15 Brilliant Ways To Use The Vertical Stacked Tiles Trend

vertical stacked tiles 6
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra

Seeing tiles in unexpected ways is perhaps what I love most about the vertical stacked tiles trend. Horizontal is great, but there’s something that makes you take a second glance with vertical tiles.

Subway metro tiles have been popular for years, but in their traditional stack they can feel a little bit past their best. The beauty of vertical stacked tiles is that they can be arranged in a number of tile formations to suit the space.

If you’re in the thick of a bathroom Reno or about to get started, take inspiration from these stunning ways to get onboard with this trending tile look.

15 Brilliant Ways To Use The Vertical Stacked Tiles Trend

1. Create Interest With Vertical & Horizontal Tiles

If you’re only tiling a splashback in a bathroom, the juxtaposition of different tile layouts is a brilliant method for sparking visual intrigue.

The horizontal layout suits the positioning of the sink, whilst the vertical splashback draws the eye up. If you opt for a beautiful sea like blue on your tiles, use white grout to brighten and lift the area.

2. Stagger Your Pattern

Vertical placement of tiles doesn’t have to be in the conventional sense. Instead, try staggering the tiles as shown below. This imbues added visual interest and it looks beautiful with gloss tiles like this.

Taking them from floor to ceiling is a clever method in drawing the eye up, but it can be a godsend in damp bathrooms as it will protect the walls from damp.

vertical stacked tiles 3
Image credit: Manacor Blush Pink Tiles From Tile Mountain

3. Lean Into Darker, Moodier Tones

Take note from the below image. We’re used to seeing bathrooms with light and airy aesthetics, but going over to the dark side can pay off.

Leaning into dark navy blue tiles with a gloss finish engages the eyes no matter what angle you look at them in. The perfect aesthetic for a spa like bathroom.

vertical stacked tiles
Image credit: Ca’Pietra Foundry Blue And Sardinia Masseria Porcelain

4. Stack With Mosaic Style Tiles

The beauty of these mosaic style tiles is that they come in sheets, so you don’t have to tile each tiny individual tile. These sheets are easy to style and an excellent way to utilise the vertical stacked tile trend.

We’d recommend using these on a feature wall only or just within your shower enclosure, letting the rest of the walls breathe from the heavy pattern.

vertical stacked tiles 4
Image credit: Spirit White Gloss Kitkat Mosaic Porcelain Wall Tiles by Walls and Floors

5. Create A Unique Statement With Marbled Tiles

Marbled tiles work beautifully when stacked vertically. As they all have slightly differing veining and variation to them, it creates a really unique and visually endearing feature in a bathroom.

We love these aqua/green tiles from Bert & May, pair with brass hardware details for a warm contrast.

6. Use Differing Shades of Green For Interest

If you want to feature floor to ceiling tiles throughout the majority of your bathroom, consider using two different shades to stop the space feeling flat, or cold.

Combining both sage green and olive green tiles here creates a spa-like feel that’s visually interesting and easy on the eye.

vertical stacked tiles 8
Instagram image credit: @architectseat

7. Mix Tile Types

Ca’ Pietra know how to pair tiles, and mixing and matching two different types of tiles sets a boundary in the space, and makes a beautiful design accent out of it.

Use a different, larger scale tile in the shower enclosure – this is best for lower maintenance grout cleaning. Stack your tiles in the adjacent space with two colours of subway tiles to create a striped effect.

vertical stacked tiles 6
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Rialto Santa Croce Terrazzo and Seaton Marmalade and Shrimp

8. Use Classic White Subway Tiles

Those classic white subway tiles aren’t going anywhere just yet. They keep a bathroom feeling light and minimal, yet their stacking and dark grout adds overall definition.

Line them up for the perfect stack vertically, use on a feature wall behind your sink or in the shower area.

vertical stacked tiles 9
Instagram image credit: @kastconcretebasins

9. Separate With A Horizontal Bar

What’s not to love about this indulgent shower space? Break up the monotony of the stacked tiles by adding in a horizontal bar. Using one in black here grounds the shower enclosure and adds some much needed definition.

The black and white floor tiles add to the definition in the space, whilst balancing the intensity of the pink tiles.

vertical stacked tiles 10
Instagram image credit: @mandarinstoneofficial

10. Perfectly Imperfect Tiles

There’s nothing I love more than perfectly imperfect tiles. They look even better in a vertical position, and if you’re trying a spot of DIY yourself, this style of tile is much more forgiving.

The semi-sheen gloss and imperfect finish makes them visually interesting to look at in all angles in the space.

vertical stacked tiles 11
Instagram image credit: @Sydney_tiles

11. Layered Colouring

Add your own unique stamp to your bathroom by mixing different coloured tiles in tonal shades for a fun, cohesive bathroom.

Finish with black accents and hardware details to ground the space.

vertical stacked tiles 12
Instagram image credit: @decobella_sa

12. Create A Feature Wall

One feature wall of tiles is all you need in a bathroom. Tiles all over runs the risk of the space feeling cold, although it can be practical in a humid space like a bathroom.

Employ traditional subway tiles, but stack them at staggered intervals for an unexpected look.

vertical stacked tiles 13
Instagram image credit: @amanda100lc

13. Create A Half Wall, Two Tone Tiled Look

There’s something so fun about colourful terrazzo tiles. They make a great base in a half tiled look as shown below.

Finish off by tiling up to the ceiling in green tiles. It lifts the space and naturally draws your eye up to the ceiling.

vertical stacked tiles 14
Instagram image credit: @theinteriorlab

14. Take It To The Ceiling

That’s right, take your tiles all the way to the ceiling in your bathroom.

For a humid room, tiles are a highly practical choice. They’re easy to clean, they conceal damp and protect walls. Plus, you don’t have to regularly repaint your walls as the paint colour wears over time or gets marked.

vertical stacked tiles 15
Instagram image credit: @luscombetiles

15. Create A Striped Pattern By Stacking

Think outside of the box when it comes to tiling, it’s easy to pair other like tiles in different colours. This bathroom as shown in the image below has created a striped formation by using different coloured tiles, finishing off with a horizontal border at the top.

This look is fun, ignites visual interest and those lines help to draw the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

vertical stacked tiles 5
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Petite Porcelain White And Sky Matt with Carpenter Limewashed Floor
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