19 Shades of Green: On-trend Green Bathroom Ideas To Fall In Love With

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Green is a wonderful colour to introduce to your bathroom design as it feels naturally soothing. It evokes feelings of being in nature, which will instantly calm you and transport you to a place of relaxation.

There are many ways to incorporate green into a bathroom space, including floor and wall tiles, paint, fixtures and accessories. Here are some of our favourite ideas to inspire you.

19 Shades of Green: On-trend Green Bathroom Ideas To Fall In Love With

1.Stack Zellige Tiles Vertically

Zellige tiles are still bang on trend and when they are laid vertically they definitely have an elongating effect.

These styles of tiles are a great option to go for as they offer varying tones and texture, which will bring a sense of individuality to your bathroom.

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2. Lean Into Sage Green Tones

Sage green is a wonderfully muted tone of green and feels extremely soothing. Create a half and half tiled wall effect and balance out green tiles with painted white walls.

This green fluted vanity unit is simply stunning!

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3. Pair Green With Black & White For A Timeless Feel

Add a pop of colour to a traditional black and white bathroom with a splash of green.

This deep tone of green brings drama to this bathroom scheme without feeling too overwhelming.

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4. Herringbone Style Feature Wall

We all love herringbone and this tiled green herringbone formation looks effortlessly stylish.

Contrast a green feature wall with black fixtures and fittings. These ceiling lights act as vanity spotlights and feel luxuriously elegant.

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5. Pair Green With A Bold Print

Colour enthusiasts will rejoice when they see this striking bathroom design. A room tiled with bold green tiles would be enough colour for some people, however the addition of the pink patterned floor adds another level of fun and playfulness!

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Instagram image credit: @ellysonbrown

6. Pink & Green Deserve To Be Seen Together!

Pink and green is a winning combination, especially when it involves patterned wallpaper. 

Install pink panelling to the bottom half of your bathroom walls and wallpaper the top half for a bold statement.

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7. Mix Terrazzo With Forest Green

Even though terrazzo may seem like a bold flooring choice, it actually makes it easier to incorporate other colours into your bathroom design,

Because terrazzo boasts lots of different coloured elements, you can pick one of these shades and run with it.

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8. Colour Drench In Green

Colour drenching is ideal for brave decorators who love to make a statement with their bathroom decor.

There’s no better colour than green to use when you’re colour drenching as it naturally provides that indoor outdoor feel.

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9. Combine Soft Green With White

Green doesn’t have to mean bold. You can take a more subtle approach by using soft green tiles and offsetting them with plain white walls.

This is a lovely way of adding a splash of colour without it feeling too dramatic.

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10. Introduce A Pop of Green On Your Wall Colour

Already chosen your tiles but want to add a pop of green? Then use paint to adorn your walls with your green of choice.

The great thing about paint is that it can be changed whenever you fancy a switch up.

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11. Pair Green With Brushed Brass

Elevate a green bathroom from a space that feels earthy and grounded to an elegant space that feels rich and luxurious with brass accents.

A brass floor tap acts as a focal point to the bathroom pictured above and the brass framed alcove shelving is a beautiful touch.

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Instagram image credit: @sevenpalmtreehouse

12. Layer With Different Shades of Green

You don’t have to commit to just one shade of green, mix things up and use an entirely different array of green tones for a layered approach.

Using a darker green on the floor makes sense to ground the room and as your eye naturally lifts up, use lighter tones to balance things out.

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Instagram image credit: @meghan.eisenberg

13. Lead With Olive Green

Olive green is another popular shade that feels stylish and sophisticated but what do you pair it with?

Be inspired by the bathroom below and compliment olive green with copper accents. This copper freestanding bath definitely has the wow-factor.

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Instagram image credit: @emuplops

14. Use One Tile Type Throughout

To create more of a wet room effect, using one particular tile to cover your entire bathroom makes a real style statement.

Lighten up a green tiled bathroom by applying white grout and opting for a white ceramic sink.

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Instagram image credit: @tileflair

15. Create A Victorian Feel With Green Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a timeless addition to any bathroom and they come in a variety of different striking colours.

This dark glossy green tile pays homage to the Victorian era, especially when they are paired with traditional fixtures and fittings.

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Instagram image credit: @the_oldham_farmhouse

16. Paint Surrounding Walls & Ceiling In The Same Green Colour

Make your bathroom feel like your very own cocoon by colour drenching the walls and the ceiling in the same colour. 

A tiled shower cubicle is practical and on trend, but using a tonal paint on the walls and ceilings really finishes off this bathroom perfectly.

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Instagram image credit: @paul_archer_design

17. Add Definition With Dark Green Wall Tiles

Define a certain part of your bathroom by tiling the area in a bold tile design. 

You can either tile the section behind a bath or sink or you could even use tiles to create a trendy feature wall.

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Instagram image credit: @our.end.fourterrace

18. Create A Focal Feature Out of Tiles

How inviting is this bathroom? The archway leading into the shower is a standout architectural feature that asked to be highlighted with a gorgeous muted green paint.

The shower itself feels like a relaxation haven, decorated in dark green tiles and fitted with a brass rainfall shower.

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Instagram image credit: @stonebrook.home

19. Take Your Tiles From Floor To Ceiling For Added Impact

If you want your bathroom to create an impact, then using tiles from floor to ceiling could be the way to go. 

These stunning green tiles feature variation in tone and texture so wherever you look your eyes are in for a treat.

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