What Colours Go With Dulux Jurassic Stone?

Dulux Jurassic stone

For an on-trend colour that’s warm, yet highly versatile in home, Dulux Jurassic Stone might just be the perfect choice.

A cross between sage green and olive green, this well balanced shade is a perfect way to bring the outside world in, and a restorative colour that is perfect for living rooms, hallways and beyond.

Let’s explore Dulux Jurassic Stone further and the perfect colours you can pair this with in your interior design scheme.

What Colour Is Dulux Jurassic Stone?

Dulux Jurassic Stone is a mid-range green shade which airs between an olive green and sage green colour. This versatile neutral has warm yellow undertones and is perfect for use in most rooms in the home. Equally, it pairs well with both neutral and bold colours.

Paint colours can naturally look different in different homes, and light, so always purchase a tester pot and paint a swatch in your chosen room, this will allow you to see how the colour changes, and looks throughout the day.

Dulux Jurassic Stone

What Colours Go With Dulux Jurassic Stone?

Tonal Combinations

When choosing complementary colours to go with Dulux Jurassic Stone the best place to start is looking at the tonal combinations.

Jurassic Stone is an warm sage green, olive green shade with yellow undertones, so tonally pairing with like shades will help to create a cohesive colour scheme.

Bring a warm burst of sunshine with an accent colour such as Lemon Jester by Dulux or pair with a more neutral shade such as Daffodil White.

Dulux Jurassic stone

Neutral Combinations

Jurassic Stone could be described as a sage green shade in certain lights, so it works beautifully in a neutral colour scheme too.

Pair with a more defining shade such as Misty Mountain, this could be used to add definition to the room in areas such as skirting architraves and doors. Milky Pail is a gorgeous off-white that could be used as the main colour in the room, or brought in as an additional accent colour.

Dulux Jurassic stone

Designer’s Choice Combinations

Dulux always select a couple of out there combinations to go with their colours that always go against everything we hear about pairing colours with their undertones.

It pays to be different, right? Jurassic Stone is a neutral, yet versatile colour so adding a welcome pop of warmer colour into the mix can really transform how this shade looks in a setting.

How about these feminine, soft pops of pink? Dulux recommend the shades Sweet Pink and Spring Rose, a much dustier and pared back pink shade.

For an injection of fun, introduce pink as an accent colour on a few well placed items such as cushions, throws and decor accessories.

Dulux Jurassic stone

Jurassic Stone & Black

If you’re looking to create a modern interior with Jurassic Stone, black accents are an absolute essential part of nailing modern design. 

The black is designed to ground and define the space, without it being obtrusive or overbearing in the room. You only need to use black in a few well placed areas, this can be accents on chair legs, black frames, sockets & switches and interior hardware details like door knobs.

Jurassic Stone & White

Bright white is not an ideal colour to use throughout a home due to the amount of touch ups that will continually be needed. But using a stark white as a contrast to Jurassic Stone can create a clean cut, and crisp contrast. 

An example of this could be using Jurassic Stone for the walls and a crisp bright white paint for the ceiling, skirting boards and cornices. It helps to lift the room even more, and a small touch of bright white is all you need.

Jurassic Stone & Terracotta

If you want to make a really bold statement, try pairing with the spicy shade, terracotta. This lovable shade is well suited to neutral, and sage green colours.

You only need a small dose of this warm colour to appreciate it in your surroundings. Introduce it sparingly with cushions, throws and through artwork.

Jurassic Stone & Grey

A sage green and grey combo is as cool as it gets. These two neutrals work so well together, grey provides a slightly more defining look in the room which is well balanced by sage green shades such as Jurassic Stone.

Use grey as an accent colour to avoid the room feeling cold. Introduce it on furniture, cushions, throws and textiles such as curtains.

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