Marbleized Decor Is Trending On Pinterest: 7 Ways To Add It To Your Home

marbleized decor
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Marbleized decor is coming in hot this Autumn, with searches up a whopping 10,000+% in the last month on Pinterest.

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin, a decorative technique on an item that imitates the appearance of marble, it could be achieved with paint, resin arts, and on ceramic and porcelain tiles. Plus, it doesn’t carry the hefty price tag like traditional marble, but it still looks hella’ cute.

From marblelized pumpkins to trinket dishes we never knew we needed, here are 7 ways you can add it to your home now.

7 Ways To Add Marbleized Decor To Your Home

Marbleized Pumpkins

Bored of orange pumpkins? Yep, us too! Not only is this craft super easy, but it’s mesmerising to watch.

Don’t just stop at pumpkins, recreate the same look and method on baubles for Christmas.

Marbleized Drink Coasters

Not only are these marbleised drink coasters a great way to easily incorporate this trend into your interior, but they’re SO affordable too.

We love the combination of colours that the sedimentary rock create in the design.

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marbleized decor

Marbleized Figural Decorative Item

Is there anything Studio McGee can’t do? Her latest Threshold range with Target has produced the goods, and we love this figural decorative item.

It’s sturdy, looks super expensive, yet isn’t and it’s that perfect filler item to add to a shelf, console table or bedside table. Stack on top of books for elevated style.

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Marbleized Trinket Dish

Add a touch of marbleised beauty in the easiest way with this adorable marbleized trinket dish from Etsy.

Handcrafted to order, it features an array of pastel colours, finished with a gold trim. The cutest dish for adding keys, jewellery and any other bits or bobs onto it.

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marble trinket dish

Marbleized Vase With Gold Trim

Elevate your floral display with this Mable vase, this long length vase is ideal for small houseplants and your latest fresh bunch of flowers.

It’s finished with a stylish gold trim for a warm accent.

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marbleized vase

Marbleized Tray

Who doesn’t love a tray? We love the versatility of them – add to a console table, use as a candle tray on a coffee table, or use as a bougie breakfast tray for a stack of pancakes.

It has that tell-tale marble look, but has a deliciously tasty price tag.

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marbleized tray

Marbleized Table Lamp

If you’re feeling spenny, invest in this.

It combines all our marble, table lamp dreams in one. This stand out table lamp will bring a bold statement to any interior style, equally perfect for a contemporary or maximalist space.

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marbleized lamp

What do you think of the marbleized decor trend? Whether it’s here to stay or not, trending searches show no sign of slowing down and well, it’s pretty stunning!

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