What Colours Go With Willow Tree Paint?

What Colours Go With Willow Tree Paint

Sage green is very much the colour of 2022, a huge hit in kitchens, bedrooms and other areas in the home. Dulux Willow Tree paint is the perfect pale sage green colour that restores calm to a room.

A beautifully sensual and serene colour that creates the perfect foundations for a natural, bohemian or even modern interior style.

Willow Tree is a fabulous colour for pretty much every room of the home. It can be used to create a stand out feature wall, be used as a section in zoning a room, or you could go all in with the colour across the room.

Sage green is not as easy to mix as the likes of a neutral such as beige, so let’s take a look at what colours go with willow tree paint.

What Colour Is Willow Tree?

Willow tree is a beautifully soft pastel green which could also be classed as sage green. This serene colour will bring a sense of calm to any room.

What Colours Go With Willow Tree Paint?

As I’ve mentioned before on other interior posts around paint, getting your colour scheme right and using paints with the same undertone throughout will help you with your interior design cohesion, from room to room.

Willow tree carries a gentle, soft pastel green undertone so it complements Putting Green and Enchanted Green in an interior.

What Colours Go With Willow Tree Paint


Willow Tree is considered an earthy neutral so other like neutrals work really well together. Both Dulux Tranquil Dawn and Forest Shade are great matches that carry that green undertone throughout.

If this is a little too green for you, keep reading to see what other neutrals work well together.

What Colours Go With Willow Tree Paint

Designer’s Choice

You don’t always need to play it safe with colours that are on the same spectrum of tones. The warmth of Rose Canopy and Monarch beautifully match the coolness of willow tree, creating a really playful colour combination.

This trio of colours would look sensational in a bedroom or office and used for zoning the areas, by painting different blocks the respective colours.

What Colours Go With Willow Tree Paint

Willow Tree & Beige

Beige is a classic and timeless pairing for a neutral such as willow tree. It’s best to ground the room with beige such as with your carpet choice, or with a cream rug on wooden/laminate flooring.

A living room with willow tree on the walls and a classic beige or jute area rug to create a seating section would look incredible.

Pair with black accents for a modern look, or add in natural accessories and wooden furniture for a more rustic look.

jute rug

Willow Tree & Black

It’s only been this year that I have started obsessing over black in interiors. I’m not talking full blown gothic, but adding subliminal black accents that define the space, and look amazing.

If modern home decor style is your chosen choice, then you can’t achieve it without black, and it contrasts so well with the lightness of willow tree. Think subtle accents like door handles, candlestick holders, chair legs and side tables.

Willow Tree & Brown

Brown is another neutral colour that’s worked its way into homes this year. It would create a powerful trio with the addition of cream too.

You may choose to use willow tree subtly or go all in and incorporate brown accents with natural furniture, textiles and decor accessories.

Untitled design 219

Willow Tree is a beautifully on trend sage green that works wonderfully from kitchen settings to panelled bedroom walls. It’s a firm favourite of mine in a modern farmhouse style interior where black accents are used to define and ground the space.

There is the exception to the role of mixing with other colours that don’t feature the same undertone, but only when they’re used sparingly! Are you a fan of Willow Tree?

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