What Colours Go With Dulux Blush Pink?

Dulux blush pink

Thinking of using Dulux Blush Pink in your home? These complementary colours all bring out the best of this pink shade in your interiors.

Incorporating a pink shade in your interiors is a sure fire way to make a bold statement, whilst adding a fresh, bright aesthetic to a room.

Dulux Blush Pink is one of my favourite pink shades in their colour charts as it’s neutral and versatile.

Let’s take a closer look at what colours go with Dulux Blush Pink and the best way to utilise it in your interior.

What Colour Is Dulux Blush Pink?

Dulux Blush Pink has red and orange undertones, this makes it a warm, dusty pink shade that is a soft, subtle way to introduce pink to an interior. This is a versatile neutral shade that could be paired with other neutral colours, or with bolder pops of pink, red or orange to make a true statement in a room.

Always grab a tester pot before committing as it can look wildly different online to what it does in your home, this is due to natural light that serves your chosen room, and how it looks under artificial light.

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Dulux blush pink
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What Colours Go With Dulux Blush Pink?

Tonal Combinations

Blush Pink has red and orange undertones which gives it such beautiful warmth. Pairing colours tonally is always the best place to start as they work with the undertones of the colour, helping to create a cohesive feel within a room.

If you’re looking for tonal paint shades to pair with Blush Pink, Dulux recommend pairing with a Sunbaked Terracotta, actually one of my favourite shades and a really on-trend colour combination.

Introduce a more defining shade against the dusty pink colour with Brick Red, this could almost be classed as a burnt red, terracotta shade.

Screenshot 2023 01 14 at 11.26.09

Neutral Combinations

Blush Pink is a beautifully versatile, neutral shade that works with a range of complementary shades. It’s a great pop of colour to add to a very neutral space, bringing warmth and interest to the room.

Whether that’s with paint or with textiles and decor accessories, differing shades of grey work really well with Blush Pink.

Perfectly Taupe by Dulux is a pale, pared back grey whilst Rubble Road could be used as a defining accent to ground the space.

Screenshot 2023 01 14 at 11.26.16

Designer’s Choice Combinations

Want something a little bit different in your interior? Don’t be afraid of introducing additional colour to the space. For a coastal inspired interior, shades of blue are a beautiful contrast against the pastel pink shade.

Dulux recommend a soft blue, Blue Reflection and Teal Ripple which is a beautifully rich teal shade. If you’re using Blush Pink on all your walls, bring these blue shades in with cushions, well placed decor accessories and some texture, be it on cushions or throws.

Screenshot 2023 01 14 at 11.26.22

Dulux Blush Pink & Black

Black isn’t a colour that should be shied away from in interiors. Black accents against a stand out colour like Blush Pink can look phenomenal, and super styled. 

Think about subtle accents such as door handles, styling accessories, side tables and door hooks. These subtle accents tie the room together for a cohesive feel, yet Blush Pink keeps the room feeling warm. 

Black is an absolute essential accent colour if you’re looking to create a modern style interior.

Dulux Blush Pink & White

If you want to keep things quite low-key and neutral in your interiors, white is one of the best colours to pair with Dulux Blush Pink. It can be incorporated in a number of ways. Add to ceilings for a crisp contrast and to draw the eye up, giving the illusion of tall ceilings.

Ground the room with bright white skirtings before leading onto the soft warmth of Blush Pink. Or, create a two tone colour combination on the walls as styled below in a child’s bedroom.

This type of colour scheme will work in modern, eclectic and even Scandic home decor schemes.

Dulux Blush Pink & Grey

Pink & grey will always be that millennial colour scheme for me, perfectly pretty and preppy and they go together like a match made in heaven.

Introduce grey curtains against pink walls, a grey carpet or in a more subtle way with throws, cushions and decor accessories. Pair with a third finish such as marble for a stunning look. Think a marble coffee table, marble decor accessories or a marble fireplace mantel!

Dulux Blush Pink & Cream

If white seems a little bit too bright and harsh for your interior, cream is a perfect alternative that will tone down Blush Pink, but it provides a seamless pairing that keeps a space looking neutral and light.

Use cream as a secondary colour on other walls if creating one focal wall with Blush, or add half wall paneling with Blush Pink, and cream on the upper half.

This is another way you can draw the eye up as you enter the room, giving the illusion of a larger space. I feel like this colour combination would look beautiful in a baby girls nursery, or even an office space.

Dulux Blush Pink & Gold

If you want to really nail an elegant, luxury look in your home, pair Pretty Pink with Gold or brass tones for a stunning uplift. 

Be it gold or brass details, you could introduce it in various ways with wallpaper, textiles, sockets & switches or interior hardware details.

Dulux Blush Pink & Sage Green

Sage green is one of the hottest colours in interiors right now, and a perfect balancing shade for Blush Pink. Sage Green brings a tranquil, soft edge to a room, with Blush Pink bringing a pop of warmth, and colour with it.

I would suggest picking one as the dominant colour, for example using Sage Green on all the walls, and then using Blush Pink as an accent colour in well placed, thoughtful touches.

For a living room this could be blush pink cushions or throws and blush pink decor accessories such as vases and pots.

Don’t overuse the colour, a few well placed items dotted about the room is all you need to pull the colour scheme together.

Where To Buy Dulux Blush Pink?

Before You Go…

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