2024 Interior Design Trends Highlighting Curvilinear Forms and Emotional Touch

curvilinear forms

Fluid and Curvilinear Forms, Resimercial Design, Minimalist Luxury, and Emotional Design.

You may think these terms sound straight out of a super trendy design conference, but they’re about to shake up our living spaces big time in 2024.

2024 Interior Design Trends Highlighting Curvilinear Forms and Emotional Touch

Fluid and Curvilinear Forms: Bringing Motion to Stillness

So, what if I told you the straight lines in our rooms could be a thing of the past? Say ‘hello’ to Fluid and Curvilinear forms.

We’re talking objects and furniture with flowing, rounded shapes that seem effortlessly animated. As Professor Kate Park of the New York School of Interior Design explains, “These forms liberate spaces from rigid aesthetics, lending them an unexpected dynamism”.

Curvature in interiors is something that has been gaining traction over the last few years, but its set to make a definite statement in interiors come 2024.

curved sofa

Resimercial Design: When Work and Comfort are BFFs

Next up, we have Resimercial Design.

A neat blend of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’, this trend is all about making workspaces feel cosy and homely. With a lot of us working from home these days, this design trend is sure to be a hit.

“The Resimercial trend is a response to the shift in work culture. It is about creating a balance – having a workspace that’s productive, but also comforting,” says Lucas Reeves, a lecturer at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Minimalist Luxury: Less is More, but Glamorously More!

Even if you’re into minimalist details, it doesn’t mean you can’t jazz things up a bit.

Minimalist Luxury is all about finding that sweet spot between keeping things clean and simple, while still having that touch of classy and graceful sophistication.

To put it in the words of Prof. Ella Fletcher from the University of Kansas’ School of Architecture and Design, “Minimalist Luxury is about loving the simple while still rocking the classy. It’s all about finding beauty in simplicity.”

Emotional Design: Spaces That Connect

This trend is about designing spaces that evoke emotions and create an experience.

As Victoria Paige, a professor at the Ohio State University, declares, “Emotional Design emphasizes creating a human connection. The goal is to make someone feel good in a space and make the design memorable”.

The Ensemble of Other ‘Small’ Décor Items

Then there are the other bits and bobs – a handcrafted trinket box, a beautifully woven throw, a quirky clock, or an elegant lamp.

Not to mention custom picture frames that are like tiny windows to our favorite moments. Picture frames house our memories and can instantly add a sense of belonging to any room. These elements silently work together to spin the tale of who lives in the house – the story of you. 

These accessories, as insignificant as they may seem, make your house feel like home. As Prof. Liam Johnson from the College for Creative Studies rightly sums it up, “These items are like the final brushstrokes on a painting – they breathe life into the home, infuse it with warmth, and make it distinctively yours”. 

living room

Pieces from the heart don’t just fill up your home; they elevate your space to another level – a warm, homely, lived-in level. It’s the little things that matter, after all.

Prepare to Fall in Love with Your Spaces

As we cruise towards 2024, our spaces are set to become dynamic, more personalised, emotionally resonant, and so very comfortable.

Remember, our environments can have a surprising impact on how we feel and live. We hope you’re just as stoked as we are to welcome these new design trends. 

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