13 Ways To Try The Colour Drenching Trend In Your Home

colour drenching ideas
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The term ‘colour drenching’ simply means saturating a space or room with one particular colour. It’s the process of painting the walls, ceiling, radiators and woodwork a shade that you really love – and the result can be breathtaking! 

If colour drenching is new to you, you may be looking for some visual inspiration to kick start your design process. We’ve shortlisted some of our favourite ideas below.

13 Ways To Try The Colour Drenching Trend In Your Home

1. Create A Cool Oasis With A Light Teal

Transport yourself to your favourite coastal landscape by colour drenching a bedroom in a light teal colour. 

This is such a bright and uplifting colour, it will make you feel awake and energised. Choose mustard coloured soft furnishings and accessories to add contrast.

Beautifully executed in this guest room with Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball.

colour drenching
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2. Ever Considered An All Pink Room?

Create your very own Barbie dreamhouse by painting a room all pink. If you want a bedroom to have a soft and feminine feel then painting it a dusky pink shade will definitely create this effect.

It’s a brave thing to do, but choosing a pink carpet and furniture to match the wall colour will make a real statement.

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3. Colour Drench To Avoid Drawing Your Attention To Sloped Ceilings

Colour drenching is a great technique to use if you wish to hide certain elements of a room. A great example of this is to disguise a sloped ceiling.

A sloped ceiling can make a room feel enclosed and quite cramped. Painting the room and ceiling in one bold colour should distract the eye away from this.

colour drenching 2
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4. Have A Moment For Blue, A Cooler Option Than Green

Blue interiors are set to be big in 2024 and we totally get why! Specifically pale blue is a beautifully calming shade that quietens down the senses and makes you feel fully relaxed. 

No doubt this is because it evokes images of the sea and you can imagine yourself sitting on a beach listening to the waves on the horizon.

colour drenching 3
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5. Create A Cosy, Cocooning Space With Charcoal

If you like to feel cocooned in your home, then choosing a darker colour to colour drench with could be the right choice for you.

It goes without saying that this will automatically make a room feel darker, so if you’re happy with that and you prefer a more moody and ambient space then go for it!

colour drenching 4
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6. Play With Panelling For Added Depth & Character

Colour drenching can sometimes make a room feel one dimensional. Avoid this from happening by installing wall panelling.

The added texture that wall panelling brings will introduce character to the room and make it feel more tactile.

colour drenching 5
Instagram Image Credit: @coolminedecor

7. Use A Darker Colour For A More Sumptuous, Expensive Feel

Darker colours paired with brass details are a match made in interior heaven. Try out the colour drenching technique in a smaller room to see if you like the effect it gives.

For example, a closet or walk-in wardrobe is the ideal space to test this out.

colour drenching 6
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8. Give A Nod To The Outside World With A Forest Green

Bring the outdoors in and saturate your space with the colour green. There are lots of different shades of green that give off different vibes but we love a mid toned forest green, like the one pictured above.

This colour feels modern and contemporary and because of its mid tone, can be paired with light or dark accessories.

colour drenching 7
Instagram Image Credit: @general_store_house

9. Go All In With Black

Painting a room entirely black is a bold move and takes immense bravery. But, if you’re sure that this is the right design decision for you then don’t delay picking up your paintbrush.

Paint your walls, ceiling and doors black but keep your flooring a neutral colour to help balance things out.

colour drenching 8
Instagram Image Credit: @our.robinson.home

10. Colour Drench To Create A Stunning Contrast In A Kitchen

Colour drenching is popular in living rooms and bedrooms but have you considered painting your kitchen one distinct colour? 

Use a bright poppy colour that you love such as coral or teal and contrast this with traditional coloured cabinetry.

colour drenching 9
Instagram Image Credit: @evelyn.onf

11. High Ceilings? Colour Drench For A Cosier Space

High ceilings are a blessing and a curse. For living rooms, they are a wonderful design feature as they make the space feel light and open. However, you may not want a bedroom with a high ceiling to be open. 

Make your bedroom feel cosier by colour drenching the room. Because the walls are the same colour as the ceiling, it will create a warming wraparound effect.

colour drenching 10
Instagram Image Credit: @paramount_apartments

12. Use A Navy Blue For A Warmer, Cosier Alternative To Black

There’s no denying that black or ‘nearly’ black colours feel dramatic and harsh. If you want something a bit softer but that’s also going to feel cosy then navy blue may be the ideal compromise.

Add tongue and groove panelling to a bedroom to create a textured feature wall.

colour drenching 11
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13. Pair With Other Bold Colours For A Stylish Space

Don’t hesitate when it comes to decorating your home and go with your natural instinct. If you are drawn to bold, bright colours then don’t dull yourself down to fit in with styles or trends.

Pair a coral drenched room with other block coloured furniture such as mustard and emerald green.

colour drenching 12
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