15 Trendy Yet Timeless Zellige Tile Ideas For The Bathroom

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Image credit: Zellige Rustico Bianco, Baked Tile Co.

Zellige tiles might feel like the hottest new tile member on the block, but they’re actually a timeless style that date back years to their origination in Morocco.

I have just installed aqua zellige tiles in our new bathroom, and perhaps the most special thing about them is that no matter where you stand in the room, you get a different welcome from them.

They are fired and then glazed, giving them a perfectly imperfect look which creates that different variation of colour in the tiles. They’re not far from being a perfect addition to a bathroom as they just bring so much visual interest to the party.

Let these 15 zellige tile ideas for the bathroom inspire you on your next bathroom project.

Introduce The Unexpected With These 15 Zellige Tile Ideas For The Bathroom

1.Blush Pink

Types of zellige style vary, it’s very common to see them in either squares like this or in rectangular brick style. If you’re installing it yourself, you might think twice about tiles of this size though! But there is a lot to love about these in smaller areas in a bathroom such as a shower enclosure.

I adore the imperfect look it provides, in a blush colour like this, there is shades ranging from light pastel pink to even dark terracottas and it just adds the most wonderful focal feature to capture your attention as you enter the room.

Zellige tiles are typically more expensive than standard tiles, but I found Your Tiles a great place for range and affordability.

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Instagram image credit: @terrazzotiles

2. White Variation

If you want to keep things quite neutral in your bathroom yet want subtle variation on colour, white zellige is just one of the perfect choices you could make.

It allows you to keep to a white, pristine finish, yet doesn’t feel boring or flat because of that gorgeous sheen these tiles naturally have.

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Instagram image credit: @michaelcasehomes_townsville

3. Aqua & Brass Details

Very similar to a set I have just tiled in my own bathroom, I think aqua is just one of the most opportune colours for a bathroom. It’s calming, spa like and can be warmed up naturally with brass hardware details.

I’m a big fan of stacking tiles vertically too, it will elongate your bathroom and give the illusion that the space is much bigger than it actually is.

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Instagram image credit: @consultbyfd_

4. Natural White Zellige

Natural white zellige tiles stacked or placed horizontally create the most cocooning and spa like shower enclosure as pictured below.

Finish with white grout to let the tiles do the talking. We love the pairing with the brass shower head which warms up the white finish.

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Instagram image credit: @enchantedberkeley

5. Maroon Hues

Could you lean into the dark side like this? We see a lot of neutral and pared back shades on zellige tiles, so it’s always refreshing to see something a little bit different.

And well, if you want to make a statement in your bathroom, do it with maroon zellige. The pops of red and brass in this bathroom create a really luxurious feeling retreat.

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Instagram image credit: @rockettstgeorge

6. Mediterranean Inspired

It’s not surprising that zellige tiles create a Mediterranean inspired space given that their roots come from Morocco. Floor to ceiling tiling is another of my favourite ways to decorate a shower enclosure, especially with zellige.

It adds interest from the floor up and looks incredible. Pair with greenery for a really botanical feel.

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Instagram image credit: @karenaspreastudio

7. Add Further Interest With Small Scale Zellige

Small scale zellige adds even more opportunities for visual interest and contrary to belief, smaller scale patterns can actually make a bathroom feel bigger.

Having tiled our bathroom ourselves, I absolutely would not want to be using tiles of this size, so get a professional in instead!

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Instagram image credit: @jennabaksa

8. Stacked Zellige For Verticality

Stacked seems to be the way to go right now as far as tile play goes. It’s a genius way of elongating a room and helps to draw the eye up as you enter the space.

Black grout adds added definition, and it can be great in smaller downstairs toilets or bathrooms without windows if you want to lean into the darkness.

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Instagram image credit: @your_tiles

9. Baby Blue Tones

Baby blue and aqua hues will create a serene, spa like bathroom. The different nuances you get from zellige tiles continues to create an interesting design that will stand the test of time.

Whether you tile behind a vanity unit or a shower/bath enclosure, this colour helps you to create a timeless design rather than just being ‘trendy’.

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Instagram image credit: @topgres

10. Neutral Grey Colour Scheme

If you want a little more colour than white, grey is a refreshing alternative for creating a neutral bathroom colour scheme.

Combine with grey grout and grey bathroom accessories. Use chrome to keep the bathroom space cohesive, if you have a very sunny South facing bathroom, this type of colour scheme is a great way to keep it cool in the summer months.

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Instagram image credit: @natefischer

11. Earn Your Stripes

The stripe trend continues to be on the rise in bathrooms. It’s fun, stylish and looks amazing. It actually brings a slight retro feel, but may lean more towards being a trend rather than offering timeless appeal.

It’s a bit difficult to try this technique with most zellige, but you can divide them by some type of colour differentiation to create something similar. As you’ll see below, not all the stripes are exactly the same from floor to ceiling, which again adds to the overall design aesthetic of using zellige.

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Instagram image credit: @cm.interiors

12. Imperfect Zellige For A Rustic Feel

If you don’t like the imperfect nature of zellige, it’s probably not the tile for you.

There is perceived beauty in the imperfect as beautifully demonstrated in this bathroom featured below. I will also add, that if you’re a novice to tiling and giving it a go yourself, you really can’t go far wrong with this type of tile and style!

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Image credit: Zellige Rustico Bianco, Baked Tile Co.

13. Lean Into The Darkness

If lighter neutral hues are not on your radar, lean into the darkness with these stunning olive green zellige tiles. There’s something quite sophisticated about this colour and it brings an intense feel to a bathroom.

Pair with brass hardware details to introduce some warmth.

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Image credit: Hope Mink Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles, Walls and Floors

14. Green & Marble

Similar to zellige, these tiles are inspired by traditional Majolica, the kind of handmade ceramics you’d find in an old Spanish finca or Tuscan hideaway.

We love the charm they instil with irregular edges and an uneven surface. The glaze gives it a rich finish and ignites the eye visually no matter where you are in the bathroom.

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Image credit: Porcelain Superstore

15. Japandi Style Vibes

Zellige tiles are one of those types that can work in a myriad of interior design schemes, and we love the versatility of them with also adds to the charm of working with them.

In the right shade they add a minimalist feel without being flat or boring. Check them out in this Japandi style bathroom below.

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Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Oasis Ceramic White
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