What Colours Go With Polished Pebble Dulux?

What Colours Go With Polished Pebble Dulux

There’s so much to consider when choosing the right white shade for your home. Bright white is a common go to. Whilst it’s by far the cheapest shade on the market, you will live and die by bright white. It will show every single scratch, mark and indentation, and quickly. I am speaking from experience here!

If you have a high traffic home and have pets, bright white should be avoided at all costs. Bright white may seem cheap, but if you factor in all the times you’re going to have to re-paint it, then it quickly supersedes what a better quality colour would cost.

When it comes to other Dulux white shades, there is a huge array of shades with different undertones. Paying attention to the undertones is incredibly important as it will help you to decide what room they are well suited to.

If you’re looking for a cool neutral which is both distinctive and versatile, Polished Pebble by Dulux is a great choice for a whole range of projects.

Cool, grey shades can notoriously be difficult to pair with other colours, so let’s take a look at what colours go with Polished Pebble Dulux.

What Colour Is Polished Pebble Dulux?

Polished Pebble is a grey, cool neutral shade. This is a highly versatile shade for a multitude of projects, it’s a light grey which means its complementary to a wide range of other colours.

It’s worth introducing and layering other colours through furnishings and decor accessories to avoid the room feeling cold.

It can look different in different lights so always grab a tester pot first and paint a swatch in your chosen room. This will allow you to see how the colour looks and feels at different times of the day.

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What Colours Go With Polished Pebble Dulux

What Colours Go With Polished Pebble?

Tonal Combinations

When choosing complementary colours to go with Polished Pebble Dulux the best place to start is looking at the tonal combinations.

Polished Pebble is a true grey colour, but as it’s a cold neutral, blue and green shades such as Blue Reflection and Emerald Glade by Dulux make a great pairing.

Adding too many cold colours does run the risk of creating a cold room. If you want to incorporate blue shades into the room, I’d look at doing so with layering fabrics and furnishings. A beautiful blue ticker stripe fabric on cushions is sometimes just all you need for that nod to blue, without it feeling cold.

What Colours Go With Polished Pebble Dulux

Neutral Combinations

As a true grey colour, Polished Pebble works well with other neutral shades on the spectrum, including Graceful Green and Forest Shade.

Graceful Green is a beautiful muted shade of green which has grey undertones. For something with more depth, forest shade is a great colour for using on architraves, skirting or doors to define and ground the space.

You could incorporate like colours like this by layering them with furnishings and decor accessories. It’s best to avoid other grey colours as it will wash the room out and will lack any defining features.

What Colours Go With Polished Pebble Dulux

Designer’s Choice Combinations

Dulux always select a couple of out there combinations to go with their colours that always go against everything we hear about pairing colours with their undertones.

It pays to be different, right? As Polished Pebble is a cool neutral, Roasted Red and Ballerina Dance are just the most beautiful, berry like colours to really add some warmth to a room. Perhaps try one shade as a feature wall, or use these colours as a guide with decor accessories and home textiles.

Looking for another pink shade? Pretty Pink by Dulux packs a real punch, looking pink and lilac in certain lights.

What Colours Go With Polished Pebble Dulux

Polished Pebble & Black

If you’re looking to create a modern interior with Polished Pebble, black accents are an absolute essential part of nailing modern design. 

The black is designed to ground and define the space, without it being obtrusive or overbearing in the room.

Use black in a few well placed items, such as black frames, black accents on chairs, and black interior hardware details.

Polished Pebble & White

Bright white is not an ideal colour to use throughout a home due to the amount of touch ups that will continually be needed. But using a stark white as a contrast to Polished Pebble can create a clean cut, and crisp contrast. 

An example of this could be using Polished Pebble for the walls and a crisp bright white paint for the ceiling, skirting boards and cornices. It helps to lift the room even more, and a small touch of bright white is all you need.

Polished Pebble & Blush Pink

For a soft take on this colour, blush pink is a beautiful complementary colour for polished pebble. Weave it into your interiors with subtle additions of cushions, throws and decor accessories.

Layer with furnishings and art prints too. These two colours work really well with black, and touches of marble too for a really luxurious feel in your interiors.

If you’re looking for the perfect Dulux pin shade, try Blush Pink for a really soft and beautiful contrast.

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Polished Pebble & Sage Green

Sage green is one of the hottest colours for interiors, and it pairs beautifully with neutral shades such as Polished Pebble. Introduce this colour on a feature wall, or subtly use it through candles, decor accessories, cushions and throws.

Sage green brings such a relaxed, yet stylish aesthetic to an interior, and it works equally as well in a living room as it does a bedroom.

Polished Pebble is a wonderful cool neutral for a home, whether it’s a Scandic or modern interior style you are looking to create. Neutral combinations work well, but don’t go too light as they’ll end up clashing and fighting for attention with Polished Pebble.

Use the undertones as a guide when picking other like colours, but you can experiment with bolder pops of colour too if you want a more maximalist decor scheme in your home. Happy painting!

Before You Go…

Sage green is probably one of my favourite pairings for neutral shades right now like Polished Pebble, but perhaps you need a little bit of visual inspiration to see how you too could utilise it in your interior. For that stylish, yet ultra relaxed look in your living room, I’d recommend checking out the following blog next!

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