27 of the Best Restorative Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: seansymington

If these sage green bedroom ideas don’t leave you wanting to don a paintbrush and get stuck into a tin of the good stuff, I don’t know what will.

It’s no secret that sage green has become one of the most on-trend colours of 2023, it’s a way to give a nod to the natural world, whilst it brings the most restorative and calming hue to bedrooms and beyond.

I mean it, these are 27 of the best restorative sage green bedroom ideas that you’re going to want to pin, bookmark and screenshot, let’s get stuck in!

27 of the Best Restorative Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

1. Sage Green & Heritage Yellow For A Stylish Contrast

Not only is sage green an on-trend colour, heritage yellow, a more antique yellow is rising in popularity.

The two of these colours are a surprising, yet gorgeous contrast. The brown desk in this bedroom really grounds the colour scheme, and the differing patterns create a really layered and sumptuous feel.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @sarahvanrenen

2. Sage Green & Terracotta

Constantly immersed in interiors, I have seen firsthand how sage green has made huge waves in interiors over the last year. 

But, the best combination?

Sage green and terracotta. Sage green balances the spicy tones of terracotta for a restorative and relaxing colour combination that makes a bedroom space look instantly on trend.

The paint colour used here is Cromarty by Farrow and Ball, colour matched with the Valspar service in B&Q.

sage green bedroom ideas

3. Layer With Texture & Patterns

One of my favourite ways to work colour into an interior is to layer with texture, colour and patterns, it creates exciting visual interest.

From the frayed edge on the cushion, to the patterned headboard and scallop trim on the lamp, every space your eyes dart to in this bedroom is a delight for the senses.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @seansymington

4. Sage Green Shaker Style Wall Panelling For Depth

Shaker style wall panelling is a hugely popular wall panelling choice for bedrooms.

It works well in traditional and country style interiors, painted in sage green it creates a wonderful focal feature on the bed wall.

Use a bright white or light neutral above it if you opt for a half wall panelling look like this, it will draw the eye up and make the bedroom feel even bigger.

The panelling colour used below and Farrow and Ball French Gray.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @theblossomshome

5. Half Wall Panelling With Wallpaper For Visual Interest

Another way to add greater visual interest above a half wall panelling look is to use wallpaper on the upper half.

If you are painting sage green on the lower half, choose a wallpaper above with the same tones of green, it will make the look feel more intentional and cohesive in the bedroom.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: wmorrisandco

6. Tongue & Groove Sage Green Panelling

Tongue and groove panelling is always a good idea in my eyes.

It creates a great focal feature and is perfect for traditional to modern interiors.

It brings a sense of verticality with it, so it can be great for use in smaller bedrooms as it helps to draw the eye up. It brings greater depth and character to a space than plain painted walls.

Neptune Moss paint is used on the panelling below.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @_homeofvictoria

7. Go Bold With Red Accents

We know that rusty tones like terracotta pair really well with a sage green bedroom, but adding a bold accent like red can create striking visual interest, and you only need a few well placed accents to benefit from the warmth it brings.

Use red on subtle accents like a cushion trim, on wall lights and small decorative accessories. When you use it on textiles it brings even more warmth into the equation.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @tarn_london

8. Mix Sage Green Patterns For Strong Visual Interest

Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns within an interior. Whilst the Roman blinds and wallpaper feature a wildly different pattern, they both share the same tonal greens which maintains that cohesive and intentional space.

If you don’t feel brave enough mixing patterns of this scale, start with mixing cushions and bedding.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @edwardbulmerpaint

9. Add A Shelf For Visual Interest On Your Bed Wall

Make an extension of your half wall panelling and add some ample storage opportunities on your bed wall with a shelf above the panelling.

Not only does it allow you to add greater visual interest to a space, but it delivers extra storage, and finished with a brass bar like this brings a gorgeous, warm contrast against the sage green.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @av.home

10. Combine With Warm Neutrals & Grey For A Cosy Colour Scheme

Sage green is a much loved colour in a warm neutral colour scheme. It pairs really well with beiges, creams, whites and earthier colours such as olive green and brown.

It’s a popular colour scheme for a bedroom, and great at delivering a warm and cosy ambience in a room.

The colour used in the bedroom below is Mizzle by Farrow and Ball, colour matched by Dulux.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @thegrange_renovationproject

11. Dress The Bed In Gorgeous Sage Green Bedding

Introducing sage green as simply an accent colour into the space on areas such as the bedding is a sumptuous way to make the most of this lovable shade, whilst it contrasts beautifully against the all white bedroom.

Pair with another couple of sage green accents in the room to tie the space together, such as with a sage green vase like this on a bedside table.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @studio.lux.interiors

12. Introduce Brassy Accents For A Warm Finish

If you’re looking for a perfect metal accent to pair with a sage green bedroom, brass tones are an effortless choice that will bring warmth, depth and contrast to your space.

Don’t overload the bedroom with brass, a few brass accents like this on some frames on the bed wall look effective, and will stand out for the right reasons.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @honkyinteriordesign

13. Use A Dado Rail For Clever Colour Separation

A dado rail is one of the best ways to add perfect colour separation to a room. They are usually placed at 2/3 height of the wall, but they can be placed higher.

They are a great way to invite visual interest and draw the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger space. Paint the upper part and ceiling with a bright white for that inviting feel.

The paint shade used below is Little Greene Tracery II.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @interiors_at_13

14. Vertical Strip Panelling For A Modern Feel

Strip panelling like this is a much more modern approach than your classic shaker style panelling. I adore this half wall look with a bright white above it to install height and warmth in the bedroom.

Don’t forget to add a few black accents, they’ll bring a touch of modernity and definition to the room.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @lick

15. Embrace The Natural World With Rattan Accents

Lean into the natural world around us with the addition of rattan accents. Rattan is a hugely popular natural material for an interior.

A perfect choice for light fixtures as they don’t inhibit light, and when switched on they will disperse light beautifully through the material.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @our.renovation.story

16. Use Sage Green As An Accent On Window Treatments

Showcase sage green as an accent colour on your window treatments. This is a subtle yet effective way to incorporate this earthy neutral into your bedroom.

It provides a beautiful and welcome contrast against an all white look like this.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @houmi.projekty

17. Sage Green & Cream For A Neutral Bedroom Colour Combination

You can’t go wrong with a sage green and cream colour combination for a modern take on sage green in an interior.

Finish the look with a few well placed black accents, they will define what will otherwise be a floating colour scheme and they’ll bring a touch of modernity with it too. Recreate the look by using Overtly Olive by Dulux.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @homewithchlo__

18. Contrast With Different Accent Colours For Added Warmth

Introduce 2-3 different accent colours against the sage green for added warmth in your bedroom. Think of adding yellows, darker shades of green, greys and creams.

Even if it’s just a pop of colour on a bunch of flowers, this is one of my favourite sage green bedroom ideas.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @design_at_nineteen

19. Use Sage Green On Woodwork For A Welcome Pop of Colour

Create a welcome contrast of colour by using an accent colour like sage green on your doors and woodwork.

It adds further visual interest to the room, and is a great workaround using colour if you don’t feel confident enough to use it across all of your bedroom walls.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @sevenpalmtreehouse

20. Create A Unique Feature Wall With Panelling

Shaker style panelling and tongue and groove are among the most popular styles of panelling, but you can create a really unique feature wall with panelling that goes against the grain.

The different directions of this strip panelling adds intense visual interest and makes for a great focal feature on a bed wall.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @ruma_otel

21. Embrace Those Soft Sage Green Hues

Sage green can be used in a varying of different hues, you can really lean into the softer side of this popular colour for a more neutral, pared back colour scheme.

I love this shade on the bedding in this bedroom, its soft, ultra relaxed yet stylish.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @helloimaubs

22. Two Tonal Traditional Wall Panelling

Use traditional wall panelling in a less than traditional way by opting for a two tonal look.

Paint the feature wall or walls in sage green to ground the bedroom, and use a white or off-white on the mouldings for a striking contrast.

I love the pops of red in this colour scheme too, it feels intentional and brings a beautiful warmth to the look.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @alfrednewall

23. Warm Neutral, Modern Look

As far as these sage green bedroom ideas go, this look gives serious Ibiza, chilled out vibes, I love it!

The mixture of light fittings and materials adds to the visual interest with sage green, stonewashed walls and ceilings for an inviting, enveloping feel.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @jeanstofferdesign

24. Colour Drench With Sage Green

Colour drenching involves using the same colour throughout the walls, woodwork and ceiling.

However, above the half wall panelling some gorgeous sage green wallpaper has been used rather cleverly as it actually helps to break up the monotony that colour drenching can create in a space.

The continuation of sage green into the en suite creates a collective, and cohesive colour scheme.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @oodlesofwallpaper

25. Opt For Verticality

Yes to those verticals! Embracing verticality and stripes in wallpaper is one of the best design tricks to give the illusion of more space in a room.

I love the effective choice of pairing differing fabrics for a cohesive, playful feel.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @gpjbaker

26. Pair With Bright White To Let The Wallpaper Take Centre Stage

When employing a half wall panelling look in a bedroom, it’s a popular choice to paint the upper half in a bright white to draw the eye up, but there’s other opportunities to bring a playful touch and added visual interest too.

The bright white adds a classic contrast in this bedroom which grounds the look, with a gorgeous sage green, botanical wallpaper print above it.

Pair with wooden tones and rattan accessories for an outside, inside look and feel.

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @serenaandlily

27. Go All In With A Stunning Wall Mural

Finally, why not go all in with a stunning sage green wall mural.

Adding this to the bed wall creates an eye catching focal point, and rather than half wall panelling, there is an extension of a bed headboard across the length of the wall in a gorgeous rattan fabric.

There is so much texture and colour going on in this look which creates a calming, and cosy bedroom oasis. What’s not to love?

Which of these sage green bedroom ideas is your favourite?

sage green bedroom ideas
Image credit: @baptistebohu

Before You Go…

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