Dulux Coastal Grey: The Best Complementary Colours

dulux coastal grey
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Greywashing our interiors has been something of an interior trend driven by Instagram and #greyhome over the last few years, and we’re starting to see a shift away from this classic, cold colour.

Dulux Coastal Grey is a great example of how we are seeing the use of grey in our interiors today. Whilst it is underpinned by grey tones, it’s very much a blue shade that adds a completely different dynamic to our interiors.

Despite blue often being considered cold in interiors, it’s a light, airy and warm blue that looks fabulous in a multitude of rooms.

If you’re considering using Dulux Coastal Grey in your interiors, here are some of the best colour pairings for this shade, and what rooms this colour is best suited to.

What Colour Is Coastal Grey By Dulux?

Coastal Grey paint by Dulux is a pale, almost baby blue shade that is underpinned by tones of grey. This muted shade is light, airy and adds a sense of tranquility, and calm to a space.

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dulux coastal grey

What Colours Go With Dulux Coastal Grey?

Tonal Combinations

As I mention in every interior post where I cover a Dulux shade, tonal combinations is one of the best places to start when choosing complementary colours.

The tones that underpin your ‘signature’ or main colour is always the starting point for choosing what colours pair well.

For Dulux Coastal Grey it has muted tones of grey, with a light blue base. So, if you’re looking to warm things up a little bit more, Nordic Sky and Atmosphere are perfect complementary colour, both by Dulux. If you want to add a real contrasting, bold colour, Nordic Sky is great for feature walls.

dulux coastal grey

Neutral Combinations

If you like the blue from Coastal Grey but want to keep things muted, neutral combinations such as Warm Pewter and Cornflower White work really well together. Coastal grey paint is a great choice for bathrooms, and this colour palette is really synonymous with a bathroom setup, keeping it light and airy yet a little bit warm too.

Cornflower white is a great choice of a white shade if you want something to lift the walls and add a bit more character than a standard brilliant white shade does.

dulux coastal grey

Designer’s Choice

There is always an exception to the rule that you don’t have to stick with undertones, and in fact you can bring in some other fabulous pops of colour. The key to executing this correctly is to ensure you are using these colours subliminally throughout your room, or interiors, such as small decor accessories, cushions or throws.

If you want to create a warm, almost Mediterranean inspired feel to your interior, Sunbaked Terracotta and Soft Peach by Dulux are beautifully warm colours that surprisingly work well together. You could use the trio to create a fun, zonal wall.

dulux coastal grey

Coastal Grey & Grey

If you still want to make grey a consistent theme in your home, grey makes a natural pairing for coastal grey.

It’s best to opt for a slightly darker shade such as charcoal grey to add a defining feature to the room, such as on doors or architraves. A pale grey will end up being washed out by the coastal grey.

Coastal Grey & White

If you’re looking to create a nautical inspired room, coastal grey with its blue undertones is perfectly completed by white for a fresh, nautical feel.

These two colours work well in living rooms, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. Pair with jute accessories and natural furniture for an authentic look.

Dulux Coastal Grey Living Room

If you want to create a calm and serene living room, Dulux Coastal Grey is a perfect choice. If you want to keep things neutral, opt for a cream or grey sofa, with an area rug to help zone furniture to stop it appearing like it’s floating.

You could use it as a feature wall, but I personally think in a living room it’s best to use one synonymous colour throughout for a cohesive feel.

Dulux Coastal Grey Bathroom

Coastal grey paint lends itself to use in a bathroom, blue is often one of the colours we associate with tranquility and relaxation. As it’s a fairly muted shade of blue, it’s not too cold either.

Always opt for the Easycare Coastal Grey paint when using in a bathroom as it will protect the walls from humidity and moisture.

I love panelling in a bathroom, and halfway up panelling painted in coastal grey with another complementary colour above it, such as Cornflower White creates such a timeless, gorgeous pairing for a bathroom.

Dulux Coastal Grey Kitchen

Coastal Grey paint is a popular choice for kitchens, more commonly it’s used to paint the walls, but you could have kitchen cabinetry painted in this too.

For a kitchen, you’re also going to want the Easycare Kitchen, washable and tough finish to ensure it stands the test of time in one of the most used rooms in the home.

Where To Buy Dulux Coastal Grey

In Summary

If you’re looking for a cool, calm and collected interior paint finish, Coastal Grey Dulux might be just what your interiors need.

This muted shade of blue helps to create a beautifully serene and calm interior, perfect for use in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Keep things neutral by pairing with greys, whites and creams, or add a colour that packs a punch for high visual contrast.

Before You Go…

Looking for that perfect Dulux grey shade? Whether you’re looking to incorporate grey into your hallway, bedroom, living room or beyond, join me on the post below as I explore all of the Dulux grey colours in their offering.

Dulux Grey Colour Chart: The Dulux Grey Colours

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