Bloomcore: How To Nail This Trending TikTok Interior Style

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Intrigued by the new interior trend currently ravishing TikTok? If you’re floral obsessed and love a pop of colour, Bloomcore might be the perfect trend for you yet.

Bloomcore is the latest summer trend that is taking the internet by storm, with over 2.5 million TikTok views. First beginning as a fashion trend, the aesthetic is now infiltrating the interior sector.

This social media led trend is one to follow, but how do you implement it? We’ve spoken with the experts, including our own design commentary on how you can seamlessly incorporate this blooming lovely look into your home.

What Is Bloomcore?

Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at online discounts platform, Wethrift, has weighed in on what is driving the Bloomcore trend and how to incorporate these themes into your interior space. 

“Bloomcore is all about reconnecting with nature and incorporating these outdoor themes into your own style. The trend is being driven largely by popular online platforms such as TikTok, with the #bloomcore hashtag receiving over 2.5 million views and counting”.

“The trend is also dominating Pinterest, with searches for “floral aesthetic” increasing by 108% over the last 6 months. Floral themes always resurface as we approach the spring and summer months, but this year, the trend appears to be more popular than ever before, as it takes social media by storm”.

“The trend can be summarised by reconnecting us with nature, floral prints bringing the outdoors in, whilst still enhancing the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Bloomcore is perfect for bringing a touch of personality into the home”.

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5 Ways You Can Incorporate Bloomcore Into Your Interiors

1.Embrace A Floral Feature Wall

One of the best ways to go all in with Bloomcore is to add a showstopper, floral feature wall.

The effectiveness of a floral feature wall lies in its ability to instantly transform a room into a whimsical sanctuary. The carefully selected hues and delicate patterns of flowers effortlessly bring a breath of fresh air indoors, creating a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Whether you choose a vibrant bouquet of wildflowers or a sophisticated arrangement of roses, the beauty of nature’s flora has an unmatched power to evoke positive emotions and uplift your spirits when you’re at home.

A floral feature wall also creates a versatile platform to build from. You can opt for a soft and feminine ambience with pastel petals cascading gracefully, or go bold with a vibrant explosion of exotic blossoms for a statement-making focal point.

The interplay of colours, textures, and shapes provides endless possibilities for customisation throughout the rest of your interiors. You can use this feature wall as the basis of the rest of the colours that run throughout the room.

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2. Bring The Space To Life With Fresh Blooms

If you have a passion for plants and desire to embrace the theme more literally, incorporating greenery throughout the room will transform it into your very own natural oasis.

If maintaining live plants proves to be a challenge, consider exploring artificial plant alternatives or the beauty of dried flowers. Pampas grass and dried eucalyptus are just a couple of beautiful faux alternatives.

Opting for dried flowers not only adds a touch of longevity but also enhances the space with their everlasting charm.

Plus, it’s the perfect addition to any space which is already seamlessly introducing floral features throughout.

3. Mix Large & Small Scale Patterns

If you’re not used to using pattern in your interiors, it’s likely you’ll either opt for just one pattern or avoid it entirely. But pattern is the single most best way to induce depth and visual interest in an interior, don’t be scared of it!

Take a playful approach to using pattern in your bloomcore interior, always mix large and small scale patterns, never opt for a similar pattern. The juxtaposition between the two creates greater visual interest, like this delicate floral bed frame and chunky striped cushions.

The main rule to follow here to stop the patterns owning your space is to use the same colours throughout. Use the main pattern as the starting point and draw the colours out from within that in order to create a cohesive space.

4. Floral Inspired Artwork

You can start small with the bloomcore trend until you feel comfortable with introducing florals to your interior. Floral inspired artwork will bring instant colour and a nod to the natural world in your interiors.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, floral art pieces offer a versatile and captivating option to embrace the essence of bloomcore within your home.

By adorning your walls with floral-inspired artwork, you create an instant focal point that captures the eye and ignites a sense of joy and tranquility.

Whether you opt for a single statement piece or create a curated gallery wall of floral artwork, there’s plenty of opportunities to create a beautifully curated space that is unique to you.

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5. Introduce Pattern Through Well Placed Textiles

Nick Drewe suggested that if you aren’t a fan of a loud feature wall try a more subtle approach by adding some bold, floral curtains instead. This is a great way to incorporate Bloomcore themes without it making the room feel too overwhelming.

A few well placed textiles throughout the room is a great way to get a sense of colour and style without it overloading the space, this is especially important for smaller rooms as the end result can be a claustrophobic space that is forever ruled by the pattern.

If floral curtains feel a little bit too ‘granny chic’, the best way to seamlessly introduce floral pattern is through well placed throws and cushions.

Don’t be afraid to mix small and larger scale patterns for visual interest. However, always use the initial print as your source of colours to use throughout the room for a cohesive feel.

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Bloomcore Cushions We Love

bloomcore cushions

1)Avery Green Larabella Floral Navy Print Cushion – Dunelm

2) Nida Floral Striped Cotton and Linen Rectangular Cushion Cove – La Redoute

3) Cévennes Olive Fringed Linen Cotton Square Cushion Cover – La Redoute

4) Indira Sage Cushion – The Pure Edit

5) Block Print Cushion – Inside Story

Bloomcore is one of the hottest trends on the block, and a welcome arrival from the neutral spaces that have taken our homes over the last few years. It’s a step down from maximalist design, yet bold, bright colours are a focal point of this trend that will leave a lasting impression. Are you a fan of bloomcore?

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