The Bathroom Trends of 2023: Japandi and Beyond

bathroom trends 2022

It is hardly surprising that the extensive periods of isolation of the last two years, put in place to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, led to a spike in home renovations in the UK during 2021 and 2022. Spending so much time within our own four walls invited us to examine our accommodation with a critical gaze, and once small irritations transformed into gaping flaws in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, our homes became much more than just a place to eat and sleep: the reminder that properties should be a place of refuge encouraged people to concentrate on feeling as well as functionality.

The most popular home improvement trend born out of emotional need was the introduction of house plants, a craze which saw online plant store sales increasing by 500% during summer 2020. 

Of course, plants were also popular for practical benefits: bringing outdoors indoors, oxygenation, and the mental health boost of nurturing another living thing and watching it grow.

Personal wellbeing was at the top of the list during the pandemic, driving a trend for self-care that manifested in a variety of ways from increasing our exercise to establishing a skincare routine. Many of this year’s most popular bathroom design trends reflect our increased investment in our mental and physical welfare as we strive to find features that will aid us in the nourishment our mind and body.

Discover how to create the perfect bathroom for your personal wellbeing with these covetable 2022 design trends.

Japandi: the new hybrid style

It is no secret that the juxtaposition of opposing elements usually leads to an intriguing product. Different styles are often off-set against each other by leading fashion designers and artists to create pieces that are dramatic and inviting.

The latest hybrid style to rule home design, Japandi is the blend of Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian warmth and works perfectly for the bathroom. Think clean lines and functionality softened by neutral tones and welcoming rustic touches. 

japandi bathroom

Bringing the outdoors indoors

As with the other rooms in our house, we want to bring greenery into the bathroom. This involves introducing physical plants, of course, but designers have taken this concept one step further for 2022 by incorporating nature into the bathroom in a variety of other ways.

Wallpaper featuring florals sits at one end of the scale, with vibrant murals depicting a tropical rainforest scene sitting at the other. Green is also a popular paint colour for bathrooms this year as it conveys a sense of nature, freshness, and serenity. 

bathroom trends 2022

Add a touch of luxury

The final major design trend for bathrooms in 2022 is to add a touch of luxury. One of the most popular opulent options of the moment is to transform your bathroom into a wet room, with glass used to separate out different zones and bulky shower cubicles and baths removed. This gives the illusion of openness and maximises the available space. It also allows you to feature statement pieces such as free-standing bathtubs and a dressing are with twin sinks.

Marble, always a popular choice for bathrooms, is trending as a material for fittings as well as the usual tiles and countertops for that extra ostentatious touch that will turn your humble bathroom into that of a luxury hotel.

bathroom trends 2022

These beautiful bathroom designs can easily be incorporated into your homes for 2022, and beyond. It’s likely that these styles will be around for a while, with a touch of luxury always bringing a timeless element to your bathroom. Which bathroom trend is your favourite?

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