Change The Game With These 15 Bathroom Color Drenching Ideas

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Color drenching has become one of the hottest paint trends in interiors over the last year. Essentially it involves painting the entire space, and the fifth wall (the ceiling) in the same color.

The result is a deeply cocooning and bold room that works well in smaller spaces, and in making larger rooms feel more intimate.

If you’re looking to give this trend a try, a bathroom is a perfect place to start. It will fast track your way to a spa like experience, and it looks amazing in most colors! Here’s some of our favorite looks that are nailing this trend.

15 Bathroom Color Drenching Ideas

1.Warm, Modern Neutral

Warm, richer neutrals are on-trend for 2024, and carrying the same color up and across the ceiling makes a bathroom feel even more inviting and warmer. It’s a more modern approach than adding a bright white to the ceiling, and it particularly works well on sloped ceilings as you don’t make a feature out of the architectural element.

I’ve rounded up some of the best Sherwin Williams color trends where I have featured some favorite warm neutrals like this for the year ahead if you’re looking for a similar tone.

color drenching bathroom
Instagram image credit: @pureandsimplestyle

2. Add Depth With A Deep Green

Few things deliver a gorgeous green tone like Bancha by Farrow and Ball does. Color drenching with a similar toned green is designed to make a statement.

This color is perfect for windowless spaces, or North facing bathrooms that want to lean into the darkness. The classic white subway tiles help to balance the intensity of the green.

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Instagram image credit: @inside_the_painted_door

3. Create A Boho Inspired Space

Boho inspired bathrooms continue to be on the rise, especially for those wanting to create a spa like experience in their bathroom.

This limewash style paint is the perfect type of color to drench a bathroom, its imperfect nature doesn’t feel flat in the space, and it cocoons the room beautifully.

Do pair with some black accents like lighting and decorative accessories to ground the color scheme.

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Instagram image credit: @aspen.home.x

4. Extend Color From Your Tiles

You can totally bring some added visual interest into a color drenched space too. Use tiles in a near perfect color match so you can seamlessly extend the color from your tiles to complete drenching the space.

This creates such a beautifully dynamic, yet cozy space.

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Instagram image credit: @hill.home.design_

5. Color Drench Half of The Space

You’ll have to feature some kind of tiles throughout a bathroom or in a shower enclosure, but you can still try the color drenching trend. If you don’t want to tonally match the tiles to the paint, pick a warming , cozy shade to elevate the room.

A pink based shade is perfect for North facing or cooler spaces that don’t receive a lot of light.

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Instagram image credit: @adamcarterphoto

6. Charcoal Grey For Definition

If you want to go over to the dark side in your bathroom, do it properly and go all in by color drenching with it.

A bold statement to make, this color isn’t for everyone, but it can help to create a cozy, restful retreat.

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Instagram image credit: @our_comfy_cosy_home

7. Easy On The Eye With Sage Green

Take inspiration from this gorgeously color drenched space below. Sage green is one of the easiest colors on the eyes, and it’s perfect for creating a restorative bathroom.

This color will make you feel at ease as soon as you step inside. Pair with earthy colors, black accents and natural materials for an earthy color scheme.

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Instagram image credit: @theeverydayhome

8. Elevate With Pink

I bookmarked this bathroom years ago and totally fell in love with the seamless integration of color.

This is a perfect example of color drenching using wallpaper. To get this right you need to color match your wallpaper to the perfect paint color, this enables you to create that cohesive, tonally perfect space. What’s not to love?

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Instagram image credit: @katewalker_design

9. Wallpaper Drench

If you’re looking for an equally beautiful alternative to color drenching, what about a wallpaper drench?

This tonally perfect look totally wraps the room, I personally think if you’re going for this style it naturally works best with a sloped ceiling due to the nature of them.

This looks amazing, but I’m not 100% certain how well this wallpaper holds up directly next to the shower head though with the humidity the room receives…

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Instagram image credit: @derlangerandsloan

10. Tonally Match Your Tiles

In case you need any more persuasion on lining up the perfectly matched paint color with your tiles…

Seriously, we can feel a pink bathroom coming on in our future.

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Instagram image credit: @norsuinteriors

11. Earthy Color Scheme

Earthy color schemes are one of the hottest and easiest to achieve schemes in a home. Take note from the below and use a lighter tile to tile the lower half of the wall, then add a dark olive green similar to this to draw the eye up.

It brings a beautiful depth and character to a bathroom. To achieve the perfect earthy color scheme, incorporate greens, browns, creams, terracotta and light grays.

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Instagram image credit: @casacrank

12. Add Drama With Black

Ever considered an all black bathroom? Us neither. But it delivers serious drama when color drenched in the bathroom.

This defining shade certainly creates an intensive space and would work well in making an expansive bathroom feel cosier.

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Instagram image credit: @_the_black_house_

13. Drench With Wallpaper & Paint

Color drenching is a hot trend right now, but so is achieving the look with wallpaper. I personally think it adds more visual interest, as plain color drenching can feel a little bit flat and monotonous.

The trick really is finding the perfect color match for the most dominant color in your wallpaper.

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Instagram image credit: @olivine_design

14. Green and Terracotta

This combination of colors will always be the most perfect earthy match in our opinion. Take your tiles from floor to ceiling in a vertical stacked tileplay to elevate the eye.

Ditch the traditional white ceiling paint for a bathroom and instead use a tonally relevant green to seal the deal on this color drenched space.

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Instagram image credit: @thistimeincolour

15. Coastal Drench In Blue

Planning a coastal inspired bathroom? Blue always deserves to be seen in a bathroom. It is one of our favorite color choices for a sunny South facing bathroom and it will help balance the intensity of the sun on the warmest days.

Take inspo from the below and pair with brass hardware in the space, this instantly adds gorgeous warmth to the blue walls.

color drenching bathroom
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