You’ve Seen Cabincore Trend, Right? If Not, Here Are 9 Cosy Examples For You

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Not heard of Cabincore yet? Well, it’s likely you won’t hear anything other than this latest interior trend this winter that is gaining serious momentum on TikTok, with the trend receiving 107,000 views in the last 30 days in the UK.

With this trend heading towards its peak during the colder seasons, we spoke with Rhiannon Johns, Interior Designer and Head of Brand at Sussex-born bedding and homeware brand, Piglet in Bed to share her top tips on how we can nail this cosy trend in our homes.

What Is Cabincore?

Cabincore is an interior design and lifestyle trend that celebrates the cosy, rustic, and nature-inspired aesthetic of cabins, cottages, and rural retreats.

It’s all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space that evokes the feeling of being nestled in a remote cabin or a woodland getaway.

Key elements of cabincore include the use of natural materials like wood and stone, warm and earthy colour palettes, cosy textiles like blankets and flannel, vintage and handmade decor, and an overall focus on comfort and simplicity.

This comforting interior trend functions primarily on how a space makes you feel, and it has similar notes to that of hygge interior design.

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9 Cosy Examples of Using Cabincore In Your Home

1.Utilise Natures Inspiration

Embracing natural materials through your interior design can be incorporated into your home from a renovation stage, to finalising your soft furnishings.

If you want to go all out on the cabincore trend, opting for authentic wooden panelling on your ceiling is a great way to set the tone, and it will easily influence the rest of your design.

Rhiannon Johns shared “When we think of a cabin, we think of a rustic-looking wooden home in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees – this is where the trend draws its inspiration.”

“In order to create the cabincore aesthetic, you need to hone in on inspiration from the great outdoors, particularly when it comes to materials and textures. The most important one is wood, as adding wooden elements to your interior is the perfect way to make a start on creating that cabin feel in your home. You can start small by doing something as simple as hanging some reclaimed wooden shelving, or you can invest a little more and make a bold move such as adding some panelling to your walls.”

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2. Lean Into Natural Light

Both natural and artificial light plays an integral role in cabincore. Whilst we can’t easily reconfigure our spaces, think about the way natural light flows into your room and how you can use it to your advantage.

If you have a home office, position your table close to a window (not directly facing it) so you can benefit from that soft glow that can help to boost your productivity too!

Blinds and shutters can really inhibit light, so instead opt for soft linen voiles so light can still pass through them when closed. They’ll lend a gorgeous floaty aesthetic to a room, even when the windows are closed.

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3. Curate Your Clutter

“A pristine home isn’t necessary when it comes to cabincore, in fact, it’s the opposite that will add that additional layer of cluttered cosiness to your home.”

“I’m not telling you to never tidy up or leave your house in a mess, but instead, curate your clutter. Over-decorate your shelving with vintage-style decor, display foods such as pasta and cereals in glass jars on your kitchen counters and leave your walking boots by the door.” 

“When it comes to making beds or laying throws and cushions in seating areas, try to keep them looking a little un-done. Don’t spend time trying to make them look perfect, instead make it look almost like you’ve just gotten up.”

“Creating a cosy, lived-in, rustic-looking environment is the epitome of cabincore.”

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4. Adjust Your Lighting

When it comes to decorating an interior, lightbulb choice and layers of lighting are heavily overlooked. But lighting is that secret ingredient that can help to achieve the perfect cabincore ambience that is soft, and comforting.

Rhiannon suggests switching out your lightbulbs to 2000-2700K bulbs which will add a warm yellow glow to your home, similar to that of a cabin that only receives the rays of light that slip between the trees.

Layering lighting will give you greater bang for your buck when it comes to creating ambient levels of light. Introduce table lamps for a warm glow in darker areas, wall lights for guided lighting depending on your needs, fairy lights around a bed, and don’t forget to introduce candles for that cosy, magical feel in the evening.


5. Bring The Outside In With Greenery

That continuation of bringing the outside world inside our home is a key part to nailing the cabincore trend.

Luscious greenery is not only good for its air purifying qualities, but it will bring a pop of natural, earthy colour to your finished colour scheme too.

It’s best to avoid the fake stuff if you can for this trend, as they’ll just end up being a gatherer of dust. Introduce floor standing plants for interest and table top plants for depth and colour on eye level.

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6. Create The Cosy With Soft Furnishings

Introducing soft furnishings and textiles are at the cornerstone of this super cosy interior trend.

“When it comes to materials and fabrics you want to lean towards warm, natural materials such as linen and wool. Not only will both keep you toasty throughout the winter, but they’ll add a level of depth and texture to any area of your home.” 

“Layering your soft furnishings will help to create cosy nooks in areas such as beds and sofas. Try gently draping throws over the end of a sofa, and layer with scatter cushions, paying little attention to neatness.”

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7. Use Black Accents To Ground The Space

An earthy colour scheme is actively encouraged when creating a cabincore aesthetic, but black accents are an integral part which will go a long way at pulling the space together, and grounding the scheme.

When we think of cabincore, you immediately think of bedrooms and living rooms as a super cosy space, but bathrooms can join in the fun too.

We love this project displayed by the talented House Nine Design team, reclaimed wood panelling, layered lighting and chalet style pegs combined with key black accents, it ticks all the boxes!

Instagram Image Credit: @houseninedesign

8. Carefully Consider Your Colour Choices

When it comes to the colour palette in your interior, you should continue to lean into the influence of the natural world. It’s going to help create that outside inside feel, and these colours will help to create that cosy, and relaxing setting to unwind in.

Rhiannon added, “Think soft browns and ochres, mixed with earthy greens and warm creams to create an ambience that truly romanticises cabin living.”

“If you’re someone who likes a pop of colour, this can still work. Rather than going for vibrant pinks or oranges, draw it back a little and opt for pops of terracotta to keep things earthy and rustic.

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9. Light That Fire!

Kinetic lighting such as candlelight and roaring log fires are the perfect finishing touch to your cabincore aesthetic.

A wood log fire will provide cosiness and warmth during the colder seasons, and it’s perfectly in keeping with real cabin life.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a fire, you can still relish in the sound of crackling wood by tuning into Netflix’s Fireplace For Your Home programme, replicate the peacefulness of an old-fashioned wood burning fireplace without the hassle of loading it up with logs.


This might be the most perfect interior trend to get into in time for the cold snap to start!

What are your thoughts on the cabincore trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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