Sage Green and Terracotta: 2023 New On-Trend Combo

sage green and terracotta

Sage green and terracotta is the colour combination we never saw coming, yet it’s one of the hottest rising interiors trends 2023.

Proof is in the pudding. ‘Sage green and terracotta living room’ has seen a 400% YoY (year on year) change on Google trends.

This colour combination is perhaps the next best thing in our interiors since pink and grey, it represents the perfect balance of tranquility, coolness and warmth. And we want to hotly embellish every inch of our interior with this cool colour combination.

Intrigued on what your interiors are missing out on? This is everything you need to know about using sage green and terracotta in your interior, and the best way to deliver this on-trend colour combo.

Does Sage Green and Terracotta Go Together?

Yes, terracotta and sage green naturally work well together as the warmth of the terracotta shade is well balanced with the coolness of the sage green. The combination of the two earthy shades creates a tranquil ambience that pairs well in bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Nicole from Sleek-chic Interiors shares her views on this on-trend colour combination; “Sage green and terracotta is one of the most effortless combinations for an interior. Sage green brings a subtle softness, yet terracotta delivers such a warm and inviting presence in a space. It’s a visually exciting combination that can be layered with differing shades of the colours for an enhanced colour scheme”.

What Shade of Green Goes With Terracotta?

Terracotta works well with a range of green shades as it’s another earthy, rustic shade. Sage green is one of the best pairings because its cool hue creates a perfect balance with the warmth of terracotta. Terracotta also pairs well with forest green, and olive green shades for a more defined look.

terracotta bathroom ideas
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How To Use Sage Green and Terracotta In Your Interiors

Floored With Terracotta

When using the two colours together, you should select one of the colours as the dominant colour in the space.

This will avoid the colours fighting for attention, the second colour will then be used as the accent, in well placed items throughout the room.

The first way to use terracotta is to go all in with terracotta floors.

Perhaps, this is one of my favourite ways to use this rustic colour in your home, it creates a stand out warm feature in a room, whilst grounding the space too.

Brick style terracotta tiles are among the top favourites for terracotta flooring, often fitted in a herringbone style. If you’re looking for a less overpowering look, large terracotta floor tiles could be a better choice.

This look is well suited to bathrooms, utility or bootility rooms, hallways and kitchens, bringing a rustic, grounding look to the room.

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Terracotta Textile Accents

With sage green as the dominant colour, introducing terracotta as an accent with textiles is an affordable and achievable way to nail this colour combination in any room of the home.

Here are some of the best ways to introduce terracotta as an accent…

Terracotta Towels

A bathroom makeover is an expensive one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep your existing bathroom on trend.

By updating your towels, bath robes and bath mats you can introduce these colours in a subtle way, with minimal cost involved.

These Dunelm Paprika Towels are a great way to introduce this burnt orange colour into a bathroom.

terracotta towels

Terracotta Cushions & Throws

For a terracotta living room or bedroom, introducing terracotta cushions and throws will allow you to really layer this colour scheme into a room, bringing texture and depth with it.

When it comes to cushions, add a mixture of textures and patterns for extra visual interest, those with tassels, velvet and materials such as boucle.

terracotta cushion
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Terracotta Pots & Vases

Terracotta decor items have always had an influence in our homes, with references to Moroccan riads and mediterranean lifestyles.

Terracotta looks effortlessly good on vases and pots, and perhaps one of the easiest ways to incorporate a touch of this earthy shade in your interiors this year. Opt for differing shades of terracotta for added visual interest.

sage green and terracotta 2

Clay/ Plaster Terracotta Walls

Decorative plaster in terracotta delivers a warm and welcoming feel in a room. Covering the walls and the respective door frame in the same plaster for a peaceful, and harmonious atmosphere. 

Introduce other soft tones such as sage green in decor accessories, rugs, doors and architraves or even with touches of fresh greenery and foliage.

A subtle introduction of sage green at this point helps to formulate an ultra stylish, and relaxing room.

sage green and terracotta 3

Sage Green Tiles

Choosing sage green as the dominant colour helps to deliver that tranquil, soft setting throughout a room.

There are many different ways you can use sage green, be it with paint or wallpaper to floor tiles. In a bathroom or kitchen space, sage green wall tiles will help to lift the walls, add colour and softness to the space.

Terracotta can be brought in subtly with textiles, pots, soap bottles and even floor tiles if you want to create a bold, stand out room.

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Image credit: Sarsen Stone Group

Layer With Sage Green Furniture

The beauty of a colour combination like this is you don’t have to make either one the centre of the show.

You can still have a base colour and just use sage green and terracotta as accent colours in their own right.

A shade such as white or beige would work well as a foundational colour. You can then explore adding sage green and terracotta in any of the ways mentioned when used as an accent colour.

Introduce sage green in a different way by layering with sage green furniture that will ground the room and breathe in tranquility in equal measure.

A few well placed items of furniture is all you need, such as accent chairs, side tables, pouffes, basins and large vases, to name just a few items you can explore this with.

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Combine Sage Green and Terracotta With Wall Art

Introduce a combination of these harmonious colours in the same setting with wall art. No painting, or DIY necessary to enjoy these beautiful shades.

If you have a gallery wall in a living room or hallway, you may just want to add a singular piece of wall art with the colours in. Alternatively, add a row of three with these colours in to really get a sense of their presence in the space.

Or perhaps, go one step further and add a sage green and terracotta wall mural to your space to create a real focal point. Perfect for a bed wall or feature wall in a living room.

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What Colours Go With Sage Green and Terracotta?

Sage green and terracotta are two earthy shades that complement each other perfectly. Because of this they also pair well with other earthy shades on the spectrum and neutral colours. These colour combinations work in interiors through to weddings and fashion.

Here are some of the most popular colour pairings that work well with both sage green and terracotta;

  • White
  • Beige/cream
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Brass finishes
  • Forest green (when used as an accent)
  • Black (when used as an accent)

Sage green and terracotta have long been a colour scheme that has been used in wedding colour palettes, to fashion.

This emerging trend isn’t new, but it’s now on our radar and a trend that we will be seeing more of over the coming years.

If you’re looking to achieve a relaxed, tranquil vibe with a touch of warmth in your interior, this colour scheme can be explored in modern, rustic modern, traditional and transitional style interiors.

What do you think of the sage green and terracotta colour combination?

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