in.

This is an example on a period property where they have retained original tiles on the roof and the yellow stone bricks contrast with a pristine white for an inviting feel.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @small_magical_gardens

6. Up The Kerb Appeal & Square Footage

Single storey extensions don’t require planning permission, and a porch extension doesn’t need to be in its traditional sense where it’s just an extension from the front door.

If you have the drive space to give away, it can be an excellent opportunity to extend the front hallway space quite dramatically.

This style of porch extension is in keeping with the property, with black defining details and wood slat panelling for a modern look. Well designed house numbers are a great finishing touch for your front porch too, perfectly demonstrated on the picture below.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @lifeinthebarn

7. Add Windows For Added Light & Definition

When planning any porch extension always ensure that you have made room for windows or a skylight. Without light coming in, your hallway isn’t going to benefit from the extra floor space you’ve just created.

Bring some definition and character to the structure with black windows. I love this style as it brings a touch of modernity, pair with the colour of your existing windows on the house so it looks intentional and creates a cohesive feel.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @grant_builders

8. An Oak Framed Porch For Added Character

Keeping the period authenticity flow from a period property to a porch extension is key in creating the right look and feel.

An oak framed structure for a porch is perfect for period and cottage style properties as it brings rustic warmth and character to the property.

It adds additional outside sheltered space and it can be used for taking shoes on and off, decor styling and even as a log store.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @lewisarchitecture

9. Introduce A Stand Out Front Door

Don’t forget to add a stand out front door to your porch extension, first impressions count here!

You want to add a complementary yet contrasting colour against red brick. A sage green or duck egg blue can be a refreshing choice, it brings a calming and restorative effect to your entryway, and its cool hues balance perfectly against the red brick.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @our_keepers_cottage

10. Elevate With A Beautiful Sloping Roof

I absolutely love the higher elevation of this porch extension as it gives another opportunity to incorporate an extra space to let light flood into the shelter.

Its bifold doors mean it can become an inside, outside shelter during the warmer months. Yet in the winter, close the doors and benefit from the shelter and extra space to take off your muddy boots in the winter.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @louisagraceinteriors

11. Create A Modern Front Porch

Front porch extensions are just as relevant and useful on more modern properties. A classic red brick style that’s in keeping with the architectural parameters of the property is a popular choice.

Introduce black guttering and a black front door, it will bring definition and a touch of modernity to the structure.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @no_3_life

12. Add A Side Porch Elevation

I wanted to share front porch ideas UK that all differ, and can be applied to different style of homes. Lots of front porch extensions show a front on elevation, but it’s possible with a side front door too.

This side porch elevation shows how its still possible to get that extension from your hallway, whilst looking like its always been part of the property.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @inside_no_8

13. Let Light Flood In

There’s just something really beautiful about inside, outside porch extensions. This style of extension is only any good if you aren’t looking to increase your inside space, and if you have the space on your driveway to eat into.

The addition of windows throughout the structure ensures that swathes of beautiful light flow through which won’t inhibit the light you previously received through your front door.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @oakporches

14. Add More Internal Space With A Double Porch Extension

Instead of a standard porch extension, you might use it as an opportunity to increase your space in an adjacent room to your hallway.

For some, this can be a more worthwhile cost as you can combine the efforts, whilst increasing the overall square meterage of your home, which will add value to your property.

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: @ella_rose_building_services

15. A Front Porch Fit For A Cottage

I had to round up this list of front porch ideas with one of my absolute favourites. I adore Naomi’s cottage on Instagram and her front porch is just the most fitting look for her quaint, country cottage.

Needless to say, the addition of the stable front door allows for light to flow in through the door, yet close it up during the colder months. Plus, it’s the perfect look out spot for our furry friends!

Which of these front porch ideas for UK homes is your favourite?

front porch ideas uk
Image credit: Image credit: @grove_cottage_

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