My Home Office Setup For Under £150

home office setup

After 8 weeks of working from home, my home office setup is complete, and I’m a tiny bit in love.

There’s only so much working from the dining table amidst the crumbs of last nights dinner that I can take. I have wanted a home office for so long anyway, but didn’t really have enough space for a dedicated area. Or so I THOUGHT.

It probably took about 5 minutes for me to realise how I could make it work in my bedroom. Needless to say, it took me even less time to know how I wanted to style it, thank you 2 years worth of ‘dream office‘ pins on Pinterest.

Home Office Desk

Brimnes Dressing Table – Ikea £65

By the time I started looking for desks, most people had already been working at home for about 4 weeks. Every man and their dog had ordered a desk.

Trying to find one that was a ) under £300 b) in stock and c) wasn’t hideous was a challenge. It also had to be a certain width to fit the space, Ikea was my obvious choice but the one I wanted wasn’t available for delivery. So.. I ended up with a dressing table, as you do.

But it’s actually perfect. You can’t tell, it has more compartments and drawers than the initial desk I looked at and it means that it can be used as a dressing table if I no longer need it as a desk. It was only £65 which I think was a bloody steal. LOVE IT.

home office setup

Eiffel Scandinavian Chair – PN Home £25

A Good Desk Chair

I love Eiffel style chairs. I was super tempted to go for pink with the desk, but as my bedroom is mainly white I wanted to keep it minimal and build colour with the accessories.

This chair is SO comfy, I’m still on the fence about getting a Mongolian fur throw to go in it as it will be super cosy for the winter! What do you think?

desenio prints gallery wall

Art Prints To Make A Statement

Lisa Bengtsson Print Hugo – Desenio (print and frame were bought separately about four years ago!)

London Taxi Print – Desenio £14.95 / Metal Frame Black £14.95

Oh Baby, It’s A Wild World Print – Desenio £7.95 / Metal Frame Black £9.95

I’m not lying when I say the Hugo print has sat on my floor for the entire 3 years I’ve lived here. I knew I would find a home for it eventually and it feels so good finally seeing it up on a wall.

Can I just say, not only did I build the furniture myself, I even put the prints up by myself. If I can look back on lockdown and say this is one of my only achievements then I’ll take it!

I opted for the two other monochrome prints to keep the area classy and simplistic. I spent hours looking for the right prints and I still didn’t know if they would go until they turned up. Luckily, they couldn’t have worked any better together. The beauty with Desenio prints is that I can just buy other same sized prints to go in the frames when I fancy a change.

Desk Lamp

Celio Copper Lamp – Oliver Bonas SALE £27.50 (bulb purchased separately – had it for 3 years!)

Adding a desk lamp to your home office space that is both aesthetically pleasing yet practical is so key. A desk lamp will predominately be used for task lighting to help you carry out tasks more efficiently. And a good one which doesn’t leave you with a headache long after you’ve left your desk!

Pen Pot – Sainsburys

Planter – Primark

Fejka Fake Plant – Ikea

Mug – Miss Etoile (old)

The majority of my other desk accessories already lived on my bedside table so they go perfectly with the desk.

Copper, pastel pink, marble, it’s like I’m a millennial or something, huh?

home office setup

To Do List Notepad – Annie Dornan Smith £6.50

Lastly a little shout out to small business owner Annie Dornan Smith, I dig her stuff! I picked up this to to do list notepad at the Native Makers Christmas market which was held in the Royal William Yard last year. There’s something satisfying about ticking and highlighting off your to do lists for the day as you go!

Also, the screensaver we have all grown to love and see on Pinterest is called Fliqlo screensaver if anyone is wondering, it is completely free to download – I LOVE it!

IMG 3327

My dream office setup in a nutshell. I hope it gives you inspiration whether you’re looking to create a dedicated office space now, or in the future.

I have to say it’s had a huge impact on my productivity having a dedicated space to work from that I can separate from eating and relaxing. Don’t forget to add some gorgeous greenery too. A Biophilic home office can help to purify air, relieve stress and even increase your productivity!

How have you adapted to working from home? Have you had to setup a dedicated working space? If you enjoyed this interiors post from me, you might also like reading about our Victorian bathroom renovation!

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