What Colours Go With Dulux Heritage Sage Green?

Sage green is piqued to be one of the most popular interior colours in 2023, and things are already taking off.

A few weeks ago I attended Decorex and I got speaking with a bespoke kitchen manufacturer who’s already seen the shift in colours from navy blues and greys that were dominating kitchens, and sage green is already becoming the most popular colour choice for new kitchens as we head into the end of the year.

What’s not to love about sage green? It brings an air of tranquility into the space, it’s calming and it’s a shade that works well with other neutrals, or bold colours for a more statement look.

In this article, let’s take a look at Dulux Heritage Sage Green, one of Dulux’ paint colours from defining periods in history, and explore what colours go with Dulux Heritage Sage Green.

What Colour Is Dulux Heritage Sage Green?

Dulux Heritage Sage Green is a mid tone tone green with blue undertones for a tranquil, neutral shade that looks amazing in all rooms.

This classic shade has been appreciated in interiors for years, but it’s making a resurgence as it suits both traditional and modern style interiors.

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What Colours Go With Dulux Heritage Sage Green?

Sage Green is a hugely versatile colour that sits comfortably against a whole range of shades, and decor schemes. These colours all go beautifully with this tranquil shade from Dulux.

Tonal Combinations

Matching sage green tonally is always a great place to start as grouping similar like colours together with the same undertone is key to creating a relaxing interior, without colours clashing.

Sage Green is obviously very well matched with other green shades. Dulux recommend pairing with DH Grass Green and Mallard Green.

What Colours Go With Dulux Heritage Sage Green?

Neutral Combinations

The reason Sage Green is being so welcomed in interiors is because of the rise in ‘neutral’ home decor schemes.

Sage Green brings the warmth, whilst working really well with more muted shades. Pebble Grey, and Wishbone white are great complementary colours. Any white, grey or greige will work beautifully with Sage Green, no matter the setting.

I would be inclined to use Sage Green as a feature focal wall, incorporating another neutral onto the other walls. Alternatively, you could use it with a half panelling design for added visual interest.

What Colours Go With Dulux Heritage Sage Green?

Designer’s Choice Combinations

Sage Green does work well in a neutral setting, but the shade also looks beautiful with bolder colours. Dulux suggest Rope Ladder which is almost a mushroom, greige shade and Midnight Teal which adds warmth, but definition to a space.

These additional colours would look great as a complementary colours on doors and architraves. Midnight Teal is especially defining so you could even introduce it on a ceiling for a lasting impact when you step into the room.

What Colours Go With Dulux Heritage Sage Green?

Sage Green & Black

Dulux Heritage Sage Green is a shade that truly works with traditional decor schemes through to modern, and contemporary.

In a modern setting black is just a colour match made in heaven with sage green as black as an accent provides a wonderful contrast that is defining, and grounds the room.

A Matt Black shade works best, incorporate with small furnishings such as a side table, black accents on pieces of furniture and interior hardware. The key is to feature a few black accents in the room so it works as part of the colour scheme. I couldn’t love a contrast more than this!

In our bedroom we have sage green shiplap panelling as a focal wall, with black bedside tables and interior hardware details for a modern, yet relaxed look.

heritage sage green 02

Sage Green & White

We already know that Wishbone White by Dulux is a great pairing for Sage Green, but virtually every white shade sits beautifully with it.

For a crisper contrast opt for a bright white. Whether this is on corresponding walls, ceilings, a fireplace mantel, skirting boards or doors.

I always love a clean contrast with white as it immediately lifts a room, and in the right setting it can help to reflect more light around the room too. I wouldn’t recommend this in a room with no natural light as the white will just appear flat as it doesn’t have any light to bounce around. Instead, a darker shade such as navy blue would work well.

heritage sage green 03

Sage Green & Brown

For a neutral colour scheme there are so many complementary colours that work really well together. Brown doesn’t have to be seen as a dirty word in interiors anymore, small doses of light brown look amazing, even if that’s on a frame of a print, wooden furniture or rattan decor accessories.

heritage sage green 04

Sage Green & Navy Blue

Dark hues are still a hit in interiors, and Sage Green works really well with a navy blue when used as an accent colour to provide definition in an interior.

Blue on its own can sometimes appear cold in an interior, but as Dulux Heritage Green carries warmth and neutrality, they both complement each other really well. Sage Green has blue undertones, so naturally these two are a match made in heaven in an interior.

If you want Sage Green to be the dominant colour in the room, like black, use navy blue sparingly on cushions, throws and decor accessories, .

heritage sage green

Sage Green & Blush Pink

Blush pink paired with sage green gives a beautifully feminine look to an interior. It’s well suited to modern, boho and Scandic style interior schemes.

You can introduce it as an accent colour as demonstrated below with cushions, add as much or as little blush pink as you like. Introduce other muted shades for a relaxed look. Then use black or wooden pieces of furniture for defining features in the room.

dulux heritage sage green

Sage Green & Brass

Okay, so it’s not necessarily a colour, but a metal finish that is an absolute winner with sage green. A few accents of brass or gold against sage green is the most perfect complementary finish that adds warmth, and elegance. I’m talking about lighting, floor lamps, sockets & switches and interior hardware.

The great thing about brass, or gold accents is that they again suit both traditional and modern interiors. Just pair with other workable colours for a relaxed interior. For a neutral decor scheme, introduce black, whites and creams too.

heritage sage green 05

Dulux Heritage Sage Green is one of my favourite colours in this aged collection, it’s highly versatile and sits beautifully in both a traditional, or modern interior.

Be it bold, or something neutral, Sage Green can help to create an ultra stylish, yet relaxed interior that’s easy going, and works with a huge range of other colours.

Do you like Sage Green in an interior? Do let me know if there’s any other colours you think work really well with it!

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10 thoughts on “What Colours Go With Dulux Heritage Sage Green?”

  1. Hi Nicole
    Have been trying for ages to choose a new color for our living room, really enjoyed reading your suggestions. And has given me that much needed guidance. Dulux Sage Green speaks to my soul. Was just wondering if it would work with Oregon pine, we have a lot finishings, skirting,window sills, cabinets etc, very ‘cottagey’. Brown leather furniture and lots of natural light. Would this beautiful color work? Your input would be greatly appreciated. TIA. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, thanks so much for your comment! I’m the same, I adore sage green right now, such a restorative colour which makes it great for a living room. Absolutely! The brown leather furniture will provide the defining colour in the room (just avoid using black accents too) and Oregon pine is a such a lovely natural shade that really reinforces that natural, ultra relaxed feeling with the sage green. It will look beautiful! Thanks, Nicole

  2. I would like to paint the dark hallway in my rented flat sage green would that work with white ceiling and skirting boards? Or have a dado fitted and paint the bottom sage green and what do you suggest for the top half?

    • Sage green is perfect for a dark hallway, however, you should paint the skirting boards in the sage green too, if you paint in a different colour in a narrow space it can create a chaotic feeling, keeping it all one colour and a bright white ceiling will draw the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger space. If you want to do a dado rail, I would top with a bright white or an off-white with a yellow undertone to add warmth. If it was me, in a dark hallway I would skip the dado and have one colour from skirting/walls and bright white on ceiling.

  3. Hi. I’m redecorating my living room with sage green as the feature wall and remainder being magnolia colour. I’m uncertain what colour curtains as they will be 90×90 so fill a wall mire or less……would love some colour ideas…..sorry but pink is a no no lol

  4. Hi Nicole,

    Great read & gave lots of food for thought. I have a rectangular shaped living room which I have a sage green feature wall on one of the longer walls. The other walls are an almond white colour, with big windows on both the shorter length walls, so lots of natural light!

    I’m liking the idea of the brass/ gold detailing on lamps etc. with grey scale furniture.

    My main question is related to the flooring colour, I’m hoping for wood/ wood effect I’m not sure on which tone, should I go lighter or darker? Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for the comment! Your living room sounds gorgeous, natural light is always a huge bonus. I would always go lighter than darker because it is easier to work colours into the scheme, darker flooring can be more defining but it can make the space feel darker and takes up a huge expanse of a room. Go for a light-medium warm oak and avoid anything with a grey tone to it. Hope that helps! Nicole

  5. Hi Nicole,
    I am a trade painter. My customer wants me to paint a couple of bedrooms in a turn of the century home. The rooms are basic with a picture rail and timber ceilings. I would like your opinion on white ceiling, sage green upper half wall, regency white lower half and sage green on the trim. I would appreciate your thoughts.
    Kind Regards.

    • Hi Ian, thanks for your comment, sounds like a great project. The only problem with this is where the trim is sage green, then white and then green you end up with a band of colour which can make the room feel smaller, and distracting. I would either, do sage green lower half to ground the room + trim and then white up and across the ceiling. OR, keep the lower half white and keep the trim white also, if the entire wall was the same colour you could get away with an accent on the trim, but as it’s two colours this is how I would approach it. Hope that helps and do let me know if any questions, Nicole.


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