17 Half Tiled Bathroom Ideas For A Spa Like Feel

half tiled bathroom ideas
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I bet the picture made you click. Now, this is just one of the stunning half tiled bathroom ideas you can look forward to…

I am a HUGE fan of half tiled bathrooms, it brings interest, gives an opportunity to add depth and character as well as incorporating some playful colour.

Plus, size doesn’t matter here. Even small bathrooms can appreciate a touch of boldness and colour to create a really bijoux space.

Ready to feel inspired? These 17 half tiled bathroom ideas will bring a spa like feel to your interior, with colour and playfulness to boot!

17 Half Tiled Bathroom Ideas For A Spa Like Feel

1.Create A Tropical Paradise

What I love about a half tiled bathroom look is the opportunity to really deliver on colour and visual interest in a space.

Introduce a bold colour like forest green on the tiles like this, elevating to a banana leaf wallpaper for a whole encompassing tropical look.

A fun, playful design like this is perfect for small bathrooms and downstairs toilets that can get away with a maximalist, large scale print like this.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: Fox Collective

2. A Classic Combination With Sage Green

White and sage green is a timeless combo for a bathroom, it retains a minimalist feel, whilst sage green on the upper half of a classic white tiled look brings a restorative, warming balance into the equation.

Introduce some black accents for a touch of modernity, use black rimmed mirrors and hardware accessories to tie the bathroom together.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: Industville

3. Playful Animal Print

A maximalist look that delivers on colour and playful patterns, there is so much to love about this half tiled bathroom!

With neon yellow brick tiles, a pink ledge and playful animal print wallpaper, it really delivers on colour, with fun pockets dotted around the bathroom.

If you are a maximalist lover, this style is for you!

half tiled bathroom ideas

4. A Bold Contrast With Navy Blue

Navy Blue is a classic colour for a bathroom, used in the right way and it can create a cosy and relaxing space to retreat to in the evenings.

They key to using navy blue in a way so it doesn’t feel oppressive is to pair it with a high contrast type of tiles, like this gorgeous pink, white and navy blue design.

Because there are still navy blue tones featured throughout the tiles, it really helps the space to feel cohesive.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: Original BTC

5. Grey & White For A Timeless Combination

If you’re looking for a timeless combination that will stand the test of time, a classic grey and white pairing can bring minimalism and modernity to a bathroom.

Lift the upper walls with a slightly warmer grey to bring warmth and visual interest into the space.

Grey and white can feel quite flat and boring on its own, so do introduce accent colours such as black, green, and navy blue for added colour and definition.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: Original Style

6. Mix Half Wall Tiles For Visual Interest

Perhaps one of my favourite half tiled bathroom ideas – such a beautifully, cool, ultra relaxed yet stylish colour scheme that works.

Half tiled looks may typically have tiles on just the lower half, but by choosing a different style of tile on both sides, you elevate and add additional interest that a plain painted wall can’t deliver on.

The perfectly imperfect tiles deliver interest from every angle, paired with a beautiful dusty pink for a touch of warmth.

7. Black For Added Drama In The Space

Black in a bathroom, really? Okay, it’s not for everyone. But if you want to create some serious drama in a bathroom, black is a great way to do just that.

Use black on the upper half to draw the eye up, pair a contrasting colour beneath for colour and warmth. The black brings a lovely bit of definition to the pink, whilst it balances well and creates a restorative and relaxing feel.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @real_homes

8. Tile The Upper Half To Draw The Eye Up

Mix things up and choose to tile the upper half of the wall instead. It’s another clever way to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is as it draws the eye up.

From a practical point of view, tiles surrounding the sink and upwards kind of makes more sense when you factor in all the splashes and moisture that occur in a bathroom.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @zazahomes

9. Pastel Tones For A Relaxing Softness

Pastel tones can be a welcome and inviting colour for a bathroom scheme. From pastel pink to lavender and sage green hues, paired with a white or neutral and they can bring a beautiful balance.

From an affordability point of view, a half tiled look will help to keep cost of tiles and labour costs down too.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @sanctuary.makers

10. Mosaic Splash Detail

Create a half tiled look with a difference by introducing a hexagonal tile design which gives the effect of a splash. It creates unusual visual interest which draws the eye in.

Personally, it’s not to my taste, but if you want an eclectic design in a bathroom, have a look at hexagonal tiles for plenty more inspiration.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @productdesign.ideas

11. Inject Spicy Terracotta

What’s not to love about terracotta, this on-trend spicy colour is turning heads, and if you’re creating a rustic or modern inspired bathroom, it can be a great colour to introduce to your colour scheme.

Pair with a white on the upper half, it will draw the eye up and cool down some of the fiery tones from the tiles. Introduce some black accents throughout to add some much needed definition.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @designwithfrank

12. Scandinavian Inspired Bathroom

There’s so much to love about this Scandinavian inspired bathroom – its colour scheme is calming, restorative and soothing.

Keep the bathroom neutral with white tones, yet choose imperfectly perfect tiles with a gloss finish on the bottom half. This type of finish gives further interest than matte tiles, and it’s perfect in a neutral colour scheme like this as it avoids it feeling flat.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @misspetiteshannon

13. Elevate With A Bold Navy Blue

Combine marble and navy blue for a warm and relaxing feel which can feel slightly more interesting than a navy blue and white combination.

Embrace navy blue above the tiles, it will draw the eye up and give the illusion of a bigger space.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @greeneacresfarmhouse

14. Wrap Around With Metro Brick Tiles

Metro brick tiles are one of the most popular tile choices, they’re versatile and super affordable. Use to wrap around the bathroom from a half tiled look to complete coverage in the shower.

I love the addition of the coastal wallpaper in this bathroom, it brings a wonderfully nautical feel paired with the brass details throughout.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @trevorfulmerdesign

15. Industrial, Grey Slab Tiles

Add a touch of rustic modernity with grey slab tiles, these tiles will keep those labour costs down and it’s a great way to ground and define the bathroom without opting for black.

Pair with whites, greys and black accents for a cohesive, industrial scheme.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @homestory_0941

16. Perfectly Imperfect Tiles

My favourite type of tiles are those that are perfectly imperfect. These charming tiles are designed to not be perfect so they add to that texture and visual interest when in situ.

They tend to carry a sheer gloss to them to so they always engage with you visually no matter what light or angle you look at them in. If you want to stick to neutral colours, these tiles are just a great way to stop a bathroom from feeling lifeless.

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @yilmazlarbanyomerkezi

17. Mix Tones & Textures For Visual Excitement

Mixing tiles, tones and finishes creates visual excitement and considered texture in a space.

The pairing of grey tiles grounds the space whilst the sage green lifts the walls and adds some much needed warmth and a restorative feeling.

Which of these half tiled bathroom ideas is your favourite?

half tiled bathroom ideas
Image credit: @mulberry_manor

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