27 Terracotta Bathroom Ideas: Rustic & Beautiful

terracotta bathroom ideas
Image credit: Sarsen Stone Group

Looking to create a rustic and beautifully bold entrance in your bathroom? These terracotta bathroom ideas will help dip your toes into this hotly anticipated design idea…

Moroccan, mediterranean inspired interiors have arrived. There’s something to really love about the burnt orange introduction of terracotta in a bathroom.

Exuding warmth and depth, terracotta is the biggest underdog of the colour world in interiors, set to make headway in our interiors this year.

From tonal combinations, to pairing green and terracotta, these 27 terracotta bathroom ideas are the perfect inspiration to help you successfully introduce this gorgeous colour into your bathroom this year.

27 Terracotta Bathroom Ideas

1.Patterned Terracotta Tiles

A bold colour demands a bold pattern, and these patterned terracotta tiles are a perfect way to introduce colour and interest into a bathroom.

Terracotta floor tiles remain one of the best ways to draw attention as you enter a bathroom, instantly lifting the walls and providing something really special about the space.

Keep the walls neutral or white to allow for the terracotta in the tiles to take centre stage.

terracotta bathroom ideas
Image credit: Flooring Superstore

2. Red Terracotta Wall Paint

Dare for something a bit different in your bathroom? Go in at the reddest end of the terracotta spectrum with bold, lustrous red terracotta walls.

An attention seeking colour that’s a great way to incorporate terracotta into a bathroom.

Take a look at my edit on the best Terracotta paints to find the perfect shade for your space.

terracotta bathroom ideas
Image credit: Annie Sloan

3. Terracotta Parquet Floor

Slightly distressed, terracotta floor tiles are in, and in a big way. They add a rustic flair to your bathroom whilst keeping the space feeling light, and neutral.

Now, this isn’t the first time you’ll see the terracotta tones with green, there’s something pretty special about this colour combination in a home.

Introduce other subtle, well placed touches of terracotta for a warm feel, think textiles, pampas grass and natural wood accessories.

terracotta bathroom ideas

4. Faded Terracotta Basin

Forget the walls and floor, a simple update of a basin is a beautiful way to introduce terracotta to your bathroom.

Top it on a rustic wooden cabinet or piece of wood for a handmade, and beautifully rustic sink vanity.

5. Terracotta Matt Bricks Floor To Wall

Take the all or nothing approach… The continuation of terracotta bricks from the floor to wall is a great way to create a continued flow through the bathroom.

It’s important to bear in mind the practicality of this type of tile as they can be difficult to keep clean, so always try and opt for a sealed version.

terracotta bathroom ideas
Image credit: Baked Tile Co.

6. Light & Dark Terracotta Brick Style Tiles

Keep things visually exciting by opting for two tonal terracotta bricks in a bathroom.

The combination of the light and dark terracotta tones creates the most beautiful backdrop. Neutral, rustic and incredibly endearing.

It’s those green tones again. Seriously, terracotta and green are the colour combination of 2023.

terracotta bathroom ideas
Image credit: Baked Tile Co.

7. Ochre Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

Terracotta is available in a plethora of shades, if softer tones of terracotta don’t quench your thirst, we might have just the thing!

These deep terracotta gloss brick tiles are incredibly lustrous, bringing a warm depth to walls, or floors in a bathroom. Pair with a mix of metals for further endearment.

terracotta bathroom ideas
Image credit: Walls and Floors

8. Terracotta Bricks & Bouquets

Be creative with how you incorporate terracotta into a bathroom. The most perfect marriage of terracotta and opulent colours within the wallpaper.

Think outside the box, and your interiors will reward you.

terracotta bathroom ideas
Instagram Image Credit: @zia_tile

9. Terracotta Tub

Now, that’s one way to do it. Lift any bathroom space with a terracotta tub. It will deliver instant Moroccan riad vibes. Sunnier climes, pending.

terracotta bathroom ideas 1
Instagram Image Credit: @ecohomegoals

10. Embrace Decorative Plaster

Decorative plaster in terracotta delivers a warm and welcoming feel in this bathroom. The door and door frame are covered in the same plaster for a peaceful, and harmonious atmosphere. 

Introduce other soft tones and a stand out floor tile for a statement bathroom. Don’t forget that subtle introduction of greenery for an ultra stylish, and relaxing room.

terracotta bathroom ideas 2
Instagram Image Credit: @feelingwonen_gaelmaison

11. Raw Clay Tiles

Make your own natural retreat in your home with these terracotta, raw clay tiles.

The tactile feel and variation in colour across the tiles combined with the slightly imperfect look creates great texture and warmth in this bathroom.

A perfect harmony set off with black tap hardware for a defining feel in the space.

terracotta bathroom ideas 3
Instagram Image Credit: @gtandb_

12. Terracotta Tones

Combine a mixture of terracotta tones for a fun, cohesive flow throughout the room. This bathroom design incorporates burnt orange terracotta tiles with a soft terracotta tone on the basin, and warm specks of terracotta through the shower tiles.

Pair with brass hardware to add extra warmth and visual interest to the space.

terracotta bathroom ideas 4
Instagram Image Credit: @timneve

13. Terracotta Pots & Greenery

You don’t need an expensive remodel to appreciate the beauty of terracotta. By simply introducing some terracotta vases or pots with greenery in you can appreciate the subtle warmth that this colour brings to an interior.

In fact, I’d actively encourage the introduction if you already have a green bathroom. The cheapest way to update your bathroom to be on trend for today!

terracotta bathroom ideas 5
Instagram Image Credit: @thefamilylovetree

14. Terracotta Hexagon Tiles

Ground that bathroom with terracotta hexagon tiles, offset with a contrasting white grout detail. Lift the rest of the bathroom with white, or neutral tiles or paint for a mediterranean feel.

terracotta bathroom ideas 6
Instagram Image Credit: @bathrooms_of_insta

15. Contrasting Fusion

Create a half wall contrasting fusion between terracotta and a different type of tiles for a fresh, unique stance in a bathroom.

This design uses the same tile design but in different colours for an elevated look.

terracotta bathroom ideas 7
Instagram Image Credit: @cp3do

16. Eclectic Terracotta Tiles

Dare to be different by introducing some fun, and eclectic terracotta patterned tiles to the floor in your bathroom.

We adore the use of a bold patterned floor tile combined with sage green tiles and white walls for a bohemian inspired space.

terracotta bathroom 19
Instagram Image Credit: @iamhayleystuart

17. Terracotta & Green

This colour combination is the new pink and grey, a design aesthetic that will be loved in interiors over the coming years.

The light tonal terracotta is the perfect neutraliser for the bold pop of green on the tiles.

terracotta bathroom ideas 8
Instagram Image Credit: @arizonatile

18. Light Meets Dark Terracotta

Introduce light and dark terracotta to the space for a tonal cohesion that delivers further visual interest than just one flat introduction of the colour into a bathroom.

Combine with copper hardware for a fun warmth that ties in well tonally.

terracotta bathroom ideas 9
Instagram Image Credit: @atypiquedesignstudio

19. Terracotta Walls

Painted terracotta walls are the one of the best terracotta bathroom ideas if you want to try it in your interiors on a budget.

This fun pop of colour above the white tiles brings a beautiful warmth to the space.

terracotta bathroom ideas 10
Instagram Image Credit: @celine_audetourdunchemin

20. Clay Terracotta

A clay terracotta wall covering brings a durable and long lasting aesthetic to a bathroom, dripping in depth and warmth. It adds a touch of rustic charm, complementing a range of design styles.

terracotta bathroom ideas 11
Instagram Image Credit: @roam.interiors

21. Terracotta Tones & Dramatic Marble

Terracotta tones with a dramatic marble countertop breathe lustrous luxury into this bathroom. The most divine combination, that just works.

terracotta bathroom ideas 12
Instagram Image Credit: @meganmayrawson

22. Terracotta Textiles

Not sure about incorporating terracotta into your bathroom just yet? Play around with testing it with terracotta textiles such as with towels, bath mats and bath robes.

A bold pop of terracotta colour brings a playful touch to a monochrome, or neutral interior.

terracotta bathroom ideas 13
Instagram Image Credit: @Sabrina.deco.d.emoi

23. Light Tones

Lighter tones of terracotta bring a beautiful aesthetic to a bathroom. Much more encompassing than rouge terracotta, this playfully pastel shade creates a soft look, working beautifully with other mellow shades.

terracotta bathroom ideas 14
Instagram Image Credit: @masalledebain_com

24. Chequerboard Tiles

There’s a lot going on, and a lot to love in this bathroom! The chequerboard terracotta tiles are where the parties at, they combine beautifully with the more pared back wall tiles, using a softer tone of terracotta for a well pulled together design look.

terracotta bathroom ideas 15
Instagram Image Credit: @homestylemaguk

25. Terracotta Accents

Another dose of green and terracotta, and proof of how beautiful this combination looks! Introduce some fun terracotta accents for a softened edge in a bathroom.

The light fixtures, basin and decor accessories tie in perfectly together.

terracotta bathroom ideas 16
Instagram Image Credit: @alisperahome

26. Rouge Terracotta

Go for a rouge colour of terracotta to make a defined statement in a bathroom. These charming tiles look beautiful with brass hardware for a warm, lustrous combination.

terracotta bathroom ideas 17
Instagram Image Credit: @carre_creatif

27. Green & Terracotta Brick

There’s something so tranquil and relaxing about a green and terracotta mix, and we have to end it on another beautiful pairing of this colour in a bathroom.

The brick style countertop adds an unusual element to the bathroom, with rustic, tonal charm.

terracotta bathroom ideas 18
Instagram Image Credit: @architectures_avivre
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