19 Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas For A Multi Functional Space

small bedroom office combo ideas

These small bedroom office combo ideas are perfect examples of how you can masterfully integrate a home office into a bedroom space too.

Working from home has become more popular than ever following recent years, and creating a multi functional space that works is so important for those that don’t have a spare room that they can dedicate to a home office.

If you’re looking to zone a space in your bedroom, these 19 small bedroom office combo ideas will give you all the inspiration you need, proof that you don’t need a huge space to create an aesthetically beautiful home office area.

19 Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas For A Multi Functional Space

1.Wedge A Desk Between A Beautiful Built In

If you have a spare wall in your bedroom, create a custom built in that maximises storage space, delivers a beautiful aesthetic and gives you a desk area that could be swapped out for a dressing table on the weekend.

This gorgeous built in makes it look like it has always been a part of the bedroom, an easy integration that’s perfect if you have the space to build out a frame like this. Add a gorgeous, yet functional office chair to complete the look.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: styleathome

2. Use Dead Alcove Space For A Dedicated Desk Area

Unused alcoves in a bedroom are dead space that can be difficult to otherwise fill unless you add some built in shelving and cabinetry.

Using this space to house a size appropriate desk or table is a great use of space, it keeps your desk tucked away and allows you to create a cosy, stylish desk area.

Embrace verticality and add shelving to the walls to add further design flair to the area.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @the_little_pink_nest

3. Position Desk Next To A Window For Natural Light

Many people do not like the thought of their desk facing a wall, and actually it’s a good idea to try and position your desk near to a window or natural light anyway, as it can help to boost productivity and your mental health, especially during the winter season.

If you have the space, position your desk away from the wall, preferably facing a window like this, plus, it definitely helps with inspiration by having a good view to look at too.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @the.chelsea.chapters

4. Swap A Traditional Desk For A Custom Made Wooden, Floating Desk

Where space is a premium you really do have to be clever with your space and furniture that you use.

If finding the right desk is proving to be a difficulty, opt for a custom made wooden, floating desk.

Wall mounted desks don’t eat into your floor space, and it means you can allow to have a slightly larger desk too.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @soulhome_new

5. Swap A Bedside Table For A Neat, Desk By The Bed

For small bedrooms, this is one of the best small bedroom office combo ideas that is pretty much suitable for most bedrooms.

Instead of a bedside table on one side of the bed, swap this out for a neat sized desk. It’s a great opportunity to create an aesthetically pleasing space, especially if you have a built in shelf like this with the desk, or choose to add shelving above the desk.

It creates a perfectly zoned space within a bedroom.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @my_full_house

6. Use A Corner of Your Bedroom For A Makeshift Desk

If you have a spare corner in your bedroom not in use, this is the perfect place to add a makeshift desk.

A wall mounted unit like this is easiest as you can make it custom size to the space you have to play around with.

Add some gorgeous decor accessories and a table lamp for some targeted lighting when you need it.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @furnburyinteriordesign

7. Create A Gorgeous, Custom Built In

If you have the space and budget, transform an empty black wall into a gorgeous, custom built in.

This is a perfect addition to a small bedroom that can double up on storage and design opportunities to create beautiful displays with decorative accessories.

Add downlights in the cubby holes for targeted lighting, and leave an area for a desk which can double up as a dressing table too.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @sharpsbedrooms

8. Use A Console Table That Can Be Dressed Up When Not In Use

Your bedroom might be calling out for a desk or home office or sorts, but you might not want the aesthetic of it there all day.

It can be difficult to get that divide between work and relaxation in a shared bedroom/office, so you might be leaning towards something that’s not necessarily a desk for your home office.

A great workaround that can become a multi functional space in your bedroom is by using a beautiful console table.

Create a feature out of it with a considered gallery wall above it, stylish chair and table lamp. Remove your laptop when the working day ends, to use it for a dressing table or just a stylish perch for the rest of the time.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @simplesweetalmostcomplete

9. Add A Desk That Faces Your Window

Position your desk by a window to help boost productivity and your mental health. If you have a small bedroom, this may be your only option.

Direct sunlight can make work and seeing a screen difficult, so ensure you get a good blind or window treatment sorted to give you the necessary shade you need.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @lillianaugust

10. Zone A Room With A Corner For Your Small Home Office

I love this cosy small bedroom office combo which boasts a half painted wall look for added visual interest.

Zone a room in a corner by adding a desk, shelf and various other decorative accessories to the area which clearly show the divide from the rest of the room.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @guy.girl.and.a.housefire

11. Create A Beautiful Custom Corner Next To The Bed

Perhaps one of my favourite small bedroom office combo ideas, it’s gorgeous!

I love the reclaimed desk next to the bed, with shelving and a wooden display board which clearly zones and sets this divide in the space.

Proof that small bedroom office combos can work when executed beautifully like this.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @av.home

12. A Small, Wall Mounted Desk For A Multi Functional Bedroom Space

A wall mounted desk remains one of the best choices for a bedroom that is strapped for space, you don’t become restricted by width, and you can make it narrow enough to house a laptop, but one that is still functional.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @itsorganized

13. Custom Built Wall Mounted Desk

Another example of a great wall mounted desk that can work in a small bedroom.

You are not restricted by size when choosing a desk when you create your own custom built desk. As shown, they have run their desk along the length of the wall for added space that would otherwise become unused, dead space.

Add some photo frames, shelves and hanging plants to the area to zone the space appropriately.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @thewhitebuffaloco

14. A Dead Alcove Space Makes For The Perfect Home Office Spot

Another example how dead alcove space on a chimney breast wall can be used for the perfect home office spot.

Choose a desk that sits comfortably within the space, and add some wall art or shelving to the wall above your computer for additional visual interest.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @lifeatrailwaycottages

15. Embrace Verticality

If you have a corner space to use, embrace verticality and build up from your desk. This is one of the greatest ways to make the most out of your space and increase your storage options quite substantially.

This creates such a beautifully well defined space in a bedroom that is zoned for a home office, I love the wraparound style of desk that creates a really cosy space, yet plenty of table space for work.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @louiseinteriores

16. Natural, Slim Built Work From Home Desk

These natural working from home desks are super ingenious. They’re available in sit and stand options and in a variety of sizes. The unit provides everything you need to deliver a visually exciting look too.

Whether you have an alcove space or an empty wall, the beauty of these desks is that they can pretty much be setup anywhere that has the space to accommodate them.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @workfromhomedesksusa

17. Add A Slim Desk & Zone The Space

Zoning is so important when it comes to splitting up a bedroom and home office, it gives you the divide you need from work and relaxation.

This can be achieved by setting a boundary within the space with an area rug, adding wallpaper, half wall painted look, or even just by adding a gallery wall above your desk.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @newhomedaisylane

18. Create A Multi Functional Media Wall

When creating a home office in your bedroom, where space is a premium you need to think about functionality and how else you use your room.

Creating a media wall can be a great way to introduce additional storage, add a TV, shelving and a desk. It can suddenly become a 3 in 1 that serves your room for all of your needs.

small bedroom office combo ideas
Image credit: @arqkarlaseara

19. Elevate Your Bedside Area

This is a snapshot from my very own bedroom that needed to accommodate a home office, I only had a 1 bedroom flat at the time so I really only had my bedroom to play around with.

I swapped one of my bedside tables for this IKEA dressing table unit, set a boundary with a mini gallery wall, a table lamp for targeted light in the corner, and some bright accessories for a visually interesting look.

Which of these small bedroom office combo ideas is your favourite?

small bedroom office combo ideas

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