17 Surprisingly Spacious Wet Room Ideas For Any Space

wet room ideas
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There’s something super slick and minimal about a wet room that makes them a great choice for a bathroom of any size.

Wet rooms aren’t just your conventional shower heads left out in the open these days, and they can easily be incorporated into traditional, modern and even the smallest spaces for a shower solution that works and delivers on aesthetic appeal.

Not convinced? Need some more wet room inspo? Then you’re going to love these 17 surprisingly spacious wet room ideas that are perfect for any space.

17 Surprisingly Spacious Wet Room Ideas For Any Space

1.A Shared Wet Room For A Bath & Shower – One For The Larger Spaces

If you have a large bathroom it opens up the possibilities to create a dual bathing experience with a shower and bath situated behind a shower screen for a wet room experience.

This can be a great way to keep the rest of the bathroom dry, but it can make a soak in the tub of an evening feel a little bit cosier and more enveloping.

wet room ideas
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2. Go Solo Without A Shower Screen

Make like a true wet room experience and do just that by ditching the shower screen and adding an overhead shower head for a waterfall like feel.

This style of a wet room looks beautiful in a minimal, all white bathroom for a clean, spa like finish.

wet room ideas
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3. Keep It Classic With A Monochromatic Palette

If you have a Victorian bathroom, pay homage to its history by stepping back in time with a black and white colour scheme.

Keep it traditional with Victorian floor tiles and black accents to define and pull the wet room together. Hang a trailing plant in the shower for an unexpected pop of colour.

wet room ideas
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4. Rich & Indulgent With Green & Brass

Lean into jewel tones like rich greens for an outside inside feel. Opting for a similar toned green on the ceiling creates a cocoon like feel for a spa like sanctuary.

Green pairs beautifully with brass accents and hardware details in a bathroom, bringing warmth and character to the finished scheme.

wet room ideas
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5. Add A Shower Niche Shelf For Added Storage

If you have the space, when you’re creating your wet room allow for some space to build a frame to create either a niche or a shelf in the shower.

Added storage is a must have in a bathroom, and the perfect place to store those toiletries, plants and any other decor accessories you might want to add.

wet room ideas
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6. Floor To Ceiling White Brick Style Tiles

Create a design statement with floor to ceiling white brick style tiles, they bring a traditional feel yet can be well suited to farmhouse and boho home decor schemes.

White brick tiles can feel quite monotonous, so do introduce defining black accents for a touch of modernity, and think about the ceiling too.

A change of direction with shiplap panels draws the eye up and freshens up the wet room.

wet room ideas
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7. Contrast Tiles For Visual Interest

If you’re going in hard on the white brick tiles, you need to contrast your floor tiles or your ceiling to ignite visual interest and break up the monotony of the tiles.

Whilst these floor tiles are similar in tone, the black border sets a boundary and defines the wet room. Pair with eclectic accessories and wooden tones to add warmth to the white wet room.

wet room ideas
Image credit: @boho.nest

8. Marble & Brass For A Timeless Look

Marble and brass still reigns strong in bathrooms, it delivers a no nonsense, classic look that’s easy to style.

Grey can typically make a room feel quite cold, but the juxtaposition of using brass accents in a wet room instills warmth and character against the tiles.

wet room ideas
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9. Go For A Less Traditional Combo of Yellow & Black

Take the less travelled route in a wet room and let it pay off! Dare to combine less traditional colours like this welcoming yellow and black combo.

The wet room tiles cleverly seep out onto the floor of the entire bathroom for a cohesive feel. Pair with black accents and a shower screen to define the bathroom.

wet room ideas
Image credit: @victorianemporium

10. Go Hard on The Forest Green

Green is definitely having a moment in wet rooms and bathrooms, defining green vertical tiles really make a statement, yet it’s not an oppressive colour like black can be in a space.

Pair with a different tonal tiles to create visual interest and break up the monotony of one type of tile in a space.

wet room ideas
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11. Create A Boho Feel With Black Accents

A black and white colour scheme is synoymous with boho and Scandinavian interior decor schemes, and it can be an effective look for a wet room.

Embrace that spacious feeling in a wet room and introduce trailing plants that love humidity for a welcome pop of colour too.

wet room ideas
Image credit: @buildingwiththeturners

12. Wrap Around With Marble Tiles

Create an enveloping feel in your wet room by wrapping the tiles around the floor and the walls.

Another effective use of marble in a wet room for a sleek and minimal look. Pair with brass accents for welcome warmth, with a black shower screen to set a boundary in the shower, and ground the room.

wet room ideas
Image credit: @waterloo.ie

13. Ground The Wet Room With A Grey

Grey is a hugely popular colour for wet rooms, it’s timeless and pairs really well with other colours from black accents, to notes of sage green.

If you’re looking for alternative wall covering ideas instead of tiles, multi panel can be a great solution. It’s cheaper and easier to install than traditional tiles, available in a huge range of styles, and the best bit? It’s so much easier to clean and maintain, without the worry of mouldy grout in 6 months time.

wet room ideas
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14. Go Bold With Geometric Tiles

Small wet rooms can dare to go a bit bolder, and really make a design statement out of a small space.

These black and white geometric tiles bring visual interest and style, the clever placement of the tiles pulls you into the space and creates a cohesive flow. Pair with black hardware details to tie the room together.

wet room ideas
Image credit: Matki

15. Delicate Florals For A Fresh Approach To A Wet Room

Take inspiration from Japandi interior style and keep your wet room simple, but well considered.

Add delicate florals to your wet room for a nod to the outside world, this floral pattern pairs beautifully with the black hardware and defining floor tiles.

16. Embrace Differing Tones & Textures For An Eclectic Look

This is one of my favourite wet room ideas that delivers on style, colour and visual interest.

Using the same tiles throughout a wet room is a sure fire way to making the space feel flat and lifeless. Use every opportunity you can to introduce a juxtaposing material, texture or colour.

The fluted wall tiles are neutral, yet add so much character against the terracotta marbled tiles. Be brave with your choices to create a visually exciting wet room.

wet room ideas
Image credit: Ca’Pietra and Abi Interior Shower Set

17. Fluted Tiles For Contemporary Chic

Fluted glass remains a huge trend throughout an interior, and it’s a welcome transition from the black crittal grid shower doors that were everywhere a few years ago.

This style of shower door brings a contemporary feel to a wet room, pair with similar fluted wall panels for a continuation of that texture.

When it comes to accessories, keep it simple to maintain that minimalistic look. A real floor standing plant or tailing plant is all you need for a splash of colour.

Which of these wet room ideas is your favourite?

wet room ideas
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