The Best Sulking Room Pink Living Room Ideas

Farrow and Ball’s sulking room pink brings enormous warmth to a room, and the best thing about this shade is that it’s warm undertones make it perfect for a range of rooms, no matter the orientation. 

Not only does this shade by Farrow & Ball deliver the femininity and warmth that this colour brings, it’s super stylish and doesn’t instantly scream out pink to you. 

It’s such a rich texture that just makes for the perfect shade for a living room, and beyond where you’re wanting to create beautiful visual interest.

A little bit shy about including sulking room pink in your living room? Here are some of the best sulking room pink living room ideas that you’ll love, and a look at what different colours perfectly complement this shade.

What Colour Is Sulking Room Pink?

Sulking Room Pink is described as a romantic and muted rose shade. It’s elegant, mature and has a deep warmth to it with its pink undertones. It has a powdery feel to it which gives it a soft, subtle look that makes it perfect for use in almost every room of your home. It’s very popular in bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

It’s complementary tones makes it suitable for a wide range of other colours too, definitely helpful when you’re planning your interior decor colour scheme.

Explore F&B Sulking Room Pink.

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What Colours Go With Sulking Room Pink?

Farrow and Ball sulking room pink is a versatile colour for interior walls, this pale pink or dusty rose shade brings warmth, yet is versatile for a range of interior schemes. Here are some of the best colours to use in combination with it and some of my favourite pairings from Farrow and Ball;

Sulking Room Pink Living Room Ideas

Two Tone Living Room

If you have a traditional, period style living room, I adore the two tone look with Sulking Room Pink. As styled here, they have used the pink shade up to the picture rail, finishing up to the cornicing and ceiling in a bright white paint. This looks is perfect for a high ceiling, or helping to elongate a room with lower ceilings.

There’s two reasons this is an effective look in a ceiling room, you get the beautiful warmth of the pink, but as you hit the white, the clean, crisp contrast helps to lift, and brighten the room. 

When you enter the living room, your eyes will immediately be drawn up past that picture rail to the ceiling, giving the illusion of a taller living room. High ceilings achieved without structural work is always a win!

sulking room pink living room
Image credit: @prettylittlevictorianreno

If the bright white contrast isn’t your style, there’s other ways to play a two tone scheme in your living room. 

Without a picture rail, shown here they have used Railings by Farrow & Ball to ground the room, whilst only using a small proportion up to the cornicing in Sulking Room Pink. These are two of the most popular paint colours from Farrow and Ball, and they look sensational as shown in this living room.

sulking room pink living room
Image credit: @catfordflat

Sulking Room Pink Ceiling

The ceiling is referred to as the ‘fifth wall’ in the design world, and one that should have more consideration than just being branded in white.

One way to add instant visual interest in a living room is to opt for a completely different ceiling colour to the walls.

I love the use of Sulking Room Pink on the ceiling in this living room, as you enter the room, your eyes will instantly be drawn to the beautiful ceiling, creating a striking contrast, and making the room feel taller than it actually is. 

sulking room pink living room
Image credit: @made_up_design_

All In Across The Walls

Of course, you might want to go all in across the room with pink walls in your living room with Sulking Room Pink for a cohesive, warm room.

A colour drenched pink room can bring depth and character without feeling overtly feminine. This shade is soft, and mature enough that it can successfully be used across all the walls without feeling sickly. Tie together with a bright white ceiling for a crisp contrast that pops as you walk into the living room.

Do add some darker shades such as dark greens and black accents to ground the living room.

sulking room pink living room

Sulking Room Pink Doors

Or, why not just add a subtle hint of Sulking Room Pink? Adding a different colour to your doors is a great idea to add warmth and depth to the space. I love the contrast between the pink doors and the white architraves as shown here.

You could even paint the skirting boards in Sulking Room Pink to add interest, and definition to the base of the room for a different look.

Not sure? Always grab a test pot before committing to a shade as it can look vastly different in different light during the course of the day. Paint a swatch in your chosen room and see how it looks during the morning and evening so you can get a feel for how it affects the space.


One look I love is panelling. There’s so many different ways to panel in a living room, and I find it just helps to instantly lift otherwise bland, lifeless walls.

I love the square style panelling, and Sulking Room Pink just makes this look pop! You’d usually just panel a feature wall in this style in a living room or bedroom. It looks gorgeous against bright white skirting boards.

If you don’t want to have floor to ceiling panelling, a great alternative is half-panelled walls. It will still bring depth and character to a living room, but it gives your walls som breathing space and allows you to position a different colour on the top of the walls.

sulking room pink living room
Image credit: jane_redrow_home

Feature Wall

Sometimes, one single feature wall with the colour is all you need to add warmth, definition and colour to the space.

I love the use of Sulking Room Pink on the chimney breast wall, it’s a simple solution yet it makes the black fireplace and bright white mantel pop against it, really creating a focal point as you enter the wall.

You could also use the colour to create a feature wall on the back sofa wall in a living room. However, the chimney breast wall is typically the first thing you see as you enter a living room, and those first impressions count!

sulking room pink living room
Image credit: 1855harrogatehome

Use As An Accent Colour On A Fireplace

Farrow and Ball colours are some of the richest on the market, and they’re perfect for use on accent pieces too. This gorgeous idea further demonstrates how darker greens pair so beautifully with this muted pink shade.

Typically fireplaces tend to be black, so painting it in sulking room pink brings a completely new dimension to this focal point in a living room. It’s a great choice if you want to dabble with pink but find a pink room a little bit overwhelming. 

sulking room pink living room
Instagram Image Credit: @thegarthhome

Ground It With Grey

Grey is a timeless classic for pairing with a pink like this Farrow and Ball paint shade. You need a more defining colour such as grey or black to help define the scheme, and bring a touch of modernity with it.

If you want to use a great white on the ceiling, a complementary white could be a classic bright white for a crisp contrast or opting for one which has a slight pink undertone for a cohesive, warm feel. 

sulking room pink living room
Instagram Image Credit: @dustandbricks

Brass Accents For Added Warmth

When it comes to picking hardware details to pair with pink, brass accents are an enduringly popular choice that provides a warm, beautiful contrast.

Choose a few well placed accents within the living room in brass for an intentional feel that’s cohesive in the space. Think of brass wall mirrors, legs on accent chairs, photo frames and decorative accessories like candlesticks.

sulking room pink living room
Instagram Image Credit: @monicabenavidez

Pair With Bold Brights

The beauty of a paint color like Sulking Room Pink is that its muted tone whilst warm in nature provides the perfect backdrop for introducing bold, bright accents.

Adding a bright yellow may not feel like an obvious choice, but in this living room is creates a focal feature that balances beautifully with the pink. If you’re looking at alternative colours that still bring a bold presence try dark greens, mustard yellows or navy blue. 

sulking room pink living room
Instagram Image Credit: @joannemooney_

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball is a beautifully mature and elegant colour to use in a living room. There’s so many subtle ways you can incorporate this colour into a living room without it becoming overbearing in the space.

I just love the versatility of this shade, from the kitchen & bathroom to the bedroom, this lovable shade looks amazing no matter the room, or orientation!

For a grown up look, pink can mostly definitely still be used! What do you think of using Sulking Room Pink in a living room?

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