17 Clever Bedroom Divider Ideas To Help Maximise Your Space

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There’s a number of reasons you might want to use a divider in your bedroom. Whether it’s to separate beds, create a zone in a shared bedroom office space, or to add privacy to an en suite bathroom without having to install a door. In some interior schemes, you can also choose one to purely add a design accent to your space.

Now, we’re not talking about bedroom dividers like the iconic garage door in the Humphrey’s household in Gossip Girl (IFKYK)… Bedroom dividers now bring a stylish and grounding accent to a bedroom that helps you maximise your space, and zone your bedroom appropriately.

Get inspired with these 17 clever ideas to divide your bedroom space.

17 Clever Bedroom Divider Ideas To Help Maximise Your Space

1.Create An Aesthetic Divide With Wood

We’d all kill for a Farmhouse inspired place like this, but you don’t have to necessarily take a nod from your architecture to think about including a similar wooden partition like this.

These pieces of wood create a natural, rustic inspired frame on either side of the bed. Finish with metal or even rope to create a more intentional divide out of the section.

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2. Glass Divider

A glass divider is one of the popular ways to add a divide to a bedroom. It can be a great way to create a walk in wardrobe in your space without visually impacting space. It creates that perfect divide between the two areas and keeps your bed space clutter free.

This black aluminium style frame adds definition and brings a touch of modernity into the bedroom.

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Instagram image credit: @myscandinavianhome

3. Introduce Softness With A Linen Curtain

If your bedroom leads onto an en-suite you might not want to introduce the harshness of a solid internal door, as well as taking into account the swing of the door and the space you lose with it.

Instead, why not consider introducing softness with a gorgeously draped linen curtain? It provides privacy and additional warmth to the space. It’s also one of the most affordable methods of introducing a divider to a bedroom.

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Instagram image credit: @myscandinavianhome

4. Use A Bed As Your Divider

A clever way to divide your room is to reconsider how you layout your bedroom. Take note from the below where the bed frame has been built and is not placed against the back of a wall.

This allows you to divide the space and gives you room for wardrobe storage, whilst in the case of this room it brings you further forward into a show stopping sea view.

This method is not suitable for all spaces, you need a large enough space to benefit from this, but you also need to be mindful of how the back of the bed frame appears. No one wants to step into a room and be greeted by the back of a bed, so if you can, build storage into the bed frame so you’re greeted by a decorative display.

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5. Floor To Ceiling Brass Dividers

Introducing floor to ceiling dividers is an effective way in partitioning a bedroom. Simply place in front of your bed, adding separation to the rest of your room for an office, dressing room or other purpose.

The brass finish adds warmth to the rest of the bedroom colour scheme.

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Instagram image credit: @joostemahome

6. Thrift A Second Hand Traditional Divider

Being thrifty can sometimes pay dividends, and we love the vintage feel of this thrifted bedroom divider.

If you have a traditional interior design scheme or want to add an eclectic touch, this is a great way to do it. It can be used for partitioning beds in a room, office space or an en-suite bathroom. Look in second hand stores, Facebook marketplace and flea markets for unique finds like this.

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Instagram image credit: @ingthings

7. Divide Your Wardrobe With A Walnut Wood Divider

Deliver an elegant feel to your interior with a walnut wood divider. This style blends seamlessly with the colour scheme of the room.

It provides the perfect partition between the dressing area, yet keeps light flooding through the room.

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Instagram image credit: @lifestyleinteriors_showhomes

8. Introduce Light & Privacy With A Glass Partition

Glass partitions are hugely popular, but they’re not overly private. Elevate this area by adding a voile or linen curtain that can be pulled across when required.

It still allows light to flood through the room in the day, whilst the curtain introduces additional warmth and texture into the bedroom.

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Instagram image credit: @lovethesign

9. Ground The Room With A Black Divider

Black should be included in every design scheme, it will ground your colour scheme and adds gorgeous definition to a bedroom.

This black divider has been expertly placed to create a divide between the en suite and bed area. Position a sofa in front of it to soften the look and create more of an intentional divide.

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Instagram image credit: @inhabit_hotels

10. Bring The Natural World Inside With Tree Logs

Looking for something a little bit different? Take inspiration from the below image which gives a beautiful nod to the natural world around us.

You’ll need to consult help from an expert to get something similar installed, but we think it’s worth it.

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Instagram image credit: @bette.official

11. Use A Bed Built In To Create A Divide In The Room

Another example of how a bed built in can be used to divide a bedroom. Use it as an opportunity to incorporate storage opportunities and shelving into it.

If the back of the frame is plain, consider adding a console table in front of it so you’re greeted by something other than the back of the bed as you enter the room.

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Instagram image credit: @molyneuxcabinetry

12. Add A Boho Inspired Wicker Divider

For a boho or rustic inspired interior, think about introducing a wicker divider. They introduce a natural warmth to the space, and their construction allows for light to easily pass through.

We love the style of the divider shown below, the curved shape adds interest whilst the black frame brings definition and grounds the divide.

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Instagram image credit: @mohh.official

13. Introduce A Divider That Doubles Up As A Door & Storage

Perhaps you want to construct a divider rather than introducing a partition wall. This method allows for light to easily pass through whilst providing an opportunity for privacy and storage.

This divider used here has a door incorporated into the design, along with storage opportunities.

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Instagram image credit: @malo_development

14. Floor Length Drape Curtains Bring Softness & Warmth

If you don’t want something so permanent in nature, opt for floor length drape curtains, as shown below.

This floaty style brings softness and warmth and is one of our favourite ways to intentionally divide a space.

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Instagram image credit: @akindofhome

15. A Trio of Dividers

One of the only exceptions to three’s a crowd in an interior setting. A trio of dividers like this provides a conscious divide that doesn’t inhibit light or make the room feel crowded.

Opt for a natural wooden finish to enjoy natural warmth in the room.

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Instagram image credit: @amsi.atelier

16. Use A Frame To Divide A Bedroom Office Combo

It’s fairly common for bedrooms to be multi purpose spaces nowadays. If your bedroom is shared with your home office, it’s likely that you’ll be craving a divide of some sort to create that restful divide from work at the end of the day.

There’s a number of ways that you can introduce a divide, but this simple wooden frame provides an intentional partition whilst adding to the overall decor scheme. Install a curtain so it can be shut off at night time.

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17. Take Inspiration From Chinese Design

We couldn’t not include a classic bedroom divide inspired by Chinese design. A stylish way to divide a bedroom that ticks all the boxes.

It brings definition to the space, allows for light to continue passing through beautifully and is a great way to zone off certain areas of the bedroom.

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