17 Seamless Built In Wardrobe Ideas To Maximise Your Space

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Whether you have a dead alcove space to fill or the need for floor to ceiling wardrobe space, a fitted bedroom wardrobe is one of the most popular, and practical solutions for bedrooms.

Not only do they create a better flow in a bedroom, but they can add value to your property price too.

There’s so many different types of built in wardrobe options so we’ve handpicked 17 of the best solutions for sloped ceilings to large Victorian houses.

17 Seamless Built In Wardrobe Ideas To Maximise Your Space

1.Classic Shaker Panelled Wardrobe

This style of wardrobe is hugely popular.

Shaker style panelling like this is traditionally chunkier than other types of panelling and it’s well suited to traditional but also modern properties which makes it a popular choice.

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Instagram Image Credit: @onlinebedrooms

2. Elevate To The Ceiling To Maximise Space

The big bonus to bespoke fitted wardrobes is that you can have them built to your exacting requirements.

If you live in a high ceilinged property you will miss out on oodles of storage space with a traditional wardrobe. By building to the ceiling you maximise your storage space without really eating into the room.

And, if the wardrobe ends up being really high, add a gorgeous ladder like this to reach those hard to reach areas, and well, it looks amazing when not in use too.

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Instagram Image Credit: @crucialtrading

3. Create A Seamless Floor To Ceiling Look

For a modern interior, take your fitted wardrobe straight from the floor to ceiling with no architectural details.

This will create a more seamless look and it won’t make a focal feature out of your wardrobe.

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Instagram Image Credit: @lizziegreen.co

4. Play On Architectural Mouldings

If you have a period property, it’s nice to pay homage to its traditional architectural features.

If you already have beautiful cornicing in place, it won’t feel right to not add the finishing details to your fitted wardrobe. Adding some relevant mouldings to the top will make it feel like it’s always been there.

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Instagram Image Credit: @thegirlwiththepantryladder

5. Create A Bespoke Wardrobe That Looks Like A Vintage Piece

You can be as bespoke as you like when it comes to having a built in wardrobe, and a talented joiner will go a long way at delivering exactly what you want.

This bespoke wardrobe has been beautifully finished and painted in the same shade as the rest of the room, it gives a vintage wardrobe feel and looks like it’s always been part of the setup.

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Instagram Image Credit: @makingspacesnet

6. Colour Drench The Space

Colour drenching the space is an on-trend way to create a cosy and cocooning space. It’s perfect for rooms with high ceilings as it will make the room feel closer together and as a result, cosier.

Painting the fitted wardrobe in the same colour creates a cohesive pull through the space, whilst it doesn’t draw attention to the wardrobe.

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Instagram Image Credit: @ty_victorianhouse

7. Pair With A Contrasting Warm Neutral

Alternatively, if you have an all white space, just painting the wardrobes and any other woodwork like your doors and architraves in a warm neutral will set off the room and bring a beautiful warmth to it.

Try a paint shade such as Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball or Dulux Egyptian Cotton to recreate a similar look.

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Instagram Image Credit: @summerhousestyle

8. Mix Wardrobe & Compartment Space

If you have the space to take your wardrobe up to the ceiling, mix the space up by adding compartment space above the main wardrobes.

Upper space like this needs a ladder to access it, so only use this for items which aren’t used on a daily basis.

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Instagram Image Credit: @homeisheathside

9. Contrast With Bold Wallpaper

How’s this for a fun look in a child’s bedroom? Make a bold move and contrast wallpaper with a statement making shade.

This colour is still featured in a small way within the wallpaper, this is the trick to still creating a cohesive space that works.

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Instagram Image Credit: @casaoldcorn

10. Create An Arched Fitted Unit For Additional Storage

This style of fitted wardrobe was popular in the 70s and 80s, but it seems to be making a comeback.

It’s another great way that you can lean into your fitted unit to generate more storage opportunities.

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Instagram Image Credit: @formandbalance

11. Add A Sumptuous Feel With Navy Blue

Create a two tone painted look in your room by selecting a bold, contrasting shade for the wardrobe.

A sumptuous, navy blue will add definition to your room whilst bringing a touch of modernity.

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Instagram Image Credit: @athomeinharrogate

12. Paint Your Wardrobes In A Bold, Stand Out Shade

If navy blue isn’t to your taste, lean into the natural world and opt for a gorgeous forest green shade.

This colour is perfect for complementing neutral and earthy colour schemes.

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Instagram Image Credit: @athomewithfoodies

13. Stagger Sizes

You don’t need to play by the rules when it comes to creating your built in wardrobes.

Instead of having one size all across, create a staggered look with a slightly bigger wardrobe in the middle. It will add visual interest and maximise your storage in the process.

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Instagram Image Credit: @renovate.no.98

14. Lean Into The Natural Side With Rattan

Perhaps one of the most popular styles of the moment is adding rattan for a natural, sustainable finish.

This style is also popular in the likes of a bespoke linoleum kitchen which also blends style, functionality and sustainability.

Rattan brings warmth, interest and a nod to the outside world in an interior.

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Instagram Image Credit: @browsondesignandbuild

15. Utilise Dead Alcove Space

Dead alcove space was made for built in wardrobes. It is one of the best ways to maximise every inch of space, and you can create them so that they seamlessly blend into the room.

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Instagram Image Credit: @thelondonhomefix

16. Use White Walls As A Neutral Backdrop

White walls serve as a perfect backdrop for adding a bold colour to your wardrobe. Opt for an off-white so it doesn’t feel as clinical as a bright white.

Introduce a secondary bold colour into the room to bring warmth, colour and personality into the space.

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Instagram Image Credit: @athomeinharrogate

17. Maximise A Sloped Ceiling By Building Into It

Of course, for awkward sized rooms and sloped ceilings, you can maximise and stop drawing attention to it by building seamlessly into the space.

It will instantly maximise storage in these hard to please areas, and look like it’s always been there.

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Instagram Image Credit: @freeborn_carpentry
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