13 Inspiring Farrow and Ball Kitchen Colour Ideas In Real Homes

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Farrow & Ball offer some of the most beautiful and hypnotising paint colours on the market that exude style and luxury. Using paint in the kitchen is a great way of either updating your current kitchen design or adding a pop of colour to a kitchen renovation.

Take a look at these Farrow and Ball kitchen colour ideas that we’ve put together to inspire your next decorating project. 

13 Inspiring Farrow & Ball Kitchen Colour Ideas

1.Farrow & Ball Railings Kitchen

Are you a fan of dark interiors and want to add a dramatic edge to your kitchen? The colour Railings by Farrow & Ball is a softer alternative to black but still offers the same impact. 

Pitch black can sometimes feel a little too harsh depending on what kind of space it’s used in, so Railings will work well in more compact kitchens that don’t have as much natural light available.

Pair Railings with brushed brass hardware to add a touch of glamour. 

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Image credit: B&Q

2. Two Tone Kitchen

Create a two tone paint effect in your kitchen to add depth and interest. The kitchen pictured below features the Farrow & Ball shades Pigeon and Green Smoke, which complement each other perfectly. 

It’s a good idea to choose two shades that have the same undertones if you want to create a cohesive scheme. Alternatively, be brave and choose two contrasting colours to make a real design statement.

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Image credit: Et Lorem

3. A Timeless Grey Kitchen

A classic grey kitchen is a timeless design choice. Make sure you pick the right shade of grey for your space, this can depend on a number of different factors. For example, if your kitchen is north facing you won’t have much natural light available so you may want to opt for a warmer ‘greige’ shade to balance out the tones.

Conversely, if your kitchen is a big open-plan design, you can get away with choosing a cool toned grey that will leave your space feel fresh and bright.

The kitchen shown here is beautifully hand-painted in Manor House Grey.

farrow and ball kitchen 3
Image credit: Paul Craig For Searle & Taylor Kitchens

4. Combine Neutral Tones With A Stand Out Shade

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island then you may want to make a bold statement out of it. Opt for a neutral kitchen but then make your island or breakfast bar pop by painting the cabinetry a stand out shade.

The kitchen pictured below has an island painted in Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball, which is one of their all time popular shades – and for good reason! It’s a rich navy blue colour which has bundles of depth to it and adds style to any space.

Explore Hague Blue

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Image credit: Simon Taylor Furniture

5. Farrow and Ball Cat’s Paw Kitchen

Love neutrals but can’t find the right shade of beige that offers the amount of depth and vibrancy that you’re after? Then Cat’s Paw by Farrow & Ball might just be the perfect shade.

It’s a yellow earth-toned neutral that in some lights looks beige and in others, offers a glimpse of sunshine yellow. Pair Cat’s Paw with a wooden kitchen for a modern Scandi-inspired look.

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Image credit: Devol Kitchens

6. Setting Plaster & Emerald Green For A Sweet Look

Pink and green is a winning colour combination for a contemporary home. Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball is an iconic shade. As the name suggests it mimics the look of plaster, so it is a subtle shade of pink that is a great alternative to a standard neutral.

Paired with Emerald Green, this colour contrast is truly show stopping and creates a kitchen space any colour fanatic would be proud of.

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Instagram Image Credit: @mothsintherattan

7. Another Example of Why A Pink & Green Kitchen Just Works…

For a more subtle pink and green contrast, be inspired by Sascal Studio and opt for Mizzle and Calamine. This gives off more of a softer pastel look that may be more appropriate for a neutral setting that wants to evoke a sense of calm. 

Brighten things up by pairing a pink and green kitchen with white quartz or laminate worktops and classic subway tiles.

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Instagram Image Credit: @sascal.studio

8. Farrow and Ball Lulworth Blue Kitchen

Light blue is set to be the new ‘it’ colour for 2024. Get ahead of the game and use it as a statement colour in your kitchen design. Perfect for those that want to add a subtle hint of colour, light blue is a bright and airy shade that feels energising and uplifting.

Colour drench your kitchen by painting all the cabinetry light blue. Or, switch things up and contrast it with a darker blue shade for added depth and interest.

Explore Lulworth Blue

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Instagram Image Credit: @blockhousebuild

9. Farrow and Ball Sulking Room Pink Kitchen

Pink has been on trend for a while now and for good reason! It’s gone through many phases and there are lots of different shades of pink to suit different styles and spaces.

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball is a beautiful dusky pink shade that feels modern and mature. Pink can sometimes feel a little juvenile but this gorgeous muted shade paired with New White on the walls offers an elegant kitchen design with bags of style.

Explore Sulking Room Pink

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Instagram Image Credit: @home_at_brookes

10. Make A Statement With Etruscan Red

Red kitchens went through a phase of being highly unfashionable, however red is back and bigger than ever. Red glossy cabinets are still a no no but painted wooden cabinetry in a statement shade of red can look beautiful in the right setting.

Rather than committing to painting a whole kitchen red, opt for a two tone effect or perhaps paint your kitchen island rusty red to make it stand out.

Explore Etruscan Red

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Instagram Image Credit: @artichoke_ltd

11. Farrow and Ball Lichen Kitchen

Green should always be seen! There is no doubt that green is a very popular colour in the world of interiors right now, everything from deep emerald shades to subtle sage tones. Lichen by Farrow and Green is a mid aged green that feels elegant and timeless.

It would suit a period property that boasted original floorboards and large sash windows.

Explore Lichen

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Instagram Image Credit: @ag.interiors

12. Farrow and Ball Pink Ground Kitchen

Lovers of pink rejoice! If dusky pink is a little too muted for you and you’d prefer something more bold, then Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball offers the perfect balance between muted and bright. 

This would suit a soft, feminine space so it’s best paired with a white quartz worktop, bright white walls and wooden accents.

Explore Pink Ground

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Instagram Image Credit: @our.home.in.dorset

13. Farrow and Ball Studio Green Kitchen

Studio Green is the darkest green shade that Farrow & Ball offers. In some instances it can appear black due to its depth however it is in fact green. This unique colour offers style and a sense of luxury, making any kitchen design appear expensive. 

Contrast Studio Green cabinetry with off white walls to offer a stark contrast to make your dark kitchen truly shine.

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Instagram Image Credit: @sheratoninteriors

We’ve shortlisted some of the most popular kitchen colours that will be on trend this year and what swatches you need from Farrow & Ball to achieve the look. 

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